Started on August 21, 2012
I was a baby striped dolphin from Spain! Promar-Almería took care of me, and this is the facebook page that united so many people worldwide! click click!
Marcos was a baby striped dolphin who Promar-Almería (non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing marine wildlife in southern Spain) took care of between the 21st August 2012 and the 2nd of February 2013.

He stranded in Roquetas, and was transferred to a sea pen in Almerimar, from where thousands of people worldwide followed his progress, as the volunteers of PROMAR-Almería, at the camp on the... beach, watched over him in 2 hour shifts 24-hours a day.

Ric O'Barry (Dolphin Project) came to check up on Marcos and aid PROMAR-Almería during this time.

He died when a storm hit "camp Marcos", yet PROMAR-Almería continue to fight on for the dolphins of Spain.

This facebook page continues open to inform people on what we do, and it remaining open was petitioned by the adoring "fans" of Marcos when he passed away...

Follow Marcos on facebook and help PROMAR Equinac and Promar Association (the two NGO's who formed Promar-Almería)!

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#SavingMarcos lives on through us...
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