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Cody Gunn
· October 6, 2017
I always have good experiences at this theatre. Dream Loungers and reserved seating have drastically improved the theatre. Reserved seating was a bit annoying at first but it just means ordering your ahead of time now.
Most of my complaints are minor things that in the grand scheme of things can be overlooked. The main one being prices of food/concessions. However, I know this is how theaters make their money.
My one gripe that I feel could be addressed however, and I've seen it said by others, is with Zaffiros. They. Are. Slowwwwww. Tonight, my girlfriend and I ordered off the Zaffiros Express menu tonight at the concession stand and it was a bit of a cluster. We ordered at the concession stand and we're handed buzzers. Looking confused, the girl behind the counter mentioned we were to pick up our food at the Zaffiros counter in about 15-20 minutes. That's not express in my opinion. That's you ordered Chinese or a pizza and are waiting for it to get to your table. I almost missed the beginning of our movie because I was waiting so long.
Despite all this, I feel the general experience overall and on 99/100 occasions is enjoyable.
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Alexandra Zlatkovic Skifton
· January 24, 2018
I frequent the ridge at least twice a month and usually have a great experience. Yesterday unfortunately was not so great! Every time we eat at zaffiros the service is horrible. We stood there abou...t 15 minutes before someone came out to seat us and then waited forever for our pizza. The employees should assume that the majority eating there have a time limit to eat before going to see a movie. Our theater was also freezing last night and our seats were not heated. See More
Andy Nielson
· March 16, 2018
By far one of (if not the) best Marcus’ around. The staff is always super nice and very engaging! While I’d like to see some upgrades to the seats (seems like they have 1st gen recliners still), if I given a choice between the Ridge and any other theatre, I’ll always choose the Ridge :) See More
Rafael-Brenda Torres
· December 27, 2017
Just watched Jumanji, usually everything is fine but yesterday as cold as it was it could have been warmer inside, we were in theater 18 and when we first walked in the heat was on and felt great
The... minute the movie started, cold air blew down on us and we froze about the whole movie. See More
Aaron Friske
· January 2, 2018
Good theater but understaffed. Twice we have been there in the recent days and both times there was not enough people helping at the counters. We could have just walked in the theater and no one wou...ld have noticed. We purchased tickets in advance but no one was there checking tickets. Other than that the movie experience was great. I love the dream loungers. Mixed reviews from the rest of my family. See More
Brad Singer
· January 7, 2018
I always enjoying to go to the movies, but the cost of a night out to the movies is a bit high. I normally will not go until I have gift cards, or deals. The seats, food, and space is very nice though.... Considering how busy it was when we were there, the place was clean. See More
Jazmin Cataldo
· March 11, 2018
My kids and I love it now with all the updates. The one thing I would fix is the conssessions, we opted out of getting food at zaffiro’s because they are slow but my pretzel bites were cold and stale ...also. I would suggest to work on the food options. See More
Daryl Berry
· October 14, 2017
don’t ever write reviews but this is completely necessary. Myself and my children went for the 8:15 showing of happy death day and planned ahead to eat at the restaurant in the theatre, we were sat at... 7:07, did not receive our food until 7:55, server was very apologetic and genuinely sorry for it taking so long, the food was bad, pizza was burnt on the edges and the 19 dollar steak was inedible and tasted as though it had been pan fried on top of an old burnt pan, we ate as fast as possible so we could make our showtime and asked for the check as quickly as possible, no manager visit, nothing comped off the check, literally nothing, I work in this industry and I don’t expect handouts but when it’s this bad there at the very least should be a manager visit, I wish that was the end of the horrible experience but no, as it turns out the lady at the ticket counter accidentally gave us 740 showtime tickets and when I realized it we went back to the counter only to find out her mistake cost us any showing since the 815 was sold out... said we could get the 915 showing and we weren’t gonna stand around for another hour so I asked for a refund, gave me my money back with little to no remorse and STILL no manager involvement, nothing at all to compensate us for our time or inconvenience. Utterly ridiculously poorly run theatre, will never return and do not recommend anyone else does. See More
Debbie Davey Lese
· December 30, 2017
beautiful cinema, everyone (except me) looked very comfortable in there reclining chairs. Mine didn't work. The wait to get our tickets (which we ordered online) was long. we were suppose to pick t...hem up at a kiosk but only one of them was working and there were only two employees at the ticket counter on a Friday afternoon during Christmas break. Other than those problems...a nice place.
Hopefully they fix the chair in Theater 2 seat F2!
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Jason M Kline
· March 14, 2018
The theater itself is great. First time there since the new dream lounges were put in and i loved them. As for zaffiros i gota say i gave that place 3 chances and evertime we ate there there have been... issue's and the food was cold. Will return to Marcus but zaffiros needs to be changed. I can't believe marcus keeps them around. See More
Jenni LH
· September 17, 2017
We arrived 45 minutes ahead of our movie so we could grab a pizza at Zaffiros before.

