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Today on the blog we've got more tips about appendix carry, but there's also lots of great info on how to safely handle and carry your gun no matter what your chosen method of carry happens to be.

In the final installment of our mini-series on appendix carry (AIWB), we’re taking a look at some of the common safety concerns with this method of concealed carry. Details in the video, or you can scroll down and read the full transcript (but the demonstrations really won’t make much sense unle...

Part 2 in our mini-series on appendix (AIWB) carry.

How can it be comfortable to carry a handgun in the appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) position? How do you sit down with appendix carry? We’ve got some tips in the video below as our mini-series on AIWB continues, or you can scroll down and read the full transcript. CHRIS: Hey guys, Chris he....

If you've ever considered picking up a pistol caliber carbine, you've got more options now than ever before. On top of the scores of AR-pattern 9mm carbines that have hit the market in recent years, Sig, CZ, and even Ruger have introduced PCC models of their own design. A couple years back, we did a quick look at Beretta's entry into this category...

The Beretta CX4 Storm carbine was originally released back in 2003. It’s had a fairly mediocre first decade, being mostly overshadowed by “real” black rifles like AR and AK variants. But it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for pistol caliber carbines, and I want to do my part to give some ext...

In which we address one of the most common questions about AIWB carry...

We are often asked if there is any way that an appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster can work for the more generously proportioned gentleman who wishes to carry concealed. The short answer is “yes, it can!” In this video, we get some sage advice from holster maker and AIWB expert Spencer ...

Hey Facebook, LG Chris here. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the 20th Annual Rangemaster Tactical Conference in Little Rock, AR. This 3-day event features a series of concurrent lectures and range instruction on topics as varied as criminal psychology, lever action rifles, active shooter response, pocket pistols, pepper spray training, escaping restraints, long-range pistol shooting, and a ton of other topics relevant to the armed citizen, and all taught by some... of the absolute best expert instructors in the field. This was my fourth conference and I highly recommend it (2019 sign-ups open up soon!).

Attendees also have the option of participating in a pistol match. This year, 160 men and 26 women competed in the match. The top 16 men and top 8 women returned to the competition range on Sunday to decide the winners in a man-on-man (or woman-on-woman) shootout. I am proud to say I managed to barely squeak into the final 16, but I was eliminated in the first round.

The ladies competition was won by our friend and Lucky Gunner Lounge contributor Melody Lauer with Lynn Givens in second. For the men, the incredible Gabe White beat out Spencer Keepers in a very close final shootout to take home first place. I was able to capture some nice video of the match and I put together a quick montage of the action. There's some very nice technique on display here... if you want some shooting tips, you could do a lot worse than studying the way these men and women run their pistols.

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A few practice ideas for all of you Shield owners out there...

If you’re one of the many thousands of S&W M&P Shield 9mm owners, here’s a quick 50-round practice session to try at the range. This will work for pretty much any semi-auto, but it was designed specifically with the Shield in mind, and in this video I talk about working with some of the challeng...

Fun fact: Smith & Wesson once sent out a literal "decoder wheel" to dealers to help gun store employees decipher the complex numbering scheme the manufacturer used for their old metal-framed semi-autos (we've seen pictures before, but can't seem to find one now. If anyone has a photo of one of these cardboard contraptions, please post it below!) What we have isn't *quite* as fun as a decoder wheel, but we created this chart a while back as a guide to S&W autos and a lot of fans of the old Smiths have found it helpful.

Chris from the Lucky Gunner team breaks down 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Smith & Wesson semi-auto pistols and their model numbers.

What if your best available option for a self-defense firearm is a humble lever action rifle? They may not be "ideal" compared to other options we have today, but shouldn't be overlooked as a viable alternative.

A look at a few lever action rifles and whether they are viable for self defense when more modern options aren't available.

A brief history of the *other* .38 cartridge.

The .38 Super caliber has a fascinating history and is a bit of an underdog when stacked up to what shooters favor today. Find out why.

Can you pass the same shooting test required of all FBI agents? Check out this post and give it a try.

It’s time for another action-packed installment of Start Shooting Better! This time, John and I walk through the FBI Qualification test that all FBI agents are required to pass in order to carry a firearm on duty. While it’s not necessarily an ideal tool for skill development, there are a lot of...

A few thoughts on some of the less obvious benefits of learning to run a revolver.

You can call them obsolete if you like, but mastering the double action revolver imparts more benefits than many shooters realize. In the video below, I’ve shared some of the ways I think working with revolvers has made me a better shooter in general. Or you can scroll down and read the transcript...

Have you tried any of the Gen 5 Glocks yet? Our latest review from Det. Spencer Blue lays out the changes found in the newest Glock pistols and his initial impressions after carrying it on duty.

Though the polymer striker fired pistol concept did not originate with Glock, they were the company that brought it to the mainstream with great success. Since then, they have ascribed to an “evolution, not revolution” design philosophy. Each new generation has minor changes and tweaks, but the ...

Is a 20 gauge shotgun worth considering for home defense? In this article, we finally address one of the most-asked questions we get about home defense shotguns.

Throughout our whole series of articles and videos on defensive shotguns that we ran back in 2015-16, there was very little mention of 20 gauge shotguns. We didn’t do this intentionally to discourage anyone from using a 20 gauge, or because we dislike it. As I’ll explain below, 20 gauge isn’t ...

It's the return of our Start Shooting Better series! Have you tried the El Presidente drill before?

Start Shooting Better is back! This episode features one of the oldest fighting pistol drills in existence: El Presidente. This is one of the tests Col. Jeff Cooper used to evaluate his students back in the early days of Gunsite Academy and it’s still a popular drill today. Watch the video below f...

"Most violent encounters are come-as-you-are events that require immediate, robust responses even if you’ve got a diaper bag over one arm, a kid on your hip, and your dominant hand in your pocket searching for your car keys."

There is a real shortage of good information about how our strategies for personal protection might need to change when kids are involved. Melody Lauer is one of the few instructors in the self-defense industry who has done some serious research and experimentation on this topic. Take a look at this article for some excellent advice that covers some of the issues many self-defense-minded parents forget to consider.

The self-protection industry has been ablaze lately with discussions about firearms and children. In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of parents who are seriously addressing the potential realities they face when presented with a violent encounter in the presence of...

A quick access safe is a great way to keep your pistol secure and also readily accessible. But not all of these devices are created equal. LG Chris covers what to look for in a small pistol safe, and points out the pros and cons of seven safes he's been evaluating.

As a follow-up to Detective Spencer Blue’s recent article about how to avoid having your gun stolen, I wanted to offer some concrete hardware solutions to go along with your home security plan. When I first looked into the available options for quick access pistol safes, I was surprised to find ve...