Love That Rock! For the Woman Who Has Everything...

This Valentine’s Day, give the woman who has everything…the Galaxy’s largest diamond!

Love That Rock! For the Woman Who Has Everything... By Marilyn Jenett Valentine's Day Some time ago, a friend sent me the following message that I found rather amazing. First you'll read his message, then find the links to this amazing discovery. I cannot help but

Self-Love 💝 is in the air!

So…let’s discuss self-love and its effect on our lives. These are the thoughts that come to mind, my own philosophy of self-love…

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I Have a Dream Today. Do You?

Can you put aside all excuses based on personal and cultural history, past experience and past conditioning and state, “I have a dream”…

And go for it?


Dream creation here:

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase." —Martin Luther King, Jr.

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I Have a Dream Today Do You? By Marilyn Jenett Martin Luther King, Jr. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered a speech on August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Washington, D.C. Lincoln Memorial during the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

A very Happy New Year to my friends, followers, and out-of-this-world students! Whatever success means to you, prepare your mind and heart to receive it in 2018...

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Right solutions...

In order to create right solutions, attention and focus must be put on the right solution, the desired outcome, the answered prayer. That's the law.

Especially in a time of crises, it's a wonderful opportunity to become aware of the workings of the law and learn our lesson.


It's the time to reach for our solution with our whole heart and soul, not halfheartedly. We summon up all the trust and faith we can and direct our focus to the right answers, even if it seems like blind faith. We don't have to know what that highest and best solution is. In fact, it's not our job to know. What we do have to know is that there IS a solution and we keep our attention firmly planted on that fact until it reveals itself.

Wavering and putting our attention on the past, on statistics, on man's laws, on "systems" will defeat the whole purpose. There is NO legal system, NO manmade law, NO statistic, NO mass mind thinking, that is more powerful or creative than this law. The Universe will never let you down if you remain open and ready for your highest solution.

It is our choice whether we want to live under the jurisdiction of man's laws or Universal laws - in consciousness. It is our choice where we want to direct our faith and attention. Of course, it's a bigger effort during times of crises, but it's an effort that reaps the greatest rewards. I did indeed learn my greatest lessons and overcome adversity during those dark nights of my soul. But I had to reach out "toward the mark" and leave all other contradictory thinking and world statistics and opinions behind.

My mantra became "One with God is a majority."

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Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, I believe all of us should take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate life and prepare for the "birth" of new ideas and new manifestations. I offer you a blessing of love, joy, happiness, healing and the realization that you are never alone - during this holiday and beyond.

This stunning winter scene was photographed by Feel Free to Prosper student Gene Rodman of Montana Photographic Arts.

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A Holiday Story: "Against the Odds"

My prosperity teachings and spiritual philosophy champion the use of positive words and ideas only. However, in an apparently negative situation usually lies the seed of a valuable lesson, and I decided to share this story with you, hoping that you, also, will appreciate the lesson - surrounded by obvious drama...

On Christmas day, during my former life as an event professional, I was held up at gunpoint while in my car and the robber took ...all the checks to pay my vendors for an upcoming event, including the $60,000 check from my client, Michelin. I unwittingly applied a powerful prosperity law and even the police couldn't believe how everything was returned to me even though the culprit was never caught. But more importantly, it resulted in one of the most life-changing lessons of my entire life.

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Holiday time in a galaxy far, far away...

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Let There Be Light...

I’ve come up with an idea for us to apply Hanukkah’s message for our own personal transformation, prosperity and business success.

The Festival of Lights provides a simple reminder of the attributes of consciousness that should always remain foremost in our minds and hearts. From these attributes will flow everything that is needed to make us happy and our lives complete…

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Let There Be Light By Marilyn Jenett Hanukkah If you have known me for awhile, you may be aware that I am Jewish by birth. However, I've never practiced Judaism or been involved in the culture or traditions. I do have vague childhood memories of the holidays and respect for what I

It's time to repeat this post once again...

If you feel there is nothing you can do to help, you're mistaken. The thread of humanity that ties us all together allows us to reach out and impact each other in times of need. Read on...

