Arby's has the meats, but now they have the fonts too! The fast food chain had their own font developed called (appropriately) "Saucy AF":…/now-arbys-has-a-font-too-and-its-…/
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Move over, Airbnb and Netflix. There’s a new branded typeface in town.

A new typeface by designer Kosuke Takahashi incorporates braille into the font characters for a more inclusive experience that would only require minor adjustments to signage (still wouldn't be too realistic for large scale signage that doesn't allow for touch). Really cool:…/this-typeface-mixes-…/
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Designer Kosuke Takahashi’s Braille Neue concept typeface combines Braille with Latin and Japanese characters enabling visually impaired people to read current public signage.

Bitcoin's self-proclaimed creator accused of using obscure font to steal billions:…/27/craig-wright-bitcoin-theft-laws…/…
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Want to change the story font in Instagram? Use the newest Type Mode feature:…
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I knew the first time I spent a full hour watching every last Instagram story on my feed that the app had put something special out into the world. As if it wasn't already cool enough to have a window into the lives of my favorite celebrities and inf…

Awesomely, extensive article on Subway typography, heavy on the photos showing examples of an underground art world that few people take the time to stop and appreciate:…
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⚠️ Heads up! This article is heavy on images and if you scroll to the end, you’ll have consumed 9mb in data. You may want to save it for…

Two different takes on Coca Cola's new font - Opinion 2: Why we should care about Coca-Cola’s new font:…
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Two different takes on Coca Cola's new font - Opinion 1: Coke’s New Font Is Design At Its Worst"…/cokes-new-font-is-design-at-…
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A modern font for stone-age thinking.

‪Merry Christmas to all! (Happy holidays to all who celebrate something different!) Enjoy the final days of 2017!‬

Love to put up links to hilarious font fails every so often:…/Slogans-choosing-right-font-re…
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From the X-rated to the downright rude, disastrous font choices have proved the downfall of many an unwitting salesman, as these signs show.

Did Trump's lawyer really just use the Comic Sans font in his statement regarding Michael Flynn's guilty plea?…/trump-s-lawyer-apparently-used-…/
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Ty Cobb appeared to use the internet's most-hated typeface to make the announcement about Mike Flynn's guilty plea.

How to use Microsoft Word to create holiday cards and other seasonal projects:…/use-word-to-create-holiday-cards-…
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Use Microsoft Word to design your holiday cards or other graphic projects for your celebrations. We'll show you how Shapes, Fonts, and

How much thought do you put into picking a new font? 13 ways people typically choose a typeface:…/michael-bierut-now-you-see-it…
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_In Pentagram partner Michael Bierut's new book_ Now You See It and Other Essays on Design _, the designer presents 50 short and accessible pieces of writing that explore design history, pop culture, current affairs and more. Printed by Princeton Architectural Press, the book is a selection of his w...

What difference does a font make? See how early title sequences looked for Stranger Things:…/stranger-things-the-evolution-of-t…
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How it evolved into the version that made it to screen.

We just added some new features to our popular Mac font manager app!

Version 1.1 of Font Manager Deluxe now includes the following:


* Adjust the size of the text in the Preview or Grid Layout window.
* Added tooltips for easier recognition of feature functions. Just hover your mouse over buttons and checkboxes to see what each does.
* Added ability to select multiple font collection folders in the left pane to quickly remove from the app.
* Now the app saves the custom text you added for the Preview or Grid Layout.

To update, simply Check for Updates… from the Font Manager Deluxe menu after you have the app opened.
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Easy font manager for Mac to install and uninstall with a single click, download Google Fonts, view in custom preview or grid view, and more.
These days everybody knows about the ampersand. It’s one of typography’s most unique and interesting characters.

We do our best to support our local communities, but with the recent devastation caused by several hurricanes we feel the need to do more. Please join us in donating to a charity or organization that can provide relief for people affected in these areas, or help out in any way you can. 128bit Technologies/MacAppware will be donating $1000 to LifeStraw Safe Water Fund, so people will at least be able to drink clean water. Please consider helping out! Thank you!
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Due to the overwhelming number of storms and flooding hitting the Southern United States, several Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico, we have expanded our Relief Fund to cover additional areas experiencing boil water notices and lack of clean drinking water. LifeStraw has always felt a ...
When Saturday Night Live returned for its 43rd season this weekend, the most talked-about moment on Sunday wasn’t the Emma Stone cameo or Alec Baldwin’s return as President Donald Trump. Instead, i…