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Education Week

Ulrich Boser, the author of Learn Better, studied how the abacus requires decomposition—a way of thinking about numbers and their pairs—that is included in the common-core standards.

Despite making up half of the nation’s workforce, women hold less than 25 percent of STEM jobs. Check out this Education Week article highlighting 21st CCLC programs and other efforts to engage female students and increase their representation in STEM fields.

Efforts are under way to engage minority, underprivileged, and female students in STEM learning via programs outside the traditional school day.
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Check out this commercial written and produced by 9th grade Holmes Junior High School students promoting money management and the "Tiger Branch." Thanks to a partnership with the Cedar Falls Community Credit Union (CFCCU), students are provided with experience, exposure to money and guidance through the student-run Credit Union Branch called the “Tiger Branch.” Students operate the CFCCU Student-Run Credit Union as volunteers of the credit union (with supervision of CFCCU management personnel) giving them real-world experience that enhances their academic studies, builds critical skills and prepares them for greater success and financial responsibility outside of school. CFCCU is just one of the community partners making it stick for students at Holmes Junior High School through the ECHOES program (Every Child Has the Opportunity to Excel and Succeed). To learn more about the program, check out our recent blog post "Iowa School/Community Partnerships Improve Academics, Attendance and More!" or visit
Bringing Learning – and Legos – to Life

Collaboration between schools and organizations is one of the essential elements for building a seamless learning environment for students. TrueNorth Community Services’ PACE Program (Partnerships, Academics, Community, and Excellence) is a great example of a 21st CCLC program that thrives on collaboration. Watch their video explaining how they are impacting families and helping students improve academic performance while giving back to their communities through service learning.

Check out this great video from TrueNorth Community Services’ PACE Program (Partnerships, Academics, Community, and Excellence) about how they make learning stick for students. PACE is an out-of-school collaboration of nine 21st Century Community Learning Center programs that implement mentoring, ci...

What can be done to help prevent summer learning loss? Make Smarter Summers! The National Summer Learning Association is providing academically enriching summer learning opportunities for 20,000 middle school students in 10 cities through a three year program called Smarter Summers. Funded by the Walmart Foundation, this program is developing a summer learning program model that works. Check out their Outcomes Brief to see the programs’ early results and learn more.

Check out this video of a teacher providing an explosive demonstration of gas-expansion for his students by trapping a flammable gas inside a Jack O’Lantern. Talk about connecting academics to the real world! Do not try this at home, kids!

Mr. Bergmann performs the exploding pumpkin trick as part of a Halloween demo day for his chemistry students. Now that's how you carve a pumpkin!

New research shows that students who participate in afterschool activities have a 179% (yes, you read that correctly, 179%) greater chance of completing college than those who don’t. Learn more about the benefits of afterschool programs in the latest issue of Education Next.

Faced with a $30 million shortfall in its $295 million budget for the 2011–12 school year, the Adams 12 school district in north Denver laid off custodians, furloughed teachers, trimmed programs, reduced benefits—and then took its budget scalpel to student activities.

Looking for opportunities to learn more about high quality summer programs? Check out the latest Sticky Note from the National Summer Learning Association highlighting their upcoming ‘Summer Changes Everything’ conference!

Every year, the diverse, growing summer learning field gathers in the fall for the National Summer Learning Association’s annual Summer Changes Everything conference, the only national conference focused entirely on keeping kids from losing academic and developmental ground during the summer months....

Talk about bringing student learning to new heights! This Lakeside Elementary afterschool program in Honesdale, PA arranged for students to talk to an astronaut in space!

Free Online Library: Astronaut answers kids' questions from space: astronaut Gregory Chamitoff e-mailed us from outer space, and his answers were out of this world.(Interview) by "Highlights for Children"; General interest Astronauts Space flight

How can data be used to strengthen afterschool and out-of-school programs? Check out this guide from the National League of Cities featuring proven strategies!

Congratulations to the education teams in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Washington on their expanded learning opportunity grants! The Make It Stick team looks forward to following your important work in the months ahead!

Nora Fleming has her fingers in a variety of editorial endeavors at Education Week. She’s been an education reporter for a newspaper in California and held editorial jobs at a number of other publications and organizations. She is also a veteran of multiple out-of-school experiences—both as a partic...

Congrats to PASA The AfterZone! Check out the new evaluation that highlights the terrific work being done in Providence and how consistent participation in hands-on learning opportunities and community partnerships lead to academic success.

Here's one way to make engineering cool...robots! Thanks in part to a grant from Motorola, Michigan State University will be working again with middle and high school students to provide hands-on, innovative afterschool programs that highlight the STEM disciplines. Who are the supportive partners in your area?

Michigan State University has received $50,000 as part of the Innovation Generation grant program from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions Inc.

Hey all! Have you shared your 21st CCLC story w/ Education Week yet? Great opportunity!!

Nora Fleming has her fingers in a variety of editorial endeavors at Education Week. She’s been an education reporter for a newspaper in California and held editorial jobs at a number of other publications and organizations. She is also a veteran of multiple out-of-school experiences—both as a partic...

Check out this great article recapping what 22 schools from 11 districts discussed at the inaugural Expanded Learning Time summit. Did any of our Facebook friends attend? We’d love to know!

A recent summit provided a forum for addressing three core benefits of expanded-learning time, write Eric Schwarz and Fred Frelow.

Learn more about how public, private, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors alike are coming together to invest resources and forge new partnerships to stem summer learning loss and specifically reinforcing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.

As a leader in driving technological and social innovation, California can lead by example in making STEM teaching and learning a summertime priority.

Yoga, trapeze, wizards and wilderness training! Afterschool programs can make learning stick for students in ways that extend beyond the classroom. What has been your most out-of-the-box learning experience?

Forget arts and crafts. With parents on the hunt for enriching programs to fill their children’s after-school schedules, a roster of unusual activities is popping up around the country.