It's time to say goodbye for us here at MORF. It has been a pleasure serving you all in your ministries.

While it's sad to see this particular season end, I will be forever grateful to Student Life for allowing us to make MORF Magazine a vibrant reality.

ICYMI: Our final issue is here! Check out articles on Planetshakers, ministering to those with special needs, how hospitality reflects the Gospel, Andy Stanley on teaching teens purity, Annie Lobert on how to protect kids from sex trafficking and much more!

MORF issue 14 is out. Checkout great articles from influential leaders in youth ministry!

Shauna Niequist knows both sides of the family/ministry balance: as a popular author and blogger and as the daughter of Bill Hybels and Lynne Hybels. In this issue, she shares what she learned from her parents, what she does to "savor" life and what inspired her latest book: a devotional!…/savoring-family-qa-shauna-niequist

What’s the one thing that you aren’t doing because you are busy multitasking and being frustrated at what other people aren’t doing?

Need a Bible study lesson? Here's a free lesson from Ed Newton's "My 8" study:

When you really see something, there’s a high probability that you’ll tell someone else about it. In a conversation with a friend or acquaintance, you’ll probably find a way to share the insight you recently gained.

It's scary to think about, but Annie Lobert wants you to be equipped. She knows the world of sex trafficking in the US firsthand. Here's what she wishes her parents and mentors would have known and told her:…/protecting-your-kids-sex-traffick…

I was taught in school that President Lincoln abolished slavery in 1865. It was an ugly past that we were to never let happen again. In the “home of the free and the brave.” But was that really the whole truth?

Coach Dru Joyce II teaches boys more than basketball. He equips them for winning at life. Here's how:…/lebron-james-high-school-coach-wi…

Yes, I want them to become better basketball players, but my main goal as a coach is to pass along a series of principles that helped me become who I am today.

Lead youth worship? Matt Papa encourages you to plan your worship set with the Good News in mind.…/youth-worship-planning-tell-whole…

Fast to slow. Happy to somber. Clappy to dramatic. Major to minor. Whether we verbalize it or not, this seems to be the default rubric through which we plan worship sets in churches across America.

Would your teens describe your interaction with them more like the third degree than amicable discussion?…/conversation-not-interrogation

Interrogations won’t help us connect, and getting grilled is one reason teens avoid interacting with their parents.

With this being the last issue and all, we just had to. You understand.


One young youth minister resigns after everything that can go wrong... well.

When parents change the way they interact with their teens, even closer relationships are possible.…/6-relationship-builders-teens-and…

Building relationship is foundational to passing the faith on to your kids.

It's time we examine Paul's letters in light of his past:

"Pray that Al Bagdadi [ISIS leader and mastermind] may see Jesus on his way to Damascus just like St. Paul."

Tony Merida shares how even hospitality can be a way to show the love of Christ and tell the Good News

We need to see hospitality through the lens of Scripture in order to understand it rightly and find motivation to do it faithfully.

The Planetshakers worship band is drawing a generation back to God. How do they do it?

From Melbourne to Maryland to Malaysia, Planetshakers takes their name literally, leading worship in sold-out stadiums all over the globe.

A must-read for anyone who has students with special needs in their ministry:…/ministering-special-needs-student…

You’re an authority in mentoring and encouragement and prayer, not in what to do with that child, necessarily.

Uh oh, time for summer love! Get help in talking to your teens from Andy Stanley in the new issue of MORF.…/dating-and-waiting-qa-parent-and-…

It may have been difficult for me to determine how far I should go, but I knew exactly how far the person I would one day marry should go – not very far.

Ben Trueblood suggests a remedy for one of the great frustrations of youth ministry

Equipping your students theologically and doctrinally helps them assemble the pieces of their life based on the right starting point: God.

She's listed among the greatest missionaries, but who was she?

“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

– Amy Carmichael