Shame I didn't get any suggestions! No matter, maybe if I open up to RP and or conversation?
Perhaps cute pics?
Anthro, human, pony? I cover all bases cause I like them all~
Let me know or I will choose in the evening.

To those new pages and people that gave me a like, I do RP and am generally easy to talk to! So feel free to stop by and talk or whatever you like!~ Worst I can say is no~


Hey everyone! Give this awesome page a share? Up an coming little group, should a great page with your help!

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Sheesh, already stuck on the Citadel. You lot are lucky, Im bleh..."

Adrian Rose Arkavadas


After some hours of FTL travel, the Oasis warps its way through and jumps to the Citadel. Keeping a safe distance away from it, due to the ship's ungo...dly size.
"Mother, brother Donovan, this is your stop. Take a shuttle to the Citadel. One of my officers will deliver you the keys to my apartment there. Donovan will know the way."

Phoenix had spoken over the comms before setting it down again. The Oasis waits a few minutes until the couple departs with one of the Kodiaks. Leaving them to take care of political business for Nixxdale. Moments later, the Oasis plots their next course: Namakli. A dry planet, where a researching team supposedly is pursuing an old Reaper artifact. Led by Dr. Bryson. The crew is being sent here by Hackett as direct order, to investigate and aid the researchers, plus protect them from any harm.

The Oasis makes its turn, groaning out before warping into FTL jump once more.

//Alright. I'll post mission details shortly. Stay tuned, all.

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First time I've had to use my ban hammer in a while. Hate random OCs that just insist on having sex and think you'll give it to them just cause they are an OC. Oh well, problems gone now.

Think you ponies could give my lovely Bonsie a watch?~

Finally something new! Check it out one and all! Today Posi takes on Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge. Will Belmont actually get his revenge on Posi? Find ou...

Something tells me Dashie wont be remembering this night..or the way she is dressed~

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A lot can relate I am sure~

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Here, I shall save you all a little bit of your life~

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Do tell. May be able to do some if not most of them to and for you~

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Ok tell me now

Admin needed to make a new skype and wants me to tell you all what it is so you can talk on there and all that!

It is dezmasontech so go add em~

Since I changed my picture, I shall add this here.
Current look for me as a human~ Like?

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Cuteness cause I am simply that cute~

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Share this hug for no reason!~

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Its summertime and that means trips to the beach again! Cant wait!~ Where might you all like to go in the summer months where you live?

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