Thanks to Lewis Frumkes and his terrific wife Alana for choosing me as the first featured speaker in Hunter College's Best Selling Writers Series. The audience was wonderful - curious, vocal, involved, and they loved that husband Bob walked in and down the audience aisle at the exact moment I spoke of first meeting him. Other authors will include Diane Ackerman, Nelson DeMille, David Baldacci.

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My Op Ed piece on being the only woman in a sea of male reporters in the 1970s - sexual harassment was different then and included a deadly tactic. In the New York Times Sunday review December 10, 2017

Rethinking a lifetime of sexism in the #MeToo moment.

My daughter in law Susan and me at Madama Butterfly

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Mom and daughter on date night

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The Best Selling Author Series presents Lucinda Franks tonight, February 8, 7:00 PM - Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY

RSVP (212) 772-4295 or email

The Writing Center at Hunter College features the Best Selling Authors Series and Great Thinkers Series. A question and answer session plus book-signing and reception will follow.

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ISIS operatives are hardly pioneers. Their sadistic barbarism that seems so unprecedented in our era, has already happened- in civilized countries. Consider the massacre at the 1972 Munich Oly

Bob and I celebrated our 37th anniversary in Bordeaux and Arcachon in the French Southwest and here is a special video of our trip made by our traveling companion, the awesome photographer, Frank Sanchez. Every day, we walked the magical sandy whiteness of the 18th century city until it was time for our next meal - plump oysters, sole fresh from the sea, and bottles of regional wine. We arrived in Paris the day the terrorists struck. We mourned the victims and felt fortunate ...that our destination was a place that could have been another country. Among the architectural gems of Bordeaux was the lighted Bourse, an arched oval edifice that is reflected in a ‘magic mirror’ on the river.
Sanchez somehow captures that moment when you show your soul - and he made this video. He does family ceremonies and portraits and can be reached at, Mobile: +34 682 901 119, + Skype: frankyto5560).

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Bob and I celebrated our 37th anniversary in Bordeaux and Arcachon in the French Southwest and here is a special video of our trip made by our traveling comp...

Bob, who was Executive Officer of the destroyer The Landsdale in WWII, riding as Grand Marshal of the Veterans Day Parade today in NYC. Bob Dott, Chief Engineer, is sitting beside me in the back.The Lansdale was sunk by German Glider bombs and they both swam around for three hours in the icy Mediterranean trying to save their shipmates. Only some survived.

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SAVE THE DATE! Monday, November 9, 8:30-10:00 PM (ET). Join Pulitzer Prize Winner Lucinda Franks for the second installment of AskLucinda - a Live Q&A on Facebook. Lucinda will discuss the long term impact of War on Veterans, PTSD, as well as benefits of cathartic and expressive writing. Come join in on the conversation here:

At the Annual Book and Author Lunch, sponsored by the Brandeis National Committee at Yale Club, with fellow guest speaker Arlene Alda, author of 'Just Kids From The Bronx.' Arlene has written many books, and is an accomplished photographer, and a wonderful speaker. She is also the wife of Alan Alda, whose amazing work in the series MASH got me through my Vietnam angst.

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SASI, which serves Chicago and environs is a noble organization which keeps seniors in their homes by providing them with home care. SASI prevents seniors from experiencing the indignity of being warehoused In their later years. We should have SASI's in every state!
(Left) - with Ben Gerber, SASI Board President - (Bottom Right - L to R) - Karen Hunt, Events Chairwoman, Helen Gavel who interviewed me, Ben Gerber, President of SASI Board, me, Amy Claver, Secretary of the SASI Board. (Top Right) - Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan near where I lived until I was three.

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So looking forward to speaking at my Alma Mater, Vassar College, This Tuesday, October 27 at 7:00 PM. Love to see you there!

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Honored to be honored at SASI's annual "Ruby Slipper Event" TONIGHT, 6:00 PM at the Evanston Golf Club. A wonderful event for a great cause!

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Come join Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer Lucinda Franks, 12:00-2:00, TODAY, Friday, October 23, at Books-A-Million in Chicago. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Welcome to #AskLucinda Live. Just type your questions in the comments below and I will answer. Looking forward to speaking with you.. until 9:30 EST

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As this week’s visit to Chicago approaches, I reminisce about how my Illinois background has had such an impact on my life. Read more at

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A sentimental journey to my hometown of Boston while doing bookstore and TV appearances for 'Timeless.' Historic Faneuil Hall and dinner at Durgin Park where the clam chowder tastes of the sea, the Schrod is like no other fish and the hot Indian Pudding is sweet and rich. It's not what I feared as a kid but made with hominy and molasses, thought to have originated with early Native Americans. It MUST have a vanilla ice cream swimming on top… (just a little foreshadowing of my next project).

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Thank you to everyone at Brookline Booksmith for a great event, Tuesday, October 6th. (With Alex Schaffner and Boston school friends from yore, left to right; Linda Swerling, Ann Bajart, Pat Cosentino, Leslie Byrne and Emily Starr)

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