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Wendy Arredondo
· January 17, 2017
Worst apartment complex i have ever lived in, in my whole life!!!! Dont even think this is a non smoking community. I encounter far more people smoking, in my a...partment complex, than anywhere else. The girls in the office are lovely, as long as you dont disagree with them over anything! My electric bill went up to close to 400 dollars, from never reaching 200 where i was living before. Three people living in the home, and our water bill is about 120 a month. You can only get wow or satellite, and the wow internet is super slow. The pool is always dirty in the summer time, and too cold to use in winter. They are doing construction, and decided to put up a no parking sign after i already parked my car there. No notice was given that the area was off limits or that my car was ever touched. 4 months later i recieved a notice that i owe them 40 dollars for moving my car. When i disputed the fee, i was told that it was over a couple of days that my car was parked but i know for a fact it was the next day, when i went down looking for my car and was scared someone had stolen it, only to find it was across the parking lot. I was told that they tried pounding on doors to get the car moved, but that is not the case!! Do not ever move here!!!! See More
David Michael
· November 1, 2016
The owners of this complex do not care about inconveniencing their tenants. They use their tenants as cash cows while forcing them to live in active constructio...n sites and then state that they are not providing concessions. Literally didn't even reduce rent after removing our patio with a months notice. They pray on those who can't afford an attorney to contest their obvious contract breaches. Do not move here because you'll most likely have a bad experience, but also to show that this is not how we treat people. See More
Amy Urschel Driscoll
· July 29, 2015
My husband and I lived here for over 3 years! First year was ok but then this place was taken over by Clearwater Housing Authority and it really went down hill.... Most of the people that live there now are trashy and it is poorly run by an incompetent manager that doesnt like confrontation! Plus most of the buildings have black mold all through the walls. I would never recommend this place to anyone! See More
Amanda Griffith
· November 13, 2016
Please do not move here. I am a current resident . It has been a nightmare for the past 8 months. Recurring power outages, flooding, reconstruction that is a myriad of issues, square footage we pay for on patios have been removed. Unsafe environment to walk outside of your apartment( large chunks of splintered wood, nails and staples, etc). Spend your precious rent money elsewhere. See More
Jacinda Nicole
· July 5, 2017
This apartment complex is by far the worst one I have ever experienced. The office is run by three (maybe four) exceptionally rude young white women. They have ...absolutely no patience for anyone that they happen to inconvenience or trouble, are very unfriendly, and have no sense of proper communication.
I can present this to you in many different aspects. For starters, the valet trash. No big deal, but as I was told upon my move-in the $25 fee for valet trash is included monthly in our rent. One day, no more valet trash service, we have to take it out ourselves. Okay, no biggie, but how about my compensation of $25? Or was that a sales technique?
Next lies the bigger issue; the last 8 months of my 15-month lease was an active construction site. Extremely loud, limited parking due to excessive materials in parking spaces, bright and early hammering and drilling EVERY DAY at 8:00 (sometimes 7) in the morning until 7 at night. Very disruptive to everyday routine honestly. As they replaced balconies across the building from mine, they didn't bother to compensate those who have lost the use of their balcony for a month. (Mind you, we pay based on square footage. Take square footage away, what should you do...?)
Anyways, I have never been late on my payment once. However, the rude women in the office love to make ME sound like the awful tenant if I ever complain. They should adjust their attitude and rethink customer service. I pay exactly $1211 for a two bedroom/two bathroom here. (Overpriced, no good views of anything despite they tell you "pond view")
Things are constantly BROKEN or need repairs and news flash! There isn't enough maintenance staffed to fix your issue if it's an emergency, so don't panic. My air conditioning in my master room RARELY works. I have about three broken cabinets and my bathroom counter is slowly breaking off of the wall. Not to mention when my toilet overflowed EVERYWHERE, the response I got was, "you'll have to put in a maintenance request and wait for someone." I also got this response when I experienced bed bugs. BED BUGS!!! Not being allowed (in terms of my lease agreement) to go through an "outside party" for an extermination, I called the office many times in an emergency effort to solve the problem of the bugs. I was denied service for a whole four days and slept on my living room floor until they realized the severity of the issue. (As if it wasn't severe the first ten times I had called...) Another issue in the midst of the timeline is their means of communication. One day, I woke up to my car being towed RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY WINDOW. These women know that is my vehicle as it is registered to this parking lot and they know where I stay. We had supposedly received a letter in our door in the breezeway (which I hadn't received because putting paper in a door isn't the best means of making sure everyone has information. A mass email to your tenants might suffice quite nicely) instructing us to move our vehicles to a designated spot for construction. I didn't get this letter and had no knowledge of this. After running outside and getting my car off the tow truck, one of the office woman proceeded to chuckle at my anger and shrug it off. Not a way to communicate with your tenants/treat your unhappy tenants. I feel I should never have an issue over parking my registered car in my apartment complex that I pay for.
Additionally, this is a NO smoking community. Personally, I would love that... if it were actually true. Cigarette smoke and cigarettes butts everywhere.. nice try though.
But if you ever have an issue with any of these things like I did, there will be no point in complaining to the office. They will probably scoff, roll their eyes, and give you attitude. I wish I had never signed a lease longer than a year and I will NEVER recommend this place to anybody unless they want 12 months of pure inconvenience.
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Auriel Grace
· January 4, 2017
Don't waste your money. We have had a leaky roof, more like a waterfall since December. The boneheads in the office are astoundingly idiotic. No roofs, no follow up no nothing for the amount of rent paid. Too bad I can't post the video of the water pouring from the ceiling, I would.
G. Adam Schaefer
· March 4, 2017
was one of the first 40 residents and loved it the first yr I was Living at Mainstreet!
James Fortier
· May 12, 2016
I lived at Mainstreet for 3 years the staff are extremely professional and the apartments are well maintained
Donald Sharon Lietz
· May 11, 2016
Needs improvements on landscaping and quality of tenants allowed to reside in the apartments.

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