We want to Thank our pals who have cleaned every year and know their route. Frank Yann and Ron Straight. Thank you and Great Job.

Big Shout Out to the Men of Solid Waste Authority for planning the routes to pick up the many bags of trash. Thank you Kelly and DEP for all the supplies to help with the Clean Up.


For everyone who need The Dickey's BBQ forms let me know. Gena, Chris, Barrackville 4-H. Im terrible at downloading from PDF but I will be out Delivering Monday.

After all the hard work that was put forth today. We hope that people will not throw trash on our clean Marion County. There is so much work to be done and it will get done. Thank you so much. Please let me know who I need to get forms for from Dickeys. The drawing is April 30th and a big Shout out to them.

Make Marion County Shine was another huge huge success to all of you who participated. Cleaning litter is not fun but it is afterwards that you see the beauty of our county. We will continue our clean ups. Thank you again to all that have helped.

Im on HamptonRd

If anyone needs supplies tomorrow please let know.

We at Make County Shine are so proud of you who have volunteered. It means alot that you are setting aside time to clean litter and that you care. The City Manager, City Councilmen, County Commission, Day Report, DEP, DNR, Solid Waste, Mike Caputo will be cleaning along with us. So we all make an impact. Thank you for all your hard work.

I have been afraid to look at the weather for Saturday for Make Marion County Shine. Not too bad. It wont be too hot. Please wear bright clothing.

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We will be giving forms away to sign up for a free catered dinner to be given to a volunteer anytime they choose. When the bags and gloves are given out. Its a great incentive for your hard work.

To my Barrackville Friends, I would love to do Crematory Hill and Moody Run. I know their will be other Clean Ups. If any one or groups that want to Clean please let us no. I have a group for crematory. Anyone want to join us.

What is Happening in Mannington for the Clean Up. I know they always do an amazing job.

I need to know if there will be volunteers on East Side?

Thank you all for Sharing. Its going to be a very busy day in Fairmont. Don't forget the Dickey's BBQ is donating a catered dinner for a volunteer or group who clean that day. It will serve up to 35 people. That is much appreciated and a great incentive. Make Marion County Shine is a movement and awareness of our surroundings.

I was just talking with a friend from Rivesville who has been doing litter clean up for several years. The sad things is that most times it just her family and at times she may have some help. Its so frustrating but they never give up. Their passion for a clean neighborhood runs deep. Im asking for those who would like to volunteer in Rivesville please let me know. Amber Sabo and her family work so hard. Lets give them a hand, work together to make Rivesville Shine!!!!!!!

I was out driving today with my daughter. Litter is the focus of my attention. Sometimes I wish it wasnt. The wind and rain is only making it worse this year. If you cannot clean with a group just clean in front of your property. Its blown or rolled there but it would help a great deal.

Sat 8:00 AM EDTMorris Park, Fairmont, WV 26554, United States