Welcome Beverly "Mama" Sherman and Richard "The Best CB in the NFL" Sherman as the new 2014 Chunky Soup's "Mama's Boy". This is where it all started BABY!!
“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Beverly "Mama" Sherman, as she's come to be known among the Seahawk faithful, is continually in contact with with the fan base. Whether it be at games, tailgate parties, special 12th Man club events, or on social media, she brings an unbridled enthusiasm and energy to our gatherings. While Richard has always been a "...Mama's boy," she has adopted an entire fan base, creating a massive legion of Mama's boys and girls. Just as Chunky Soup reminds us of warm mealtimes with our own mothers, Mama provides fans with a comforting link to our team.

Richard continues to impress NFL pundits and fans alike. He was voted ESPN's mid-season defensive player of the year and is leading the polls in the projected defensive player of the year category. He's also been recognized as the NFL's best cornerback in the Huffington Post.

While his on-field achievements are impressive, they pale compared to his work in our communities. Sherman's non-profit organization, Blanket Coverage, recognizes the importance of every student having an equal opportunity to receive a quality education. The Richard Sherman Family Foundation has raised money to provide school supplies and clothing for underprivileged youths and Richard is an active presence in inner-city schools. His Students With A Goal campaign is designed to show a way out of rough neighborhoods through education and effort.
Richard Sherman might just be the most interesting man in the NFL. His mother would definitely be the most interesting Chunky Soup's "Mama's Boy" you've ever had. #GoHawks!

Get to know the real Richard Sherman and experience the special relationship that he shares with his mom by taking a look at the NFL Networks’ “Trash Talking Cornerback”:

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