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About Natasha
  • I am confident, but not cocky. I hold dear to my heart the souls that totally get me . I am very outgoing, genuinely happy, and crazy obessed with my kids. I like to make people laugh. I am tolerant, passionate and like living a low key life. I am not one to pass judgement. God knows I have my share of skeletons. I am very passionate and sympathetic. I will not surround myself with people that choose to live their life miserable. Negative Nancy's are never welcome. I hate the gossip some people consume themselves with. Drama free is the way to be!! There are millions of other things that I'd perfer to spend my energy on, especially my sons. I love kids, I hate people that hurt them. I perfer to be down to earth. I am understanding of people making the wrong decisions. But I am also a firm believer that you should learn from mistakes the first time! I am a free spirit. I consider myself very easy to talk to. I believe that you cannot have peace through war. I love music and laughing. I embrace individuallity and diversity. I love and appreciate different cultures and religions. My goal is true happiness and leave this earth with a bright spirit.
    stand strong..... love hard......
    and no regrets......
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