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On St. Nicholas' Day we had our annual MPM International Christmas Dinner, where we had a cosy evening with delicious food from all over the world prepared by our students. We also played Secret Santa and everyone got an early present It was a really nice evening, thank you to everyone who contributed to that! We wish you a merry Christmas season!

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With our students at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum yesterday. What a great opportunity to see experts, politicians and journalists discuss current foreign policy issues. Many thanks to the Körber Foundation for providing our students with this wonderful opportunity! #berlinfpf

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On Tuesday, 17 October 2017, the MPM cohort of 2016/2017 graduated from the program and we had our annual ceremony to celebrate their end of studies and their achievements! It was a very nice evening with the class and their friends and families and also a nice ending to a great year with all of you! This photo is a first impression of that night, we will publish some more of the official photos we took throughout the ceremony later on.
We wish you the very best for your future endeavours and we are sure that you will do great! We hope to see again very soon, maybe also at one of our MPM Alumni meetings in the future.

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This week we welcomed our new MPM cohort 2017/2018 to Potsdam and the University. During the Orientation Week they got to know each other, settled a number of administrative issues, talked about their expectations and contributions to the program and also got to know Potsdam a little better. We hope that everyone's ready to start into the first semester and we are looking forward to the next year!

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Impression of our first Alumni Regional Meeting of the Berlin/Potsdam area that took place at Schwarzes Café in Berlin last week. It's been great to catch up and to later have the students of our current group join in the fun!

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To all MPM Alumni: Our new MPM Alumni LinkedIn group is now running and we warmly invite you all to join! Please also share this information with other fellow MPM alumni - the more the merrier!

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Last week we welcomed the new DAAD PPGG students to Potsdam and the MPM program. We solved some administrative issues together, introduced them to the study program and had a tour around Campus. Afterwards we enjoyed the nice weather and had a barbecue with the current class of the Master of Public Management. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this such a nice experience! We are looking forward to meet the other participants of next years' cohort and to work together with all of you!

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Today, we had a very great and interesting site visit to GIZ in Berlin, where we got the chance to discuss future development policies and trends with the team of the Future of Development Cooperation. Thanks to everyone who participated in that very interactive and lively session.

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We proudly present our MPM Alumni Seminar Video! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Wonderful evening with our students at the rooftop reception at Wissenschaftsetage yesterday!

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Clingy to the last.
That was us on 11 May 2017 - parting day. Surprisingly, the sun finally made a strong and prolonged appearance on that last day, making it a warm, sunshiny one. But perhaps this shouldn’t have come as a surprise after all since experience taught us that Berlin weather has a rather ironic sense of humor.
Most of the group were going back to base, some with work waiting to greet them a few hours upon arrival. Some had early morning flights and had to say th...eir eloquent and moving farewells through our group messaging. There were invitations to visit each other’s countries and a promise to try our luck for the Alumni Seminar on ecotourism and sustainable development in Nepal come October this year. Meanwhile, there were also some in the group — the favored children of the universe (!!!) — who got longer vacation leaves and thus were extending their stay in Berlin or Europe for a few more days.
Either way, it was time to part ways for our different destinations. But in a bid to extend what had been a lively two weeks to the last possible second, there naturally occurred several batches of send-off to the train station. Last-minute hugs and photo sessions ensued as we waited for the train doors to close. These antics earned us several stares from amused(?) Fahrgäste just getting by their Friday morning, some even photobombing our Nth group picture.
I write this as someone who is sitting in her office in Manila, back to regular programming. But as sure as pictures of our grinning faces have carved a considerable chunk of my mobile phone memory, the two weeks with this lovely and dynamic group of people, learning about design thinking process as well as from the sessions and “prototyping” in re:publica 17 have also carved the same considerable chunk in my personal memory. The lessons from that time I hope to carry for the long haul and selectively apply in day-to-day life.

Everette E. Villaraza, MPM 2016

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It was the last day - May 10, 2017- on the re:publica 17 conference.

The highlight of the day, in my opinion, was the “Tech rally–VR NOW CON” session which discussed the potential of VR in our life. And then with regard to the DAAD and Potsdam University, we had our evaluation and farewell dinner party.

To my surprise, the re:plica 17 talks and sessions have brought to us, researchers and practitioners from different cultures, with diverse insights and knowledge, an understa...nding of the role of technology in the innovation of approaches to global public challenges.

An impression that I will always remember was the presentation of Cool-Art group, which made use of role playing to illustrate the application of “design thinking process” in creating an open platform for academic users, especially for publishing articles. The six days of intense work in DAAD were really challenging, yet, rewarding as it not only broadened our knowledge but also created opportunities for us to make new friends.

Nga Pham, MPM 2001

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Tuesday 9 May was our second day at the re:publica conference. The night before, some of us put our dancing skills into practice at the re:publica party! After breakfast, our day started. My first session was "Fate, hate and propaganda - what can technology do?", in which an overview was given on how Google is approaching this challenge through partnership and innovative solutions. From session to session, I had the chance to go around the booths in the exhibition area, where... I found an innovation agency called the Founders Studio that helps companies to develop work environments that foster innovation, using the design thinking approach and co-creation.

My highlight of today was the session "Connecting health", about digital health solutions for better pregnancy and birth giving care in African countries. One of the team members explained her experience (and limitations) in implementing the design thinking approach, bringing together all stakeholders in order to define the problem and prototype the solution. This session gave me the chance to link the insights from our Design Thinking Seminar in Potsdam with a current initiative aiming to tackle a social global challenge through innovation and partnership collaboration.

Victoria Santi, MPM 2012.

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Monday 8 May 2017, saw the 15 MPM alumni attend the first day of the re:publica conference (#rp17) held at the funky Station Berlin building. Now in its anniversary tenth year, and held over three days, the annual re:publica conference has grown from a gathering of around 700 people to now expecting more than 8,000 people. The theme of the 2017 re:publica conference is “Love Out Loud” and explores concepts, challenges and issues related to the digital and technological worlds.... In attendance there are activists, scientists, entrepreneurs, hackers, NGOs, journalists, social media representatives, marketing experts, policy makers and many others.

A personal, and somewhat emotional, highlight for me from day 1 of the #rp17 was watching a short film called Inside Auschwitz where three survivors of the holocaust were interviewed about their horrific experiences in Auschwitz. What was different was that it was made using virtual reality (VR) technology enabling the viewer to view the settings of the concentration camp in three dimensions rather than just on a flat, two-dimensional screen.

Ken Fullerton, MPM 2016

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Hello from Sunny Berlin!
Today was a truly unique day – our first full day in Berlin, our first meeting with fellow DAAD alumni from the University of Neu-Ulm, our first day at re:publica 17, and yes, our first real taste of summer 2017! It might not be summer yet, but the day was truly ‘summerish’!
My highlight for the day was our presentation at the DAAD Welcome Event which was delivered by the wonderful Stefanie and Jenna, joined on the stage by two MPM alumni – the very ...eloquent Marwa and the extremely enthusiastic Felix. They wowed the audience with an expert pitch of design thinking, with highlights from our work of the past one week. We also learned from colleagues from the University of Neu-Ulm who have also spent the last one week at their university exploring the power of e-learning.
What surprised me most was to learn that 75% of antibiotics are prescribed incorrectly and that 50% of the people worldwide take their drugs wrongly!
An impression to remember was the interactive DAAD session at re:publica 17 in which the ‘Fishbowl’ method was used to involve all participants in the panel discussion. #rp17, #MPMAlmuni

Obed Kambasu, MPM 2015/2016

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