1.5vs5 Relay Race [5대5 이어달리기] 2.Spear & Shield [창과 방패 : 롤 벽판정 실험하기] MakNooN teaches you the brand new way of enjoying League of Legends. Makscovery satisfies...

wtf i can't sign onto my chinese twitter for so long zzzzzzzz

YES, I did the challenge! Next is Sjokz, Carmac, KT Arrow Kakao!!

YES, I did the challenge!
Next is Sjokz, Carmac, KT Arrow Kakao!!

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Posted by MakNooN

getting castle in mount and blade is harder than getting challenger in korea solo queue

Looking for a moderator who can speak fluent Portuguese and live in Asian time (living in S.Korea, Japan, China most welcomed). Ability to speak English is plus, further info will be given, send email to if interested.

thanks so much for recommendations. i might play some song i like during stream on twitch : )

can u guys recommend me some good brazil songs?

how you guys like new pain team : )))))

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League Of Legends Vines

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i gonna start stream 9pm KST and it will be double stream afreeca and twitch
i will speak both language engrish and korean see you then

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This juice is pretty good but just found out its from fukushima gg

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My mod told me to post this

From now on, Maknoon will be using raidcall while he streams. Every game we will pull one subscriber into voice chat with him. This will be your chance to ask maknoon questions about league of legends, talk about karoke, or just chat with our mods. Just join the subscriber channel on raidcall for a chance to be selected.

do i look like SKT piglet? x)

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