Posts There are some great volunteers, who have been helping the campaign, day and night. Thanks to all of them

View and share this image from @LoyolaSullivan and hosted by Some great discussions, listening to what people have to say, on the final day of the campaign

View and share this image from @LoyolaSullivan and hosted by

Call 368-0016 anytime on Election Day, right up until the close of the polls, if you know someone who needs a ride to the polls.

There might be only 1 day left to Election Day, but if you know someone who needs a ride to the polls call 368-0016

A message from Loyola Sullivan, committed to the future of the province and with the experience to bring it home.

Excellent reception this morning in Mount Pearl. Hope the weather holds up for this afternoon.

Great crew out hitting the doors this morning.

Great crew out hitting the doors this morning.

3 days left to E-Day. Everyone deserves the opportunity to vote, if you know someone who needs a ride call 368-0016

Other tweeters showing their support for the campaign @CPC_SteveO @concernednl @celyeste Thanks for the support #ff

Missed out last week due to Good Friday but it's Follow Friday again. These NL CPC Candidates are tweeting: @jerrybyrneNL @PeterPenashue #ff

After a successful morning out on the doors, the weather has forced us inside. Heading to some apartments on Bay Bulls Road.

If you know someone who needs a ride to the polls on Election Day, we can help: call 368-0016 email
Heading to downtown St. John's with my door knocking team.

There are only 5 days left until Election Day. With your help we can Stop the Coalition from happening.

Great day for doorknocking!

Just The Facts

Liberal Record on Coalition With Bloc Quebecois


Liberals across the province are scrambling to distance themselves from all talk of coalition government with the Bloc Quebecois.



What’s the Liberal track record on this issue?


The Facts:

  • During the 2008 election, the Liberal leader vowed that a coalition government would not happen.
  • About six weeks after the election, all six Liberal MPs from Newfoundland and Labrador signed a letter, informing the Governor-General that they would form a coalition with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois.


“Liberal candidates are desperately trying to downplay what type of impact forming a coalition with the Bloc would have for Lower Churchill support,” said Loyola Sullivan, Conservative candidate for St.John’s South-Mount Pearl.  “They play out all sorts of hypothetical scenarios where maybe ‘this’ could happen, or maybe ‘that’ might take place.  But no one can say what type of platform or policy agenda would happen under a coalition with these three parties.”


“We believe this is why the Liberal party did not include the Lower Churchill loan guarantee in their platform, and refuse to contradict the remarks of a Liberal candidate in Quebec who has spoken out against support for the Lower Churchill,” added Fabian Manning, Conservative candidate for Avalon.  “They are leaving themselves room to negotiate with the Bloc after the May 2 election.”


Peter Penashue, Conservative candidate for Labrador, concluded:  “The only way to guarantee that this project gets the support required is for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to vote Conservative.  Our candidates from across the province respectfully ask for the people’s support on May 2.”



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