What we do when it's cold out, FYI I'm not in the video I recorded it .~kiltedtrumpet
This how we roll in the band hall after school on Fridays. (Yes I know it's Saturday, but I was a little busy yesterday.) ~TexanTrumpet
Here's the Santa Clara Vanguard video I promised. In regards to the video, YouTube screwed the quality up a bit so don't mind it, and during their last run through, my iPod decided to stop working for part of it so that's why there's a part of it missing. Enjoy the random commentary we have in there. Last, but not least, give a hand to those in any Drum Corp! :) ~TexanTrumpet

It’s been ages since I posted but I have moved on from HS into a new life. If you want to continue to follow your favorite admin (kilted trumpet) come on by and hit that follow button at

Today marks the beginning of my last week of high school marching band. Although I am quite overwhelmed with emotions, I will save my sappy "here is how band changed my life" for after the end of my high school marching band career. For now, share with me some fun stories, jokes, positivity, and most importantly, memes to help me get through this week and the weeks to come. I do plan on continuing to post after this season throughout the winter marching season, and I plan on continuing to march (whether it be DCI or college band).

Thank you all for your continued support and shared love of both band and memes!