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Malisa Dawn Blizzard
· December 13, 2017
Really Tuttle?! Poor planning to say the least. I get if I walk into Spencer’s I’m going to see adult humor etc, but when I am in line with my kids to see Santa They don’t need to be exposed to the *...F word on Christmas signs in the doorway of their store. It’s not like we are going in the door, this is literally unavoidable reading while waiting in the line to see Santa. Not Cool! See More
Brad Kovach
· December 28, 2017
Completly ruined the play area. So easy for kids to run off and all they can do is wait in line to play some shitty game like they might find at a Dr office. Hey, lets take the kids to a play area s...o they can plug in and play with screens said no parent ever. I have loyally come to Tuttle for years. This will certainly be my last time here. I can inly imagine bow much money you wasted on useless semi-interactive electronic crap. Total fail!!! See More
Peg Alexis
· December 28, 2017
The mall is dying.
So many stores have pulled out. Gap closing soon, too many empty storefronts.

Sad to see as it was once a great place to shop & grab a
bite to eat.
Lee Ann Morris Steed
· December 16, 2017
Hardly any stores, going down hill fast very disappointed. Time to put some money into this place or it will be a ghost town.
Heather McKelvey
· July 16, 2017
Not happy with the new play area. My 1.5 year old climbed right over the seats blocking the small kids area from the big kids area. There is only one thing for them to climb on so it takes forever for... any kid to get a turn. I am not happy with the fact that it no longer has walls. The old play area was perfectly accessible to people in wheelchairs etc. and I felt my child was more secure with the walls. My toddler isn't even interested in the little kids play area. You guys should have left it the way it was before. I'll probably take her to Polaris from now on. See More
Stacey Horn
· June 4, 2017
My kids were a bit disappointed in the new play area, it's much smaller, and only 1 thing for the kids to climb and play on, and it's more crowded than ever before, it would be perfect if they added 1... or 2 more things to climb on, I think being open without walls is great, it makes parents put down their phones and watch their kids, bit please add a few more things for the kids to climb on, but I think we will be going to Polaris from now on more seating and a lot more for kids to do. See More
Amy Ackley
· September 7, 2016
My daughter went to d &p ( dress and party) at your mall to buy a homecoming dress. The manager approached my daughter and her friend who are 15 years old and told them they were too large to shop, and if they tried on her dresses and broke them they would have to pay for them. The fact of the matter is that A: both girls are beautiful and smaller than most their age and B: even if they were plus sized the manager had absolutely no right whatsoever to treat two children the way she did. My daughter put the dress she had in her hand to try on back and took my credit card elsewhere. The owner or manager refused to come to the phone when I called. I will post and repost this so this hateful person will not earn another dime from myself or anyone I know. #appauling #badbusiness #tuttlestore #tuttlecrossing See More
Georgetta Darr
· April 4, 2018
Happy Feet Spa is the place for a great massage at a reasonable price. Sam is the man!!
Jessica Rode
· June 1, 2017
New play area is horrible. No walls or sufficient seating. Also there are no toys for the kids to run and jump on. My five year old hates it. The only good thing is a baby/toddler area. Rest should be... changed back to a playground and wall so kids arent running out so easy. See More
Hailey Smiley
· July 13, 2017
I don't want to bring my business anywhere that isn't gay, trans and queer Friendly. I should be able to meet my friends at a business and have lunch. We should we able to shop in the stores around th...e mall without a problem. Sexual orientation and preference shouldn't be an issue just like Race shouldn't be an issue. I've always had terrible experiences every time I've gone to this mall but now what's happening to the people in our Community, especially people I personally know and care about makes me never want to spend a dime or set foot in this establishment ever again. It's a shame I can watch someone buy a hooker in the parking lot but not watch two men hold hands while they shop. See More
Amanda McClain Roose
· June 5, 2017
So so disappointed that the new play area has no walls. Lost my toddler 3 times in 20 minutes, had to leave the preschooler to run after him. There is no way that I can ever be there by myself with 2, period. It's just not safe. See More
Carla Fairchild Hosom
· August 2, 2017
We went to several stores including Hollister, American Eagle, JCP, and Forever 21, all the associates were friendly and helpful but especially the associate at Hollister. Our first time at this mal...l we usually shop at Easton. Easy and available parking. See More
Tiffani Stephenson
· June 24, 2017
We went to the new play area. I HATE IT!!!! It's more of a wait in line to play area now. Everything my kids wanted to play with they had to wait in line for. They got so bored so quickly! There is one thing to climb on. The infant/toddler area is not safe because although there were parents in there with their children the big kids were jumping on the seats and into the area not watching for infants/smaller children! VERY UNSAFE!

