Holder was held in contempt but never prosecuted. We should revisit that.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder used violent anti-GOP rhetoric in a campaign stop in Wisconsin Thursday, challenging Republicans to a knife fight. Holder couched his violence in passive-aggressive legalese, saying, “We have to be ready to, you know, not do anything inappropriate, not do ...

NBC News does its best to spin the firing of McCabe to his benefit, but the dude is an asshole, everybody in the FBI knew it.

I congratulate former FBI Agent Robyn Gritz: hopefully McCabe has just begun to pay for his manifold crimes.…/sessions-fires-mccabe-he-can-reti…

Trump had repeatedly attacked the veteran FBI official
Tired Kitty
Momma rescued a bird that was hit by a car. This little guy was barely responsive, though he did clutch her finger when she picked him up. She gave him some careful chest compressions, then laid him in a hedge. When she walked back by a few minutes later, he was up on his feet and chirping. Not yet ready to fly, but better. After we had lunch, she looked down on the hedge from a skywalk and she did not see him there. Maybe he flew away. I hope so. He has quite a tale to tell the other birds in his flock. Everything happens for a reason.
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I could not condemn the Pravda media any better.

We are now learning that one of the biggest pieces of fake news is that Trump is good for the media business.

There is a signature that every bomber leaves, no matter how meticulous he is. They can be traced. I will say no more.

Experts say that bombs, more than other weapons, contain embedded clues about their users including traces of their motive.

Everybody on the 7th floor knew that McCabe was a partisan politicized piece of shit. Just ask them. They will tell you. McCabe wants this to be about a “war on the FBI.” It is not. It is a war on the cabal of Never Trumpers who committed sedition in their zeal to delegitimize the president that you and I elected.

I hope that McCabe has another rebuttal cued up to use when he is indicted. I pray that he needs it.

Mr. Sessions showed us all some mettle today. Thank God. Than...k God.

Now, continue to march: let the indictments flow!

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been fired. Inspector General Michael Horowitz recommended a review by the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility. The…

Thank God for Sundance at Conservative Treehouse. He keeps the pot percolating nicely.

Beyond the thirst for clicks, ratings and perpetual outrage there’s an aspect to the Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Rudolph Contreras story that deserves some attention. ♦First, the DOJ wasn&#82…

I hope that it is Rudy.

Don’t be so blinded by the tripwire flares you fail to see the obvious. Within the statement from Attorney General Sessions hopefully you’ll note: “Including Under Oath” Th…

Now prosecute McCabe. Indict him! May this be just the first of a host of scalps. And may the Never Trumpers feel the hot breath of the Reaper on their necks. America is coming for them.

Last night Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired embattled Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. President Trump reacts:

Like the rest of America, I am tired of waiting on IG Horowitz’s Report. But I am delighted that Andrew McCabe was fired, and relieved that AG Sessions found the courage to do it.

Q keeps telling us, “trust Sessions.” We are trying, Q. But this process is so interminably slow. And there are so few scalps. Reassigning FBI agents to HR does not count, as they are still drawing their whopper salaries and enjoying their Cadillac health insurance plans that regular Americans coul...d never afford.

We want prosecutions. I note that McCabe was fired for lack of candor. Not because he leaked, and not because he orchestrated a campaign of leaks detrimental to the president that we all elected.

Like the rest of America, I am tired of processes that defend the rights of Never Trumpers at the expense of we, the people. They wage sedition and ideological warfare against our president, and they are never held culpable. Will Andrew McCabe now be prosecuted? For sedition? It would be just.

We want justice. We demand justice. We want to believe in the rule of law. But Crooked Hillary and John Pedosta are walzing around free, and John Brennan is calling our president stupid with total impunity. We want these people jailed.

And we do not want to wait forever for it to happen.

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Former FBI Deputy Director Chris Swecker appeared for an interview with Harris Faulker to discuss the issues surrounding the IG and OPR recommendation that Asst. Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe n…

I published a short article about the last set of graven images to come into our home.…/the-sin-of-idolatry.h…

This site features military history & writing on mass surveillance, cryptocurrencies, the pandemic of pedophilia, & drug war policy.

Remember Operation Cassandra? Right.

Politico published a jaw-dropping, meticulously sourced investigative piece this week detailing how the Obama administration had secretly undermined US law enforcement agency efforts to shut down a…

Unrepentant conservative analysis. An endangered species in the Pravda media.

Jeff Cooper
17 hrs

Make no mistake about it, there are terrorists who see this woman's face right now and they know what is going to happen to them if they are captured. Their buddies told them all about her. Smart move.

Does real feminism look like Linda Sarsour, Hillary Clinton or the first female CIA head?

Interesting way to visualize connections amongst a major faction of the deep state.

Jeff Cooper

Here is another tool for the emails.
It shows the connections.
You're welcome

Explore the Wikileaks e-mail networks of Clinton, Podesta, and the Democratic National Committee.

The day that indictments drop I will have faith in our laws. We have a double system of justice.

The FBI and DoJ are stacked with Clinton devotees. Mueller is trying to rescue them.

When will charges against General Flynn be dropped?

On Friday, newly-revealed text messages showed that two senior federal law enforcement officials who were key figures in investigations into Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton allegedly conspired to meet with the judge who presided over the case against Michael Flynn.