Successfully tested our new Tesla coil tonight! Liability waivers signed. Limbs still intact.
an impressive beetle-weight royal rumble to finish off the night
Happy belated birthday Nikola Tesla! #tbt
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Bradley Warren Hanstad
· February 12, 2018
THE BEST, clearly the best. I appreciate everything about this being the best.
Tim Trzepacz
· June 24, 2017
It's a great college hackerspace! Fairly clean facility with a good selection of tools including 3d printers and laser cutters, a small meeting room with a projector, and a friendly feral cat.
Members...hip costs are low (about $40 last I checked), and you can still use tools and such there even if you aren't a member (but please *DO* put some money in the donation bucket!)
They are pretty good about keeping posted hours, and have a number of regular activities.
When I need to get stuff done, or I just want to hang out with smart folks, I go to MAG Lab.
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Michael Juan
· September 19, 2017
The only big problem there is that I get distracted by mag cat
Susan Allen Ruiz
· March 27, 2016
The place has so much equipment and knowledgeable people for your hackerspace needs!!
George Mackey
· December 18, 2014
An awesome hackerspace, with tons of potential. It seems like all they need is some help getting more involved with the community and keeping fresh with their social media broadcasts/events.


A member donated step drill bits! Thank you!

Image may contain: food

We will be watching the movie titled "The Martian."

Pizza will be provided. This is a potluck event also so if you have something you like to share, feel free to do so (especially if it's made of potatoes).

Sat 7:00 PM PDTMAG LabWalnut, CA