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Tell me what you're up to this weekend in emojis and I'll try to guess!

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One of my beautiful customers, Kat, requested this side-by-side of Goddess and Sassy Z and it made me laugh because I never noticed how asymmetrical my lips are! Goofing off ensued. Annnnnnd now I'm totally going grocery shopping like this because you KNOW I do not have time to take it off and look normal.

I have both colors in stock & ready to ship, if you want some just let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow I'll be doing another side-by-side request for the lovely Jennifer, she wants to see Blu Red & Fly Girl next to each other.

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Welcome to Luxe in the Rough Collective! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and this crazy little shop... and then at the end, how about a crazy Cyber Monday deal on 5 of my super cute, super soft, amaaazing Brokedown tanks/tops? These ones usually retail for 65-68 each, how does 20.00 sound? Crazy enough for Cyber Monday? Hang with me until the end to see which 5 are part of this deal. They'll go to the first person who comments with the top they want and their email for invoicing!!
Why is Icicle the BEST thing to happen to my favorite unicorn lipstick ever? Here's why. Show not just tell! Plus deals! Because it's still Cyber Monday and that's just how we roll.
SOLD!!! Next item in the flash sales tonight...Regularly priced at 105.00. Luxe Collective price 70.00+tax PLUS ( or should I say minus?) a cyber Monday extra 15%off! White wide necked Fair Isle sweatshirt.... with thumbsies!!! Preshrunk, super soft and amazing. Medium weight. It's a small & for reference I am 5'3 and my measurements are 35-25-36. Comment with your email to claim and I will Invoice you. Invoice must be paid within an hour of receipt or it will go back on sale!

Well lookie here!
People magazine has discovered my magical unicorn lipstick, LipSense too! They got a few small details incorrect (It's wax free and SUPER hydrating, the alcohol evaporates within seconds and then because it's wax free the Shea Butter gloss permeates the color and is able to absorb deep into the tissue of your lips, so you end up with completely transformed and hydrated and PLUMPER lips within like 2 weeks!) but overall they def caught the LipSense bug!

If y...ou want to order some to try it or get it for FREE by having a facebook or in-home party let me know, I have TONS of it in stock and ready to ship, I can help you find a color that you'll love and with our 12 month, no hassle, empty bottle money-back guarantee there is zero risk. I can refund your money or I can just swap out your color if it's not the one for you.

If you have seen the insanely amazing twist my life has taken in the last year since I started selling it, making over 10k a month, free car, and free trips this year to Hawaii & Cabo, (and I have a trip to Costa rica and a Cruise coming up in 2018 already qualified for!) and you want to know more about how to get started (you can even just have a party and then decide if you want to sell or just take my amazing hostess rewards) then message me and I can fill you in!!…/what-is-lipsense-facebook-lipstick-com…/

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Omggggg! I am so in love with my Rose Gold sandals for Cabo!!! They're from the HauteLook app!

Yes. My toenails are sad. I'll fix em tonight! Lol


Sometimes you want a a happy medium between naked face & makeup... We're going to have a day full of activity on the California Central coast and full makeup would feel a little silly!

Today I'm wearing SeneGence tinted Moisturizer in a combo of light & medium, a touch of Mulberry ShadowSense on my cheekbones, a tiiiiny bit of brown LashSense as a super light mascara & on my lips I have Icicle-Pink champagne-Icicle with Sand gloss!

I have everything I'm wearing in stock & ready to ship. Message to order!

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Just hanging out at DISNEYLAND defending a perfect parade position and enjoying the awesomeness!


14k Rose Gold Filled with Rose Quartz necklaces! (and a 14k Yellow Gold Filled & Freshwater Pearl necklace for my Daughter's Kindergarten teacher because she was so amazing I had to do something extra!)


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I have a design in mind, (huge improvement over 10 min ago. Lol) let's see if I can pull it together.

I'm thinking Rose Gold & Rose Quartz...

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Ahhh! Flying out tomorrow with the family for a big trip, first stop is DISNEYLAND! (And California Adventure)

It's been a while since I've been, tell me your fav things, top tips, what restaurants are good, are there new rides I have to check out? Tell me alllllll the things!!!

We're going with my In-laws & my kids are 16, 11, 5 , & 4, for context!

This afternoon I got together with some other SeneGence girls to celebrate this sassy beauty's one year Cancer scan coming back CLEAR!!!

Holla!!!! Can't wait to keep celebrating with you next month in Cabo, Tahnee!!


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My day has derailed a bit (orrrrr maybe more than a bit) so I haven't finished my eyes and I totally did my lips in the preschool parking lot, but it turned out far less ugly than I had been anticipating. It helped that I applied with every bit of skill I possibly possess, but I stuck to exactly the colors and order listed! Purple Reign, Cocoa, & Persimmon Ugly lip challenge:

I have all three of these in stock & ready to ship! (As well as all of the top 36!)

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Alright, Friends!
A new fad within the LipSense distributor community is to do an "ugly lip combo" challenge. It's my turn to accept the challenge!

I need you guys to pick three colors that you think will make the most horrible color combo known to man.


You can also vote for the combo that you think will be the ugliest by Liking it & the whichever has the most likes before I get ready tomorrow morning will be my combo for the day... and I'll wear it in public!!!

Choose 3... don't be kind, I'm ready to rock your ugliest lip combo!!!! 😂😂😂 Mel

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Uh-Ohhhhhh! It's past 11 pm and I'm gem shopping online... who even knows what could happen!!!

Check out my gorgeous friend & professional makeup artist Heather Spivey's look from yesterday! You can do SO much more with LipSense than just wear it as it comes... so. Much. Potential!!!

It's all about Icicle!!

Posted by Heather Spivey
Heather Spivey
February 14

For all my LipSense Lovers!!!!
Here's a fun Valentine Lip I did last night!
1st look.
2 layers Crimson Red
2 layers of Fluer DeLisa dabbed in the middle of b...oth lips.
Topped with Matte Gloss

2nd look
2 layers of Crimson Red
Fluer DeLisa in the middle of both lips.
1 layer of Star Powder (loose powder) dabbed on with a brush.
1 layer of icicle over that.
Another layer of Star Powder (it adds the most gorgeous sheen of highlight)
Last layer of Icicle
Top with Glossy Gloss

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This says it all! 😍💄🦄

A starter collection is 55.00 and comes with a color, sealing gloss, and remover!

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LipSense & ShadowSense stock show!!
Lots of romantic colors perfect for Valentine's Day! ❤️💋❤️ All are ready to ship, many are limited quantity or limited edition colors. Call it if you want it because when it's gone it's gone & there are very few colors available from the company right now, LipSense is craaaaazy hot!!

Message me to order!