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Worship from one of the churches in Malawi.

The itinerary has been set for the Malawi trip. We will be working mostly in northern Malawi. In Mzuz the congregational leaders have me speaking at Rotary and are wanting to have a joint session for abuse and the church with community advocates. The authors of Nkhanza (Violence in Malawi) have introduced us to UN and Government advocates--now we need to arrange for meetings, connections, and partnerships. It looks like there will be three other meetings and opportunities in ...other cities to talk about this. Faith communities play a powerful role in protecting victims in Malawi--yet we want them to see that it is "Biblical" to oppose IPV and to treat females and vulnerable others with respect, empathy, and love. In this way congregations can be counter-cultural and become an allies with local prevention and support agencies. Then, maybe we in America can learn from those in Malawi?

On another note, I saw that we had a 10 hour layover in Addis Ababba. But I'm told it will only be for us to go to the hotel and sleep. All of these Ethiopian Biblical texts and no opportunity to see them in Ethiopia.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support.

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