First Impressions: Diablo III (Xbox 360)

I must start by stating that I haven’t played the PC version of Diablo III, so I’m unable to make comparisons, coming at the Xbox 360 version with a fresh slate of judgement. Although I’ve yet to finish the game, I have had a chance to put a number of hours in to the button hacking, world roaming, l...

Official Battlefield 4 System Requirements Revealed

Unity Technologies CEO talks Development and Xbox One

Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason has told OXM that the forthcoming Unity game creation tool for Xbox One will resemble those for the Xbox 360, however developers will be able to take full advantage of the new technologies that the Xbox One offers.

How Important Will Sony’s 7 Day Head Start Prove To Be?

With 67 days until the launch of the Playstation 4, and 74 days until the release of the Xbox One, Sony and Microsoft have important times ahead in their final marketing strategy, but have gamers already made up their mind on choice of console, and how important will the early release of the PS4 be?

Gamers waiting on the Gadget Show Live to Choose their Console

86% of gamers said their decision on which console to buy will be made after playing the new consoles at the Gadget Show Live which takes place November 1-3, Earls Court, London.
The 2:27 minute video showcases events at E3 2013 and the recent Gamescom event in Germany. Jason Jones and Joe Staten can be seen on stage in the first gameplay demo at E3, as well as Destiny fans being pictured at Gamescom with the statue of a Fallen Captain, who apparently was on his best behavio...

First #Xbox One Commercial Has Nothing To Do With Gaming

Since it’s announcement, Microsoft has really been marketing the Xbox One for everything besides gaming — it’s main function. This new commercial is no exception.

Editorial: Why Call of Duty: Ghost’s Might Have Trouble Outselling Battlefield 4

There has been a fanboy fueled debate that has started a controversy over which game will sell the most, Call of Duty: Ghost’s, or Battlefield 4. Most of these debaters are ignorant fans of either series, and only give opinions, when there is many fact you can utilize. These facts might not be so fr...

Bungie’s David ‘Deej’ Dague Talks Destiny

In a recent interview posted on the Playstation Blog, David ‘Deej’ Dague talks Destiny, with topics such as customisation, class types, weapons and multiplayer all being discussed, giving us an insight in to the mind of Bungie’s Community Manager and the “mythic science fiction” open world of Destin...

New Watch_Dogs 14-Minute Open World Gameplay Released

The gameplay isn’t a mission, it’s simply fourteen minutes of open world footage, as Animation Director Colin Graham takes us through all the details.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Now Available On Steam

The latest story-driven adventure game from Starbreeze Studios was released yesterday on Steam. The game, in which players take control of two brothers ‘desperate to cure their ailing father’, has received very high ratings from critics and users alike, it’s metacritic score averaging around 9.3.

Preview: The Division

The Division is an online multiplayer third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive under the Tom Clancy brand, which will be available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Along with Bungie’s Destiny, The Division is the game that has aroused my curiosity, with the E3 2013 demonst...

Nintendo 2DS Announced

Japanese video game company Nintendo have recently announced their latest console, the 2DS. The device, which allows players to play all games currently available on the DS and the 3DS without the 3d effects, will be available at £109.99 in the UK and $130 in the US and is released on October 12th,…

Halo 5 Revealed in Updated Trailer

A recent update to the Halo trailer seen at E3 2013 is featured on NeoGAF, with Axis Animation providing the work which they have featured on their official facebook page now showing Halo 5.

First Impressions: Splinter Cell Blacklist

It seems I’ve been waiting an age to play Splinter Cell Blacklist and finally Sam Fisher is back in Tom Clancy’s eighth instalment of the series, this time to take down a group of 12 terrorists kno...

New Grand Theft Auto Online Details Emerge from Czech Magazine

Grand Theft Auto V Story Spoilers Leaked (Spoiler Free Article)!

Beware of the internet! With the recent pre-load for the digital copy of Grand Theft Auto V, there have been many leaks regarding the games TV, Radio, Soundtrack and now Story! This article is not ...