“Oh, my white knight worries,” is what came out of my mouth, instead. For a heartbeat, no one said anything, as a telltale heat crawled up my neck to plant itself firmly on my cheeks. And then suddenly, Jamie was laughing. Not a ladylike, soft chuckle, but a gut-busting guffaw that indicates true delight. I groaned, clasping my hand over my mouth, as if that would recall the words. And then Blake was laughing, the sound rich and deep, sending delight skittering down my spine.
“I have neither white steed nor chariot,” he said, playing along, “But I have tools.”
~Where There's a Will
M.A. Michaud

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After the Crash of '15, I'm almost halfway back to where I was with Where There's a Will. My schedule is completely thrown off, but I'm pushing forward.

"I’m the first to admit the filter between my brain and mouth is faulty and things come out of my mouth that shouldn’t. I know this about myself. My friends know this about me. I could have just said thank you and let it go. That would have been sufficient. But oh no, I couldn’t go the simple, easy, uncomplicated, non-eyebrow-raising route."
--Excerpt from Where There's a Will

Working on Where There's a Will.

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What may have appeared to be a casual encounter and a simple romp in a doggy park with her dog, Boomer, began the unfolding of something much more sinister for Jayden Black. Murder, mayhem and break-ins aren't enough to describe what would never be an ordinary day for Jayden, technowhiz, but which s...