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Argus Jones
· February 10, 2018
Our family chose MD Anderson Cancer Center after researching the best cancer centers in the USA. We went for a consult right before Hurricane Harvey hit. We flew out on one of the last commercial flig...hts to leave Houston. Our surgery was scheduled for the first Tuesday in Sept.
MD Anderson posted updates on FB throughout the flood week about the status of their institution. We were able to contact staff the Friday before we were to fly back to Houston. We made our previously scheduled appointments, including surgery, despite Harvey devastating a lot of Houston and affecting many MD Anderson's staff's lives. Every MD Anderson staff person, from the Chief Surgeon to the hospital cleaning crew, was absolutely kind and caring while showing professionalism and knowledge about our diagnosis and treatment.
We are forever grateful to MD Anderson.
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Connie Lape
· March 23, 2018
I have been a patient at MDA since 1997. I cannot say enough great things about this cancer center. The doctors, staff and everyone there is there to take care of you and keep you alive without I am so grateful that I am still able to go there to see my doctors and well enough to walk out the door to my family at home. Myself and my 44 year old daughter are both stage 4 cancer and wouldn't even consider going to another cancer center than the best and that is MDA! See More
Melissa L Dixon
· March 18, 2018
To be such a top notch place to go and get cancer treatments and all the bloodwork and scans that goes with this treatment they sure don't care about your time...when you have to drive hours or spend ...a great deal of money on hotels just to come here and then spend money on treatments also for appointment at 8:45 and you are still waiting at 10:30 and just an fyi...was checked in at 8:00... no food or drink mind you either and appointments started at 7:00... but they say they are not running behind...and this is every time we come here...not happy with the way things are run here... our time is important as considerate to our time as we are to yours... See More
Tracy Earls
· March 1, 2018
I was so disappointed when I visited md Anderson with my father on his visit. I had expectations of this place being the gold standard of care and what I found was this not that. It is first a teachin...g hospital, second a for profit hospital, and third a market for experimental drugs. The teaching hospital means doctors oversee all kinds of students therefore they have a lot of responsibilities that take away from patient care. Second for profit means quality of care is the lowest because whatever is cheap is used not whatever is best. And finally when big pharma has a hand in any patient care, quality suffers because that is not their concern, getting drugs approved and selling them is what they are after.
I would recommend any other facility for treatment including cancer treatment center.
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Gaye Andrus
· March 19, 2018
MD Anderson is the most wonderful place to work. To be an employee of MD Anderson is a gift from God.

Helping very ill patients is a blessing, the gift of compassion is the best gift and blessing t...hat God has ever given me.

My 15 years of service has made me appreciate getting up in the mornings, because it is a new day to help someone that cannot help themselves.

My life is Blessed thanks be to God for counting worthy to be his helper, all the Glory to God.....
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Chris Wolske
· December 21, 2017
My question for this place is when my son was diagnosed with stage 4 synovial sarcoma, Dr. Araujo was great to us, this is not what this is about. When my sons insurance lapsed we were told we needed ...15,000 up front to be seen. This disgusted me as many donations you people are getting and this is what you say. Shame on you!!! My donations now will definitely go to St Jude’s all the time. See More
John Guajardo II
· November 11, 2017
Worst place to work ever. MD Anderson cancer center is a for profit organization that doesn't care for patient's. Patients are often mistreated given terrible care from nursing staff but also provid...ed wrong medication's if they aren't turned away for financial reasons. MD Anderson is not the place you want to go if you're looking for a fun place to work and it's the last place you want to go if you have cancer! Ben Taub is a better facility with better care than MD Anderson See More
Heather M. Harbour
· January 4, 2018
My family and I were so blessed by the care we all received when I had to go for treatment. Not only, did the staff give me excellent care, they also, knew my family needed care as my husband, and chi...ldren were walking through with me on my journey of healing. I continue to receive amazing care every year I return for my checkup. The staff, always, goes above and beyond especially Dr. Keith Fourneir's team. See More
Ashley Falls
· March 5, 2018
The care team at Mdanderson took extremely great care of me, Can’t thank Dr. Su, Dr.Roubaud and Dr.Sisk enough. The nurses were extremely kind through my tongue cancer surgery and did everything they ...could to make me feel comfortable while I was in the hospital. This is the place to be if you are going through cancer. The whole staff had wonderful bed side manner and I felt I was in excellent hands the whole journey. I am now cancer free and alive because of them, Thank you Mdanderson and staff! See More
Angela Griffith Gullo
· February 20, 2018
We were so impressed with everyone in this hospital! From the Valet personnel to the Drs!!! I have never in my life witnessed so much love and compassion from so many people!! And every employee respect for each other as well! And it was shone through their “please” and “thank you” to each other in their duties! See More
Faye White
· December 6, 2017
I travel here from Mississippi. After I was told there was nothing else they could recommend doing here. I was referred to this institution. I am battling papillary thyroid carcinoma. The endocrin...e center has been great. My doctor is Dr. Hu. She is wonderful! I just started some chemo therapy drugs in Sept and this trip in Nov. They have seen a slight improvement. I am grateful to God for building this facility and giving these doctors, nurses, technician and every staff member here the tools, knowledge and passion to help other. Thank you MD Anderson. See More
· January 15, 2018
I am 35 years old and am a mother of two years old,Last week I was diagnosed with cancer,I really wanted to give up,Yesterday morning I went out to the hospital for examination, my daughter chased the chasing car crying, my mother did not go, chasing for a long time, she said the car too fast, I can not catch up,In China, it is necessary to live in a hospital after admission ,In the afternoon I called her home from the hospital, she told me, Mom, you do not ride the car, I can not catch up,I think I want to survive for her,A friend suggested to me that treatment in the United States, but my English is not good, thanks to translation software, I have not been to the United States, I do not know where the hospital can help me, I do not know what items can give me treatment Opportunity, I only try to tell you here, hoping to get guidance, thank you for everyone who helped me。 See More
Helen Mccormick Shaffer
· December 20, 2017
My husband had this treatment here in Ohio, his cancer was too far gone thru his body and the treatment didn't work for him. His cancer started in the lungs and metastized to his brain, found it in hi...s liver, spleen stomach, and kidney, and pelvic area. Found the cancer 23rd of june this year 2017 and passed away August 14 of this summer 2017. Wish all the people going thru this treatment the best of luck. See More
Dave Smith
· November 29, 2017
My uncle battled colon cancer for years and MD Anderson helped him live longer than 99% of other patients-----