In October, I wrote: "As I am sitting here cozy and safe in Los Angeles, it's difficult for my mind to grasp the extent of devastation to the north and south of me." And now, since the first week of December, it has been even more impactful, as is not only far to the north and south but also so very near.

If you have seen or heard the news this week...California needs your prayers. Let's turn on our heart lights to help. This is the only way I know, so I'm repeating this post from previous months for California, and for Texas and the eastern seaboard before that. It's important not to stay hypnotized by the news, but to turn our attention to the positives of love, safety and healing.


This famous affirmative prayer has always been taped to the wall above my desk in my office and at home. This is the same prayer that was taken along on the first manned Moon landing. It protected me in a major earthquake and a hotel fire and my students have used it with similar results. One student's home was completely spared from the devastating tornadoes that hit her area, while homes within two miles were leveled. That being said, homes can be replaced. Lives cannot.

You can change the wording from "me" to "you" to radiate your own distant prayer or you can share this with your contacts in both Southern and Northern California and anyone else who needs it anywhere.

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The notion of "intention" has never been a part of my teachings. Why?

I believe the very idea of intention works against the manifestation laws. If you "intend" to get something, you are giving the message to your mind that you don't have it. Your subconscious mind can only create for you what it believes is an "existing" reality. Manifestation can only happen in the Now. It is always the present moment or "now" in consciousness and what we are thinking and f...eeling now is what determines our future. As long as you continue to believe the same fact in the present moment, conditions will remain exactly the same.

So my teachings go right to the heart of the matter - instilling the end result in the subconscious. Based on the testimonials that have arrived for the past 14 years, I'm sticking to my story.

"Feel the joy of the answered prayer." —Dr. Joseph Murphy

"Faith is to believe what you do not see and the reward of that faith is to see what you believe" —St. Augustine

"I call it my Law of Satisfaction" —Marilyn Jenett

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My Thanksgiving Gift for You...🦃

You and I have much to be grateful for but there are many people whose life experiences are keeping them from tapping their mental and spiritual resources and they are stuck in survival mode. Just having a life jacket to land them on firm ground may be all that is needed to bring new hope and purpose to their lives.

I believe that the universal laws and prosperity teachings ARE that life jacket. They were MY life jacket years ago when I was ki...cking and screaming at the Universe for help and I was guided to my firm foundation. That’s why I was destined to become a teacher of these prosperity laws.

I can think of no better way to help others than to offer them my knowledge of the laws. For many people, the holidays are not the most joyous time – statistics show this – but it's especially true when there is a lack of finances and supply.

My gift for you below is based on a special Gratitude tele-class I conducted years back. It became an audio program and is considered one of my most compelling calls, not only because of the content and the heartwarming response it generates, but because of the wonderful results it creates for the listeners.

Now I’ve created this written version that will be a great boost for your prosperity – whether you need encouragement and are just beginning to use the prosperity laws or if you have achieved success but want more tools to expand.

Below is my gift eBook to let you know how grateful I am this Thanksgiving for you – my friends, students and subscribers.

"How to Use the Powerful Principle of Gratitude to Attract What You Don't Yet Have"

IMPORTANT: DON'T USE THE FACEBOOK APP! The passwords won't work in the Facebook app. Copy the link into any browser instead and it will work perfectly.

user name: thankful
password: prosper2017

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Honoring ALL veterans - everywhere...and becoming Veterans of Spirit...

Veterans Day, Remembrance Day and YOU - a Veteran of Spirit By Marilyn Jenett Veterans Day Following is my annual "global" tribute to this holiday and of course it includes my customary metaphysical twist. I hope you find my holiday articles inspiring

I guarantee these four short Halloween lessons will bring you treats all year long...

Halloween Lessons I guarantee these four short Halloween lessons will bring you treats all year long... Playing in Spirit's Sandbox


I thought this might give you some encouragement on your journey to a prosperity consciousness. From my memoir...

Part of Chapter 13: There Is a Season

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Spiritual and grounded advice for a very important topic. The advice may shock you at first, but that will make you think. If you think about it, you'll get it...

Note: For your understanding of this lesson, this is a rare occasion where I use the very word that I don't want you to use anymore. Once you read this, then "mum's the word."

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