New Zealand contractor gains major safety and productivity benefits with first Komatsu 'intelligent Machine Control' excavator.

Exploring reasons to improve grading accuracy and optimise construction productivity with machine-control systems.

Should i get machine control
Five key predictions for the development and adoption of technologies within the Civil Engineering and Construction market.

“It was a more efficient and productive method, not to mention a safer one as there was no need for anyone to stand near the edge of the pit and around working machinery to check the depth.”

Small site contractor Tom Gardocki, known online as the ‘Dirt Ninja’, demonstrates machine guidance for simplified layout, getting to grade faster, reducing errors and greater profitability.

Remote access, office-to-field data exchange, cloud computing, data storage – the construction industry is no stranger to connected technology. But how does it all come together?

“All I know is that it’s fast and precise. We’ve eliminated the necessity for multiple passes and there is no need to re-visit any of our work.”