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ComiPo! Ver.3.10.03 has been released!

* Updates for the Steam version will be delivered soon. Please wait a moment.

Added "Mouth Transformation" functions to "Change Face" dialog
The following settings are possible:
Mouth Position
Mouth Width
Mouth Height
Added "Mouth Transformation" functions to "Change Face" dialog
The following settings are possible:
Mouth Position
Mouth Width
Mouth Height

ComiPo! Ver.3.02.00 has been released. Users can update online.
(Steam version will be updated via Steam, please wait for a while until the update is delivered)

If downloading is slow, please change the time. (The server may be busy)
and if you can not update it successfully, please click "Force update to latest version" on ComiPo's help menu.

Added: "2D Transformation" functions
On 2D image layers, you can use "2D Transformation" functions below:
Perspective Transformation
Vertex Transformation

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Manga maker ComiPo! コミPo!  updated their cover photo.
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Manga maker ComiPo! コミPo!  updated their profile picture.
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Hi Guys,
We are sorry to hear that some of you are having problems with the new ComiPo! V2.70.01 Update, we are working on getting it fixed for you asap, we will endeavor to keep you updated if we counter any delays. Thank you very much.
The ComiPo! Team.

Hi Guys, A message to all the users that're having problems with the new update could you please inbox me with the following:


1,Version of Comipo!Steam or Stand-alone

2,Stand-alone Version where was it purchased from or other:

3,Current Comipo! version number V0.00.00

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ComiPo! V2.70.01 Update: Customizable skin colors and more

"Change Skin Color" functionality added

You can change characters’ skin color by performing Change Skin Color in the Layer Properties of a 3D Character or from the Contents Menu. ...
This function changes colors detected as skin tones, so unforeseen areas (clothes, hair, eyes, etc) may also be affected. “Adjust Changing Area” can refine the affected area somewhat but there is a limit.
You can set the default Skin Color in the Preference dialogue.

"Export Movie File" functionality added

Easily create an animated GIF or AVI video file from a frame or page in your comic.

"Comic Tweet" animated GIF support

Tweet an animated GIF of a frame from your comic.

Clothing color variations added

Added 7 colors for girls and 3 for boys to Summer Uniform
Added 5 colors for girls and 5 for boys to Sportswear
Added 6 colors for girls to Swimwear
Added 6 kinds of shoes to Sportswear

Background images added

Added 17 images to 11.Sky and Weather
Added one image to 12.Night Sky

These images were provided courtesy of Fuuka Kaminaga (Twitter @kaminagahuuka).

Comic Marks added

Added 17 marks to 21.Arrow & Finger
Added 22 marks to 51.Icon

Item Images added

Added one image to 03.Disappointment
Added 2 images to 11.Sky & Weather
Added 4 images to 15.Light & Shadow
Added 22 images to 95.Figure

"Copy Transparent-image" functionality added

Copy Transparent-image allows you to copy and paste to and from other supported applications that support transparency. Supported applications include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and GIMP.

Effect Line Setting added

Using the “Effect Line Setting” option from an Effect Line’s properties allows you to change its appearance.
In addition, 11 “Effect Line Balloons” have been added to Preset Snap.

Various minor bugs corrected

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[Ver.2.70.01] (07/19/2016)
Added: "Change Skin Color" function on the layer property
This function changes the skin color of 3D Characters.
The result might become an unexpected image. It might be slightly improved by using "Adjust Changing Area."
You can set "Change Skin Color" as default in Preference dialog.

If you apply the Windows 10 Anniversary Update released today, you need to cancel the online authentication to temporarily uninstall the software.
(This is not required for the Steam version.)

ComiPo! Collection 9:KIDS Sporty & ComiPo! Collection 10:KIDS Dressy have been released!

The "KIDS Sporty" Collection is here to supply the young people in ComiPo! with athletic items such as T-shirts and soccer and baseball uniforms. This data collection contains 30 outfits in all, including short sleeve tops, shorts for both boys and girls, and short sleeve tops with skirts.

The "KIDS Dressy" Collection includes items such as blouses and pinafore dresses to help the young people in ComiPo! look good at formal events like as parties or graduations. This data collection includes a total of 30 outfits, including long sleeve tops with short pants for both boys and girls, and long sleeve tops with skirts.

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ComiPo! Ver.2.50 has been released. we have added hairstyles and supports "MikuMikuDance PMD format" .Please look at the release notes for more information .

* Steam users will update via steam . Please wait until the update release .