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Clean Food is at WGN-TV Studios.

Lunch break segment teaser... ready to go in 45...

We've been in Spring/Summer 2014 hibernation mode, preparing Terry's third book for publication. Learn more about the latest addition to the CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START family on the EAT CLEAN LIVE WELL blog...…/…/out-of-clean-food-hibernation/

There is a new clean food cookbook on the horizon, and you?re not going to have to wait too much longer to enjoy it!

Thank you to Janet Helm for the special mention in this (as always) on-point observation about the food and nutrition worlds. Here's to our own long-overdue collaboration!

I love Terry Walters' books Clean Food and Clean Start. They're both fabulous cookbooks (designed by my friends at Mackenzie Brown Design in Chicago),

Great article... and perfect headline... on the genesis of the CLEAN journey!

Connecticut Magazine features articles and guides on restaurants and dining, food and drink, entertainment, shopping, bridal and home and garden.

And of course, the first post of the year would be helping you to make a CLEAN START with CLEAN FOOD... and at 36% off at!

Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Hardcover. Clean Food is a feast for the senses that will nourish mind, body, and soul--and this revised edition offers lovers of fresh, seasonal vegan fare even more than before. In addition to all-new color ph

Not sure if this applies to the book itself, or the author, or both... but either way, Hot and Healthy apply!

A slew of healthy chefs have turned up the heat, creating cookbooks that are light on butter and heavy on greens.

What were we doing for the first 6 months of 2012? The new revised and expanded edition of CLEAN FOOD launches today! Congratulations to Terry Walters, Andrea Gentl, Marty Hyers, Julie Bidwell and the entire Sterling team!

More than a cookbook, CLEAN FOOD to me represents a journey like nothing I could have ever imagined. I remember clearly the cooking class in 2003 when someone inquired innocently, “Would you ever consider binding your recipes so that I could purchase them to share with my friends.” To that person an...

And there they are... three editions of CLEAN FOOD in 5 years! The original CF 2007, first Sterling edition, 2009 and the revised and expanded edition, 2012 (available now on for preorder; release October 1). Quite the journey.

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Wow... it was winter for the last official MacB posting, and it's fitting that it was the beginning of work on the revised edition of CLEAN FOOD, Terry Walters' first book... and now it's exciting to announce that it's available for pre-order at Congratulations to our favorite cover girl!

Available in: Hardcover. Clean Food is a feast for the senses that will nourish mind, body, and soul--and this revised edition offers lovers of fresh, seasonal vegan fare even more than before. In addition to all-new color ph

As we get into the home stretch on the update to the original CLEAN FOOD, it's great to see that CLEAN START is still getting the attention it deserves!

We are barely into the new year and many of us have already ditched our New Year’s resolutions. Well don’t despair. Author Terry Walters gives us a second chance to improve our diets with her latest book, Clean Start: Inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live

Congratulations to Silver Cross Hospital on its ILLUMINATION opening gala tonight!

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Back to the beginning... a revised edition of Terry Walters' first book, CLEAN FOOD, begins its journey today!

Today marks the first day of a photo shoot for a revised edition of CLEAN FOOD that’s gluten-free friendly and features new recipes, an all new snack section and yes, photography!

A long time since the last August post, but if it's the second Saturday of December, it's the Children's Ball! The Medical Research Institute Council's Diamond Anniversary... celebrating 60 Years of Brilliance! Congratulations to the MRIC and $100 million of philanthropy over the course of 60 years!

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We are proud to announce that MacKenzie Brown has been awarded, for the third year in a row, the Best Invitation Design by the BizBash Chicago 2011 Event Style Awards for the 2010 Children's Ball "SUPERHEROES: Going Above and Beyond!" invitation! The pressure is certainly on for the 2011 invitations that are currently in production!

Fund-raisers for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Steppenwolf Theatre were among the winners of the 2011 BizBash Chicago Event Style Awards, announced on Thursday at a ceremony following our annual expo at the Merchandise Mart. Here’s a look at the winning work.
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August 15, 2011

Going for the three-peat! BizBash announces the finalists for the 2011 BizBash Chicago Event Style Awards. MacKenzie Brown is honored to have two of the three finalist nominations: SUPERHEROES for the 2010 Children's Ball and WONDROUS WORLDS for the 2010 Adler Planetarium Celestial Ball.

Countdown begins to the opening of the new Silver Cross Hospital in Will County in February 2012... be prepared to be ILLUMINATED!

Beginning Monday, June 27, 2011, MacKenzie Brown Design will be moving from our Wacker Drive office and will working from home offices. This month, we celebrate our 16th year in the communications design business, and we thank our clients... and friends... who've been with us these many years. Here's to many more years of creativity, success... and fun!