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Marwa Khiari
· May 22, 2017
It was my first yoga experience with Marco and i soo enjoyed it. I met him in costa caparica Portugal for a surf/yoga week and it was really coool and nice � M...arco lesson will transport you to another world, and for some time u will follow his voice and his guidance to forget all around and to relax your mind and your soul ... I really hope to have a chance to do it again with you Marco ! See More
Anna Dibell
· May 25, 2017
Make sure you check where Marco is doing his next retreat or classes, and maybe you are also lucky enough to catch a few waves together with him if the ocean is close. Also ask him about his visualization workshops and you are in for a treat!!
Elena Pelevina
· May 23, 2017
I met Marco in Portugal and it was my first classes of yoga and I liked it from the very first minutes.
It is important to have positive first experience in eve...ry new deal. Marco was very attentive, calm and full of energy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and hope we will meet you again!!! See More
Katharina Reinauer
· December 15, 2016
Marco is a wonderful teacher. I joined his class in Hinterland Village, India for about one week. Especially for beginners he gave a lot of leading. I liked the... most the meditation at the end of every class. I never had this relaxed feeling before. I really enjoyed the theoretical part as well...shiva and shakti..haha=)
It was an amazing experience. We all had a great time. Thank you Marco for sharing!
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Christoph Merlo
· June 3, 2017
Thank you Marco for sharing your wisdom. It was an honnor to have you as my mentor. Wishing you all the best. Namaste
Patricia Villegas
· May 15, 2017
I met him in Mysore! And i can say he is looking for the best teachers and studying hard in the sources of yoga, india, which make him a great teacher!
Signe Schineller
· January 8, 2017
Had the pleasure of meeting Marco in Mysore and joined a private meditation session. A beautiful experience. Marco led the class with his calming voice and his calming presence and meditation knowledge. I would love to try again soon! Thank you!
Emma Tiger Ward
· September 9, 2016
I had the opportunity to join a week of Yoga classes with Marco as a teacher at Hinterland Village Resort in Kerala, India. Marco has many years of experience i...n meditation (which is something I am very interested in therefore he was able to give loads of advice) and has practiced yoga for many years.

He is a person who is quite spiritual and deeply emerged in the yoga culture and can therefore not only offer a profound knowledge of yoga- and Pranayama techniques but also knows a lot about the Yoga philosophy in general. He has a great blog with loads of inspirational articles about the yoga and meditation lifestyle which is a must-read for any person who wants to get some in-depth-knowledge about the real world of yoga.
We had three yoga classes a day with Marco and the classes were well balanced between action and relaxation. It was great that Marco always took time to explain what we were exactly doing and why. He was taking extra care also for people who had health issues or pains in certain parts of their bodies and always offered variations (also due to the fact that we had more experienced people in the class and also very beginners) so nobody felt like the class was too easy or too hard. Marco is a very open minded person and always asked about our opinions about the classes and what we would like to improve/ work on/ know more about so the classes where quite individualized to our groups´ needs which was great.
It was also helpful that Marco gave us the tools to do yoga/ meditation practice for back home by explaining us what we need to know/ take care of.

I highly recommend Marco as a teacher. He is very experienced, friendly and transmits a feeling of tranquility which is especially helpful for the meditation part.
I am looking forward to doing the next yoga retreat with Marco in the future.
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Sharyn Bromby
· August 25, 2016
I didn't have much experience when I found Marco through FB, we did 10 personal lessons together in my home. I always felt comfortable, and he is a very and calm guy to be around! I will admit my mind tends to run at 100 miles an hour - but I found it was really easy to get into mediation with his techniques - I looked forward to that part of the lesson mostly :)
Marco is also flexible with schedules and lesson times, which is a nice benefit. I would highly recommend him for classes and private lessons.
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James Mayhew
· August 3, 2016
As a complete beginner, I was a bit nervous about what I was letting myself in for.
Marco was very patient and devised interesting routines perfect both for me ...and the more advanced participants on the course.
He was very calm and approachable, and his voice has a tone which I found perfectly suited to creating a good atmosphere in which to practice.
Our group formed a very strong bond in a short time, and I attribute part of this to Marcos friendly aura.
Since returning from my retreat, I have kept up the Yoga almost everyday, and it has become an important part of my daily routine and my life. Thank-you Marco!"
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The Exhilarating Peace of Free Diving. I just came across this TED talk from 2015. Totally worth watching. An incredible journey into the depths of the sea and into the depths of human potential. "You'll realize that when you stop breathing you stop thinking too. It calms your mind. Today in the 21st century we are under so much pressure. Our minds are overworked, we think at a million miles an hour, we are always stressed. Being able to free dive lets you, just for a moment, relax your mind. Holding your breath underwater means giving yourself the chance to experience weightlessness. It means being under water, floating, with your body completely relaxed, letting go of all your tensions."

