**NEW** exclusive Taiwan (Republic of China) Type C Field Ration! Many customers have requested more Asian MREs, I deliver! 😍🤗🇹🇼️

This is the commercial version of the Taiwan military Type C field ration. A very very rare ration, only 3 examples have been reviewed by major YouTube reviewer
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Chris JungHyun Um
· November 17, 2017
Before encountering MREmountain, I actually ordered MRE from a different place called Meal kit supply Canada.

My order was supposed to ship at the end of the September; yet, due to the hurricane Irm...a they said they could not process my order until at the end of October, which I understood (because people who suffered from the natural disaster need the most help). However, when it became November, I have not heard any news from them.

So, on Nov 6th, I sent an email regarding my status of the package. It turned out, they changed the shipping date again, without notifying me. Additionally, they sent two sentence email indicating I need to wait another month to get my shipment. I was disappointed, and I immediately requested the refund.

I decided to give one more try before giving up buying MRE online (I have made several attempts to buy foreign MRE from other sites, but majority of them only shipped within the US) Before finishing up my transaction, I wrote a comment regarding my concern with couriers such as UPS and FedEx and requested them to send through Canada post.

Within 20 minutes, I got the first response. And it was not like the two sentence message I got from the MRE Canada. They wrote quite a lengthy message about my comment.

I sent a second message, and once again, within 5 minutes, I got the reply message. This time, I requested to receive the Scoka Kola choloate rather than the shirt. They accepted my request and decided to send the chocolate, which did surprise me because some retailers don't even allow these changes to happen.

I sent the last message thanking them for sincerely responding to my email. Once again, within 12min, they have replied to my message.

I study in Tourism management degree at Capilano university. We take great importance in shaping positive experiences in pre, mid, and post-experience of a product. Few ways to create pre- experiences is to deliver efficient responses and accept a minor request for changes (though this is not the only ways to enhance the pre-experience).

I am happy the fact I have witnessed and known a retailer who creates and maintains a positive guest experience for customers.

Also, I loved the fact he implemented the 'call for action' at the bottom left of the screen, which is clever.

I am glad I have found a great MRE retailer, and I am willing to buy future MRE from the company.
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Patrick Warn
· January 19, 2018
Hands down exceptional service. The correspondence is extremely fast, as is the shipping. Received everything in fantastic shape, without a single thing out of place. (And with bonus items thrown int...o your order!)

Among the online markets for MREs and rations, MREmountain is definitely ahead of the pack, with spectacular service, a myriad of options and very competitive prices

I will definitely be using them for every purchase from now on.
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Jake Rocker
· December 29, 2017
Super fast shipping and the French 24 HR Ration I bought arrived looking like it just came off the assembly line. I ordered the menu 5 and when it arrived it had an expiration date of 2020!!! Just wa...tching to see what catches my eye next! See More
Richard Kaz Uhira
· November 22, 2017
Best customer service I have ever encountered!

" now let's get this out onto the tray"...

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Bo Risom Jensen
· January 1, 2018


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