We support the #halfearth principle. The #malaysian government has a similar aim by preserving 50% #forest, only what counts as forest? #rubber #plantations?

Populations of all kinds of wildlife are declining at alarming speed. One radical solution is to make 50% of the planet a nature reserve

Progress on #elephant #tourism. No tourist rides is good, but getting rid of #mahouts and the practice of #breaking would be even better.

Tiger Tops in Nepal offers elephant treks, where guests roam with the elephants and observe them going about their daily lives.
Malaysian Wildlife Volunteer
Malaysian Wildlife Volunteer

The debate about #ocean #plastics continues

British Antarctic Survey is hosting a workshop in Cambridge to bridge science, policy and business to explore solutions for reducing and mitigating ocean plastic pollution.

Our fundraising for #orang asli (aboriginal) kids in #Malaysia has started. Please help us fund a #teacher for these awesome kids who do not go to any school because of discrimination and bullying. Meanwhile, their #forest home is being destroyed, so that the livelihood they depended on for centuries is disappearing.
Every bit helps!

#batek #merapoh #rainforst #tribe #teaching #cause

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A warm welcome to Lucy, our #Cambridge #Marketing #Intern for 2018, through the kind sponsorship of Cambridge Marketing College

Daniel Quilter Lucy Wood Matt Bassett Eleanor Devenish Jordan Curzon

Welcome Cambridge Marketing Intern 2018 who will study for the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and working for Marine and Rainforest conservation

Our #conservation #marketing #interns have been creating some cool #video clips for our #oceanrescue campaign to help clean up plastic pullution in the oceans
Cambridge Marketing College Sustainable Marketing Academy

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191 Views - Travel with a Cause

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever" - Jacques Cousteau

The ocean is a magical place; whether it's chilling on the beach, ...messing about in boats, or diving the depths, everyone has their own way of experiencing what the ocean has to offer. Over the next few weeks we'll be exploring volunteer and dive professional's views on the ocean, diving, and how we can help protect it for future generations.

In this first video we found out what the ocean means to a handful of people, but what does the ocean mean to you?

#ocean #opportunity #comfortzone #scubadiving #vitaminsea #travel #marinemalaysia #travelwithacause

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Fuze Ecoteer - Wildlife Rescue Centre

Help care for our amazing animals at 20% off if you win our competition! Do any of your friends remind you of one of these animals? Tell us in the comments sect...ion below and write a story explaining why. The story with the most likes wins! Enter the competition by 25/01/2018. The winner will be announced by 28/01/2018. Terms and conditions apply:…/. Check out the project here…/. #volunteerabroad #animalrescue #animalwelfare

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This is self-explanatory and sadly familiar 😔😔

Just when we think we're finally making some headway with the Terengganu state government...this disappointing, and frankly shocking, development happens. Such ...a move would result in the entire state losing its RSPO (palm oil) and MTCS (timber) certifications, and will increase the risks of flooding, landslides, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict. It will be disastrous for the long-term security of the state's economic well-being, and the welfare of its people. Why is Malaysia still clearing native rainforests for oil palm??? This is a clear symptom of the insanity of practising a capitalist economic system that pursues infinite growth at all costs. Sometimes conservation really feels like taking one step forward and then two steps back

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KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 3): TDM Bhd, controlled by the Terengganu state via Terengganu Inc Sdn Bhd with a 61.15% stake, has accepted lands totalling 4,515ha in Kemaman and Dungun offered by the Terengganu state government through a grant, which is in line with TDM's domestic plantation expansion plan. TDM...

Well done Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants (MEME) for this important study to highlight the plight of #malaysian #elephants and the #fragmentation of their #natural #habitat
University of Nottingham

As economic development forges ahead in Peninsular Malaysia so do the dangers to the country’s wildlife. Roads like the East-West Highway in the north of Pen...
The Malayan Tapir is endangered and often ends up as roadkill due to human activity such as deforestation and poaching and illegal wildlife trade

Thanks for these #positive words to start another year of working to save #malaysianwildlife
Melvin Terry Gumal

More Malaysians are becoming aware of the need to protect our environment as seen in social media, scientific conferences and citizen volunteer action.

#wildlife #viaducts alone are not enough: a more #comprehensive #protection approach is needed

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 28 — After yet more deaths, Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar has mooted a cross-ministry meeting to address the increasing number of roadkill cases involving threatened

To all our #volunteers, #colleagues, #friends and #supporters, our best wishes for the festive season !

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To our Indonesian friends... this is for you.

Over the past 4 years, we have had 3 captive Sumatran rhinos deaths, and just 1 birth. While that one birth is a g...reat thing, it just isn't enough. With so few rhinos left in world, we all need to do everything we can to save them and everyone one of us has a role to play. Each of you have the power to question those accountable, to mobilise your network by spreading the urgent message, and to petition the authorities to do what needs to be urgently done while there is still time.

Each of you CAN make a difference. But to you... our Indonesian friends, you can make the BIGGEST difference. The rest of us who aren't Indonesian can come together and put pressure from the outside. But you Indonesians, have the power to force change from within. For decades, we've heard the argument that we 'foreigners are telling Indonesians what they should do', so today let the powers that be hear the voice of their own people.

Indonesians, you have far greater power than the rest of us. One Indonesian signature here is more powerful than 10 of ours. And if thousands of you all make a stand, we can make a difference. Only you Indonesia have the power to save this species. The rest of us will always support the cause, but YOU are the greatest hope for this critically endangered species.

So we humbly ask you, our dear Indonesian friends, to rise up, make a stand, add your signature to this petition, and encourage your communities to join this critical mission. And to everyone else, please share this with all of your Indonesian friends and encourage them to add their voice to the ever growing call for change.

Kamu Harapan Terbesar!

Terima Kasih Indonesia.

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Fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos are left the wild, but Indonesia is dragging its feet to do something about about it. (78830 signatures on petition)
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Iman is in serious condition at the moment. There are a number of factors at play here and we cannot speculate if she only has a few days left to live... but we can say for certain is that Iman is at a very critical stage, and we are doing everything we can. BORA will continue to update as the situation develops.

#Iman - Malaysia's last female Sumatran Rhino.

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It is believed that one of the larger tumor might have ruptured and is causing Iman pain and bleeding. – Photo courtesy of Sabah Wildlife Department/ Borneo Rhino Alliance BY BORNEOTODAY REPORTERS KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s last female Sumatran rhinoceros named Iman has a serious health problem and....
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This Indonesian man single-handedly saved his village from starvation