I had the privilege of having my husband with me, I couldn't image being alone and watching an infant and an older child. There was a single father with an infant in the "infant" play area and he had an older child about 3 who wanted to play on everything else but what was close to her dad. I watched him as he fell into panic mode several times because he lost sight of his daughter for a SECOND, once his eye sight found her again he would watch her and then go back to playing with his younger child. With the walls being gone, it's kinda hard for those parents to even have a brief second of relief. It's sucks! I was nervous for him! I want the old Tuttle play place back!!! Did I mention, that there were children standing ON the lighted table inside of the places where the building toys goes and jumping on the lighted area? Did I mention, that there were kids pushing and throwing around the black metal holders for the periodic table tick tack toe titles? Did I mention, I seen a little boy throw the see thru building tiles like a frisbee? Oh and it was a triangle shape!!!

Needless to say, we left and will not be back! I would rather pay $2.00 to take my kids to magic mountain play area or $4.00 for fun in the jungle.
See More
Kacie Menard
· November 27, 2016
Today we decided to take our three kids to the mall to see Santa. We have a three year old that is extremely shy and we didn't know how she would do. While standing in line a gentlemen was passing out... a envelop for picture packages. I told him that I would like one but didn't know if we were going to purchase one. For us 25.00 for a picture with Santa and our kids screaming wasn't something we would purchase. If she did enjoy it sure why not!? When it was our turn to meet Santa another man who was taking pictures asked if we had decided on a package I told him that the kids really just wanted to see Santa. I had my phone out and wanted to take a picture of them and he said I couldn't use my phone for personal pictures which was absolutely fine! I understood that and didn't see the sign that said we weren't allowed. After that he then told me in front of my children and husband that we needed to please hurry up that he had paying customers and there was a line. I could not believe it! My kids hadn't even gotten over to Santa and you were telling us to hurry up. I was so disgusted that I didn't even place my kids on Santas lap I told them to tell Santa what they wanted so we could leave. Poor Santa had no clue what was going on. I was embarrassed as I watched him go over to the next customer in line and ask her if she had heard what he said to me. Forgive me if I'm wrong but this is not the message I want someone sending to my children. This is by far the worst experience I have had with my children meeting Santa. I also went and looked at all the signs and no where does it say you must purchase a package to sit with Santa. I have looked online also and I couldn't find anything. This is disgusting and this is not the kind of person that should be working with children who are excited about telling Santa what they want for Christmas. See More
Azelia Goings
· November 25, 2016
My 14 year old African American son was thrown out of the mall for "inappropriate attire". He was wearing his Dublin Coffman High School football sweatshirt hood partially up. Mall security officer Ro...ger Meyer interpreted this to be "inappropriate" even though several other males were seen walking around the mall with hoods on. If this is in fact their policy it needs to be more clearly posted. Inappropriate attire leaves way too much room for interpretation and unfortantely when African American males do things it is unfortunately interpreted negatively. Roger Meyer threatened to have my son escorted out by police in handcuffs. It is not OK to threaten children with police. When my son agreed to walk out on his own Roger Meyers pressed his body against my son while following him out (very inappropriate) and made him wait outside in the inclement weather. Members of the African American community should be permitted to wear hoods in the winter time without being treated like criminals, have we forgotten Trayvon Martin? My hope for the future is for mall security to learn better ways to communicate with guest and more clearly articulate their rules of conduct while in the mall and work to enforce those rules on everyone. See More
Mel Steuart
· November 29, 2016
I took my daughter to see santa on Sunday as well and I have to say my experience could not have been better! My daughter was scared at first and I told the gentleman handing out envelopes that I just... wanted to see how she would do. The man taking the pictures was an absolute gentleman he played with my daughter and told her how santa was his friend and that he gets scared sometimes too and before you knew it my daughter was giving santa fist bumps. I did pull out my phone to snap some photos and he very politely said they had a no camera policy and pointed to a sign in the line. I understood and put my phone away and our visit continued. They still took the time with my daughter and as a result I came back yesterday for pictures with her in her dress and again couldn't have been happier. Kuddos to your staff I will definitely be telling all my friends to come see you! See More
Nick Senecal
· December 4, 2016
Today my wife and kids went to your Mall to see Santa and was told that it would be $24.99. What a joke! It seems criminal to charge money to sit in Santa's lap knowing that some families struggle to... pay for gifts. You should be ashamed of yourselves. There will plenty of disappointed kids in your mall this season. See More
Amaryllis Allornothin Perry
· March 22, 2017
I lost my I.D. and the people in the management office/ Security office was very helpful. Ended up going back to all the stores I had went to and found it. I don't think I would have got that much hel...p at any other mall. that's why I drive from canal Winchester to shop there. The atmosphere is always very welcoming and the people are always helpful. Keep up the good work! See More
Ron Kaman
· July 31, 2017
This mall is suffering from the retail collapse. So many great stores have left and many of the remaining stores aren't real stores. Hopefully it will rebound to its glory days.
Tina Baker
· February 26, 2017
Helzberg diamonds is my favorite store!!! I love the staff there. I told them what I was roughly looking for, showed them 2 rings off their site I wanted to see in person, then she showed me something... that I instantly fell in love with. We've bought our wedding bands there and now my anniversary ring. Won't go anywhere else! See More

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