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Perhentian Turtle Project

We are still looking for a volunteer coordinator! If you are interested in the role follow the link to find out more or send us an email..…/

You can Email us at or simply drop your resume and cover letter to 😘

#volunteeringproject #responsibletravel #TurtleProject #perhentianislands

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Very #insightful article about the way forward towards #global #sustainability Boosting the use of sustainable #palmoil is indeed better than promoting NO palm...oil. Changing the #agricultural #supplychain should be rewarded and palmoil remains one of the world's most productive #crops. Same applies in the #energy #plastics and other #consumer markets. #Business #transformation is part of the solution not the problem.

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Five years ago, Jonathon Porritt imagined a sustainable world by 2050 in his book The World We Made. In this interview, he reviews progress made so far, says Europe has got it wrong on palm oil, and...
Malaysian Wildlife Volunteer
Malaysian Wildlife Volunteer

Our responsible travel website has a new look! 😁

Please visit to learn more about our conservation and community projects and volunteering opportunities:

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Enjoy a meaningful holiday experience through conservation and community volunteering in Malaysia and Indonesia and contribute to wildlife protection
Online traders are selling protected animals as exotic pets, fueled by the popularity of these animals as the next in-trend thing to have. These animals are displaced from their natural habitat and families, and are doomed to suffer and die a prolonged death at the hands of the owners who generally....

Our #conservation #marketing intern Lucy had an amazing opportunity to do a #live #radio #interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with Jeremy Sallis for his #Wildlife Wednesday segment! Lovely and informative interview with a professional and charming host!
Jeremy Sallis Cambridge Marketing College - Travel with a Cause Perhentian Turtle Project Perhentian Marine Research Station Fuze Ecoteer - Wildlife Rescue Centre Lucy Wood

Ever been on #liveradio?🎙️Neither had I until last week

I found myself on Lunchtime Live with Jeremy Sallis for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire talking about my #conservationmarketing internship. This is how it went...

Cambridge Marketing College

This week I had a totally new live radio experience as a guest on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with Jeremy Sallis talking about my conservation marketing internship.

This #gibbon school and #rehabilitation project in peninsular #malaysia is worth supporting
Well done Bam Arrogancia for your love and dedication to these amazing #primates

Gibbon Protection Society Malaysia- GPSM

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Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Malaysia
Gibbon Protection Society Malaysia- GPSM

Thank you so much to our donor both local and international for supporting Malaysian Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. With your support, the primates managed to c...ontinue to be fed, medicate and their daily needs fulfilled. Every heartbeats matter. For those who wants to donate food, milk or supplements, please PM us for the details. We also SELLS t-shirts and you can buy it online. And most important for those who wants to donate, YOU CAN DONATE DIRRCTLY TO OUR BANK ACCOUNT with details below:


Account number: 800872781


Swift code: CIBBMYKL

Let us together help send them back home!

#SelamatkanUngkaMalaysia #SaveMalaysianGibbon #VoicingTheirSilence #Gibbon #SmallerApes #PrimatesAreNoPets

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15 beach clean-ups organised by Reef Check Malaysia included dive operators, resorts, community members, school kids, NGOs, government agencies, the private sector and tourists. But root causes need to be addressed.

Our friends at Animals Asia are running a #petition on TripAdvisor to highlight the plight of enslaved wildlife in the #tourism #industry. Please #support, as this #globalissue still needs much more awareness, both with #tourists and the local people near these wildlife 'attractions'

In 2016, TripAdvisor ended ticket sales to cruel animal attractions like elephant rides, circuses, and wild animal selfies. Now, we need you to urge them to stop promoting that very same cruelty…
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Posted by CITES

It's #WorldWildlifeDay today! We've lost 95% of wild #tigers since the beginning of 20th century, and #lion populations have decreased by 40% in 3 generations. SHARE if you care about protecting #BigCats. More at

#PredatorsUnderThreat #iProtectBigCats

The idea of #saving #rainforests and #orangutans through #responsible #eco-tourism is gaining ground

Tourists value Indonesian and Malaysian fauna. But officials are more interested in palm plantations

Progress on #elephant #tourism. No tourist rides is good, but getting rid of #mahouts and the practice of #breaking would be even better.

Tiger Tops in Nepal offers elephant treks, where guests roam with the elephants and observe them going about their daily lives.

The debate about #ocean #plastics continues

British Antarctic Survey is hosting a workshop in Cambridge to bridge science, policy and business to explore solutions for reducing and mitigating ocean plastic pollution.

We support the #halfearth principle. The #malaysian government has a similar aim by preserving 50% #forest, only what counts as forest? #rubber #plantations?

Populations of all kinds of wildlife are declining at alarming speed. One radical solution is to make 50% of the planet a nature reserve

Our fundraising for #orang asli (aboriginal) kids in #Malaysia has started. Please help us fund a #teacher for these awesome kids who do not go to any school because of discrimination and bullying. Meanwhile, their #forest home is being destroyed, so that the livelihood they depended on for centuries is disappearing.
Every bit helps!

#batek #merapoh #rainforst #tribe #teaching #cause

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Jabatan PERHILITAN Semenanjung Malaysia

Terserempak Gajah Ketika Memandu?

A warm welcome to Lucy, our #Cambridge #Marketing #Intern for 2018, through the kind sponsorship of Cambridge Marketing College

Daniel Quilter Lucy Wood Matt Bassett Eleanor Devenish Jordan Curzon

Welcome Cambridge Marketing Intern 2018 who will study for the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and working for Marine and Rainforest conservation