#freediving #breathtraining #pranayama #mentaltraining #mentaltoughness #meditation #selfmastery #mastery

In this breathtaking talk, world champion freediver Guillaume Néry takes us with him into the ocean's depths. Meter by meter, he explains the physical and emotional impact of water pressure, silence and holding your breath. His eloquent description of the underwater experience reveals the hidden poe...

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In the morning classes you will go through warm ups, sun salutations, standing postures, sitting postures, twisting postures, inversions, and backbends. Even if you are practicing yoga for the first time, Rimi will ensure that you can participate with ease. Get in touch directly with Rimi for any enquires.

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Surf and Yoga Holiday in Portugal Week 1
Talking about proper sitting posture during a meditation class for our guests during the last Surf and Yoga Holiday Week. I was not planning to teach meditation but since they were all so interested we decided to have one class. I was so happy, since meditation is my favorite subject and I feel grateful to being able to share it with others 😊🙏🙏
Surf and Yoga Holiday in Portugal Week 2
Marco Pino Yoga added a new photo.
June 7

Boarding time! Leaving Portugal right at this moment. On my way to Berlin. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to co-host these amazing Surf and Yoga Holiday weeks in Costa de Caparica. It has been an unforgettable and invaluable experience, and can't wait to organize some future retreats, so stay tuned 😉. This photo was taken by Johnny on my second day I think, surfing at Costa de Caparica. The waves were pretty small that day but at least I managed to catch a couple of waves 😉.

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, water, sky, outdoor and nature

Talking about proper sitting posture during a meditation class for our guests during the last Surf and Yoga Holiday Week. I was not planning to teach meditation but since they were all so interested we decided to have one class. I was so happy, since meditation is my favorite subject and I feel grateful to being able to share it with others 😊🙏🙏

Posted by Marco Pino Yoga
Marco Pino Yoga added a new photo.
June 1

Yes, sometimes I do need to ask myself, "What are you so serious about?" Laughter is the best medicine! Do you ever ask yourself this question? Check your facial expression. What does it says about the way that you are feeling or the things that you are thinking of, right at this moment? Smile! Such a simple yet powerful practice.
This was yesterday during a mini road trip with our Surf and Yoga Holiday Week group, on the way to my favorite beach, Fonte de Telha.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, ocean, sky, nature, outdoor and water

Another fun video! This was during the last surf session of our second Surf and Yoga Holiday Week in Portugal. What a wonderful week, hanging out with our lovely guests and friends. We did yoga, we meditated, we surfed, we cooked, we had a bit of wine, or perhaps a bit too much. Lol. If you would like to join us in our next and last week in May please visit:…/surf-and-yoga-holiday-in-portuga…. With Anna Dibell of Karuna - surf yoga life, Geckosurfschool and Geckosurfhouse

"Royalty Free Music: >> Royalty Free Music - Soundotcom"

Marco Pino Yoga shared their post.
May 15

Today, after our morning yoga practice and a nice breakfast we went searching for some good waves for our lovely guests during the second Surf and Yoga Week here in Portugal. 😊🤙🏄🏽🌊 Now chilling out a bit before a nice relaxed evening yoga class. With Anna Dibell of Karuna - surf yoga life and Geckosurfschool

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What is Vedanta and Advaita Vedanta? How to apply this wisdom in our daily lives? Where does the difference between Vedanta, Hinduism and Yoga lie? These and a few more questions are answered here by Siddhartha Krishna, an outstanding Vedanta and Yoga Philosophy teacher based in Rishikesh.

