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We fell in love with some gorgeous horses at Bee Tree Trail Cinderella carriage rides. They are all truly one of a kind. Wonder how they stay so white? Keep an eye out for their Spray 'n White tutorial!
We are happy to to congratulate Caroline Martin Eventing on her first CIC3* win, achieved at the Carolina International! She and The Apprentice (also known as Dirk) completed the cross country course in 6-minutes, 41 seconds! Through her amazing commitment, determination and hard work to be the very best she has also been awarded the Karen Stives Developing Rider Grant to travel overseas to under 24 CCI*** at Bramham this year! We wish you the best of luck and are looking forward to hearing about your upcoming achievements! Photo credit: Jenni Autry
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Horse Lovers

Beautiful Fresian Horses Playing In Snow
By Franciska Ács

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Michelle Graham Day
· December 24, 2017
Best shampoo and conditioner. I use it on my (black) natural hair and on my (mixed) daughter's hair and its great every time! Just need you to start selling the large bottles in Publix! ;)
Marie Newton
· December 30, 2017
I use the products on my hair and receive many compliments. If used in combination with Infusium liquid leave in, it will make your hair shiny. I love these Mane and Tail products and have used them f...or years. To see their full line go online. Signed A satisfied user! See More
Arlene Appel Ford
· August 30, 2017
The best shampoo ever. I've always had thin baby fine hair and it used to drive me crazy, but once I started using mane 'n Tail my hair has become thicker and Fuller. And my scalp feels so clean. I this shampoo See More
Christa Herring
· January 30, 2018
I use it on the dogs at my grooming shop. Everyone loves the scent and that their dogs are clean and shiny.
Sheena Fularczyk
· December 18, 2017
Love the fact that the products are amazingly priced and work better then the expensive stuff. Whitening spray shampoo is my fav with my paints and grays
Jessica Boles
· December 19, 2017
Used it to restore a wig of mine

It looks brand new now! Love this product... sadly I dont like how it feels on my hands but hey! Thats what gloves are for!
Rhonda Ro-Ro
· October 4, 2017
Love the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair so soft Have baby fine hair and it feels so good
Robert Alexander
· September 24, 2017
I live by their products!!! Love them so much and recommend to everyone!!!
Teresa Miller
· April 11, 2017
Love this shampoo n conditoner great for horse pets n people. the best all around shampoo on the market since most or either for on or the other n this you can use on everyone
Donna Sobecke-Kraus
· June 8, 2017
The best shampoo ever. I have used it personally now for 23 years. My hairdresser always complements me on how healthy my hair is.
Shannon Mordue
· September 17, 2017
I have used Mane and Tail for many years. Love it!
Daisy Ward
· December 20, 2017
Love mane and tail best shampoo and conditioner ever
Masen Brandon
· July 26, 2017
I used to work at a horse ranch, and these products were among the main kinds we used! Treated our horses well! Recommended by the vets in our area, too.
Debi Robbins
· September 2, 2017
Have used these products for years and once my hair comes back will use it again
Ruth Ann Venable-Campbell
· May 23, 2017
I love their products for my horses and myself!
The detangler not only keeps their manes and tails soft, tangle free and helps the hair grow
Joyce Banks
· April 6, 2017
Love it for my minis and if I run out of my own I can borrow from them. Also love the fact I can pick it up at most stores!
Fi Roberts
· October 10, 2017
Awesome shampoo and conditioner. Love it
Rebecca Browne
· August 31, 2017
Amazing products that really work. Great value for money.
Colin McConnell
· July 25, 2017
Ignore the haters sent here from the Activist Mommy. My aunt used this with her show cocker spaniels-they were super shiny dogs!
Miranda Jean
· August 21, 2017
Very great product. I use the shampoo & conditioner for color. It's very affordable too!

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Mane 'n Tail Equine updated their cover photo.

Keep your horse's mane nice and shiny all Spring!

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This Dog Rides Her Mini Horse Everywhere
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Odd Couples added a new episode.

This mini horse was a wild little stallion — until a dog jumped on his back one day and decided to ride him! Today on Odd Couples, watch how Dally the dog made Spanky her best friend and trained him to carry her around on his back everywhere he goes.

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Simply Horses

5yr old Shetland stallion meet Friesian statue.
Place: Friesien van Vitikkala, Finland

These horse and goat BFFs are almost too adorable to handle.

There is a small slice of Reddit that houses one of our favorite subreddits of all time. It may, in fact, have one of the cutest collection of photos you may see! We present you our favorite posts of all time (as of the posting of this blog) from “GoatsOnTopOfHorses.” View post on .....

Look who stopped by to see us! His name is Gyronimo and his owner Jonathan Shaw stopped by to pick up some Mane 'n Tail for Gyronimo and his beautiful horses back at home! Awesome!! #birdsofprey #KarenSchell

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