Some fun news! my book is currently at 79,158 words, just 850 away from my goal. The first draft is almost done as well. I've been working on connecting things together and making the second part into a comprehensible story, and it's almost there. There are just a few loose ends to tie up and it'll be done. From there, I need to do some editing to get all the chapters into a state I'm happy with, but I've been doing this for a few months already and I think I'm out of the woo...

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I got a bloody nose while painting this.

Don't be shy, give your auntie a kiss.
I've been trying to work on my landscape skills, which have always been kind of lacking.  This could be a lot better, but I'd like to focus on iteration and speed rather than detail and polish...
I've always liked these moths.

Another art.

I wanted to try out that whole cliched-realistic-elf-woman-with-giant-anime-eyes genre, lol.

I made an art.

Trying to do something more loose and creative.

Wow, it's been a while. Mostly, I've been working steadily on my book the last few months, as well as practicing drawing and painting. The book is actually getting pretty close to done. I have 70,000 words and I've been spending a lot of time editing. Some of the chapters are 10 years old and need a lot of work! I'm out of the woods now, though. I still have to figure a few things out for the second part, but it's all looking pretty good at the moment.

I made this picture today after watching some painting videos on youtube. If you guys ever feel too lazy to draw, try watching some tutorial videos. It makes me excited to try new things.

Just a bit of practice that turned out nicely.

Well, I've been super lazy and only wrote 7k words this month even though I was trying to do NaNoWriMo again this year, but I added up my word count and discovered I'm at 65,000 words! It's the home stretch, and I could finish the first draft in the matter of days if I just put my nose to the grindstone. A friend is hosting a writing meetup on Thursday, so I know I'll add a few thousand more words then, but I'm gonna try to blast out a few more chapters by the end of the week. It'd be really cool to start editing again. I've always liked that best, but I've been avoiding it so I can get the word count up. Anyway, if you see this, send me a message saying to get my butt in gear, haha.

I haven't posted in a little while, so just a quick update. I've been writing again. The book is up to 55,000 words now! I've essentially finished what I originally had planned for it, so I'm working on the "sequel" and I'm going to combine them to make one novel (hopefully at least 80,000 words). It will actually work out pretty well, I think. This story could really be a springboard into a whole series, so I'll be excited to see what everyone thinks of it. I'm tentati...vely setting myself the goal to be done with all of the writing by the end of this year so I can get down to the business of editing.

I had the idea of making another 2D William and Sly flash to promote the book. It'd be something more traditionally flash, like the other two games. I have a great couple of songs I've been sitting on for a long time that I was saving for the 3D game, but I haven't been working on that for a little while now. I'm not saying it'll never be completed, but I definitely bit off quite a lot and chewing it has been difficult, haha. Making another shorter 2D game would be a bit of a relief at this point. I guess we'll see what happens.

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Hey guys, the Mad Science kickstarter has 20 hours to go and it's pretty close to the goal. At the moment, if only 47 more people bought the basic game, it would reach the goal! If you were on the fence before, please consider making a pledge!

Mad Science! is a casual push-your-luck dice game for 2 or more players with about 15 minutes to spend.

I tried a few different environment ideas and this one seemed to work the best.

Image may contain: night, plant and indoor

Hey, so I've been excited to post about this - last year I was commissioned to make some art for a dice game and the Kickstarter has just gone live! I did both the main package graphics and the icons for the dice, so if you'd like to own a little piece of my art, make a $15 pledge to get the full game when it comes out!

Mad Science! is a casual push-your-luck dice game for 2 or more players with about 15 minutes to spend.


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Just needs a tail now.

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I wanted to work on something kind of fun and low effort. I might make an animation with this. Weird dinosaur bone robots doing something? IDK

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I didn't post this on the Patreon since I'm assuming you guys wouldn't want to pay $ for every drawing I do, haha. I'm not really sure the best way to use that, TBH. If I go back to doing art more regularly I'll reset it to monthly, but for now maybe I'll reserve it for music posts.

My first picture using Krita - a nice little free painting program.  Also my first using a tablet that didn't have a screen.  I'm surprised how quick I was able to adapt to it, TBH.