What is Vedanta and Advaita Vedanta? How to apply this wisdom in our daily lives? What is the difference between Vedanta, Hinduism and Yoga?

Here is another cool video of our first Surf and Yoga Holiday Week in Portugal. We had so much fun with our awesome guests. They are all so chill and fun, as you can see in the video. It was so sad to see them leave. If you would like to join us in one of our next weeks please visit:…/surf-and-yoga-holiday-in-portuga… Our next week starts Saturday, 13 of May and we still have a few places available so hurry up and book soon . With Karuna - surf yoga life, Geckosurfschool, Geckosurfhouse and Johnny.


A super cool video of our mini road trip with our awesome guests to do some surfing. It was such a great day! With Karuna - surf yoga life, Geckosurfschool. Created by Johnny. If you want to join us in our next weeks in May please visit…/surf-and-yoga-holiday-in-portuga… You can get in touch with us at any time.

Today was our last yoga class. I'm gonna miss these guys, such a joyful fun group. Really grateful to have the opportunity to share a bit of yoga with them. With Anna Dibelle of Karuna - surf yoga life and Geckosurfschool

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, sky, shoes and outdoor

Such an amazing week with these awesome guys from our first Surf and Yoga Holiday week in Portugal. It's been absolutely great to share our love for Surf and Yoga with them. They are all so fun, happy and chill. Best group ever! 😊🌊🏄🏽 And you can still join us on our next weeks in May =>…/surf-and-yoga-holiday-in-portuga… With Anna Dibell of Karuna - surf yoga life and Geckosurfschool

Image may contain: one or more people, beach, sky, outdoor and nature

Such a beautiful day with such a wonderful group of people during our first Surf and Yoga Holiday Week in Portugal. If you want to join us in one of our next weeks just visit…/surf-and-yoga-holiday-in-portuga…

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing, ocean, sky, beach, outdoor and nature
Karuna - surf yoga life with Marco Pino Yoga and Geckosurfschool.
May 2

Awesome day today! A mini road trip to our surf spot for the day turned out to be a lucky decision. Soft peeling waves and great beach with lots of space. Yum yum yum!

Hi guys, we continue with the second part of the interview with B. Naga Kumar of Mumuksha that I shared with you last week. Here we will find out if there are any dangers associated with past life healing therapy, how to proof that what we see is a real past life, and more.

In case you didn't read the first part: the purpose of this past life healing therapy and other therapies offered by B. Naga Kumar of Mumuksha, an Osho meditation teacher and therapist located in Mysore,... are for the purpose of removing all sorts of physical, mental or emotional issues that are affecting our lives.

Link to Part 1:…/freedom-from-pain-with-past-life…
Link to Part 2:…/freedom-from-misery-with-past-li…

Or just click on the image below I hope you'll enjoy reading this interview and thanks for all your likes, shares and comments

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Are there any risks in past life healing therapy? How can we know that we see is a real past life? For how long do we need do this therapy? Find out here.

Here is the dream team! Pedro (our awesome surf teacher) to the right, Anna and I. We are so ready to receive today our guests for the first week of our Surf and Yoga Holiday Week in Portugal. We still have a places left in the next weeks so if you wanna join us please visit:…/surf-and-yoga-holiday-in-portuga…

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, indoor
Karuna - surf yoga life
April 29

April 29...Saturday...and we are feeling the butterflies stirring in the stomach...why? Because dear we are officially opening our season!! Yay!...! The house is ready, thanks Pedro for all the effort you have invested to make the Geckosurfhouse look its best for us. The boards are ready, and the yoga mats are soon to be unfurled on the green grass by Marco Pino Yoga. And we can't wait to jump in the pool!!

In a few precious hours our first guests arrive. We can't wait to meet you!

För våra svenska följare vill vi säga att vi är så pepp på att köra igång detta året! Solen är varm o go, sanden mjuk, och kaffet lika underbart som vanligt. Vi ser fram emot att träffa några av er igen om några veckor, och för er som inte semestrat med oss tidigare, kom gärna och surfa med oss. Caparica är redo och vi med!

#surfweek #surfcamp #yoga #caparica #portugal #surf #vacation #seasonstart

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