Here is a one page list of degus safe plants and vegetables.

There are a whole lot of different plants your degus can have, and it have the potential to become a large part of their diet. But of course there are safe plants and unsafe plants as well, which can...

I use these dog bisquits as treats. No sugar and no animal products. They have come in small sizes perfect for a degus. The rings are nice and hard for their teeth

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I see hope in the future. I want to thank Tom for the cage donation and the connections with other adopters. Yea for the goos or perhaps chirp chirp.

A bucket full of babies!

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Three lucky boys are off to their new home in NJ. A big thank you to Sabrina who offered to meet up with their new mom, Tracey. The American Gerbil Society has been very generous in helping me transport degus over the last few years. Thank you Tracey for your first step into the world of degus.

I want to thank Sarah, who is giving me a very generous donation to help pay for the pellets and hay I will be purchasing on June 1. I purchase my pellets and hay from I love their products and Al has offered me a rescue price for the products. A real life savor for me with all these guys! They produce the best timothy hay I have ever found. You almost want to eat it, it smells so good!

Find great deals for kids programs and animal food and products at Sweet Meadow Farm in Sherborn, MA

Ok folks, here is some BIG news. I spent two days travelling back and forth to Maryland to pick up 150 degus. If you are looking to adopt please let me know. I always hold the girls for three months to prevent adopters getting extra packages they did not plan for! Boys are always ready to go!

My house is full of cages, and what good is a dining room anyways?

For those of you in the Florida area a friend of mine has his own website for degus adoptions.

You must have a proper housing set-up PRIOR to adoption. See "All About Degus" link button on home page for examples of proper housing.

Two weeks ago I packed off a pair of boys for a merge with a lone degus. Hearing good news from the adopter and hopefully all will be well when the time comes. I will head over and see what the reaction is to ensure no fights!

A wonderful rescue this past week with an adoption of a group of six girls! Off they went to their new home with Sarah. She has never lived with degus before, but she did her research and was ready! I think they will be a spoiled lot. They were great escape artists so she should have her hands full of adventure.

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My first day on facebook with my rescue! If you did not know this already, I started rescuing when I found someone less than a 1/4 of a mile from me, with 95 of them. What? Yes 95, unsorted males and females. Yikes!

Since then I have become a contact for rescuing and housing degus until I can find them new homes. I do not advertise and and am here for those interested in adopting or animals that need sanctuary. I did not start this operation to make a profit.

I started of my enjoyment of this little clowns and the need to assist the overpopulation that started when others started breeding for their profit without any concern over the results of populations that no one wanted. They require certain care and are not appropriate for everyone, but I love them and want them to go to those who will be responsible. I do not breed and only have pups when someone comes in pregnant already. You may ask if any are available, but usually not.

Like other rescues, we have mostly juveniles or adults and they too need homes. Since degus can live longer lives they still offer many good years for rodent lovers. So if you are interested please contact me!

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