Our server was super slow, she would ask a question as she was walking by and never waited for response - I had t...o ask the young man bussing for napkins after she dropped our food and again later he brought me a tea refill as she breezed by. We asked for a box and our bill at 7:15 explaining we had 7:30 tickets. She brought bill at 7:25 and never came back for it, we paid at the bar as we scooted out to make the previews.

It wasn't busy and as a former server I am pretty sympathetic - but this, it just wasn't good.
She needs some POS training and support.

As far as the theater; Dream Lounger was great and so was the film.
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Ruby Brown
· January 10, 2018
Was okay. Womens bathroom a bit dirty, garbages over flowing, stalls dirty. There were three of us and when show was over turns out previous person who sat in his seat left chocolate on seat and when ...he got up, well lets say the back of his pants looked like he had an accident.
Staff was pleasant and helpful.
Popcorn fresh. Drink area a bit messy & dirty. Floors could get cleaned up more from food/garbage.
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Andrea Blake Kajfosz
· November 15, 2017
We went on Tuesday. 5.00 movie & free popcorn. What could b better? Got tickets & reserved seats on the Marcus app. Easy! Parking lot was pretty full even on Tuesday afternoon. Maybe too many handicap... spots? Don't know the rules about that tho. All in all good experience. See More
Shäwŋ Von Mc Gee
· October 9, 2017
The new reclining seating is horrible. For one, those seats forced the removal of other rows thereby reducing the number of seats available for popular movies. Second, the seating is uncomfortable u...nless almost fully reclined. When one goes to a movie they want to enjoy the escape, not fall asleep as one is practically supine.

If Marcus wants a row or two fine, but not the whole theater. Plus when attending with a pal, it violates the man-rule of one seat between the two...given no inconvenience with a busy theater.
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Brian Kucaba
· November 13, 2017
This was the first time in 5 years my wife and I went to a theater! We were away for our Anniversary and wanted to go to the movies. We were presently surprised at the cost the cleanliness and comfort... level! If again in the area we will be back! See More
Rene Minder
· November 23, 2017
Very nice but very expensive!! 6$ for a small ass bag of �! I spent 32$ on 3reg soda and 1 med popcorn. And 21$ to get in.... rip off.
Jeremy Oster
· January 18, 2018
Reclining couch seats are awesome, but popcorn quality is way below AMC's.
The fountain drink area was disgusting and the Manager didn't really care when we mentioned it. The whole soda area smelled ...strongly of vomit and there were fruit flies EVERYWHERE! See More
Lisa Kerr
· October 26, 2017
Easy to order tickets online. Quick pickup at the kiosk, and helpful staff to walk me through it. Clean theaters, good popcorn, and polite service. Good night all in all! Thanks for the good work!
Dan Stiles
· December 17, 2017
New reclining seats are nice. Concessions are a bit of a mess, several ice machines were out of ice. Lights were still on when the main show started. Roundabout just to drive in is a bit of a pain. Be...sides that the movie was great! See More
Mike White
· September 17, 2017
Movie was good as were the seats. Drinks are way to expensive. Also dropped my wallet in the theatre and left. Tried calling both the phone numbers and no one answered. All the doors were locked when ...I came back the only reason why I was able to get it back was because people who were leaving opened the doors. See More
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