Love Bryn Mawr! Excellent staff------thought I'd give back to those battling disability... or I wrote a book; "Powering through Paralysis" that I wished was available when I was injured in a severe car accident leaving me paralyzed from the shoulders down...

Great Christmas present! A one-of-a-kind insightful and practical guide on how to survive and thrive with disability or disease! Written through the eyes of one who has successfully managed high-level paralysis for many years, sharing his thoughts, wisdom, and knowledge of how to overcome the greatest challenge one can face, whether living with MS, MD, ALS, paralysis, and any physical or mental tragedy. How to hire assistants, staying healthy, setting goals, meditation, career, ways to handle loss successfully, --- An excellent source for healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, veterans, family or friends and a must-have for those facing the greatest battle of their lives. Available on Amazon.
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Hallie Phillips
· March 13, 2018
My friend has stage 4 head and neck cancer. He is uninsured and has applied for medicaid. When I called to try to get an appointment, they told me appointments start at $15,900.00. I told them he didn...'t have any money, "well, call us back when he's approved". I have never heard such a cold callous response. They don't care that he will die without treatment. They only care about money. See More
Kerry Wood
· February 10, 2018
My son was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer that had metastasized into his liver. We had one surgery at home with a fabulous surgeon. But the oncologist took away all hope and basically gave hi...m the impression that they were writing him off. He was 25 And had a 17 month old son! Nope! So we called MD Anderson. His cousin helped me get things going. He has had wonderful care from Dr Shureiki and his team! Elcenia’s the BEST! Then Dr Vautey’s team was fabulous! We started this journey here at home August 15 and he was mis diagnosed before that. We saw MD Anderson for the first time in October. He had liver surgery on Dec 29. He is 26 and basically cancer free! Dr Chemeala and Dr Shureiki have him in an immune Therapy study that is kicking tail. In May he will have 4 more months of Chemo then we will see where we are. While he was in the hospital after surgery the nurses and staff went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of, too. The chaplain staff was awesome! We thank God for MD Anderson everyday! See More
Jessica Gomez Christiansen
· December 29, 2017
I had my surgery and treatment more than 20 years ago at MD Anderson. They were all amazing. From the surgeons to the nurses to the volunteer staff in the shops to the volunteers working in the beauty... shop. I would never go else where for cancer treatment. A+++ See More
Christine Myhang Quach
· December 19, 2017
I want to say Thank you to Dr. Vaporciyan and his team!! They are awesome!!!! My dad had his surgery on 12/12/17 and is doing great!! Thank you to our awesome nurses on the 7th floor Kim/Elizabeth fo...r taking such great care of my dad!! And also our PCT Jessica!! You guys are so amazing!! See More
Richard S. Weldon
· November 28, 2017
For seven years Dr. Linus Ho and Dr. Joe Chang treated me and advised me on how best to handle my cancer. I can never tell them how much I have appreciated them and their entire staff. I am now in a c...linical trial with more wonderful people, but I miss them! See More
Phillip Ortega
· January 21, 2018
Good people so much love and compassion it's like everyone has a job down from the Lady who cleans my name room to the people in lunch room from the maintenance men it was a experience I will never f...orget thank you so much for all your advice and techniques See More

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