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Mark Sweeney
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In my book there no two better guys than US Senator Jon Tester and US Forester Service Ranger retried Vic Standa VictorandCarole Standa and no better place to be on Saint Patrick’s Day than Anaconda Montana!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

If anyone would like to show up and walk with me in the Anaconda St. Patrick’s Day parade i would love to see you. Just wear your Irish green and look for me at the AOH Hall around 1:30 today. Slainte!

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With Pat Williams, Montana’s Last Best Congressman. At the Bea and Eddy McCarhty’s Irish gathering last Sunday. Pat has been coming to this event in Anaconda for decades. Thanks to Brother Jack Kelly for keeping the cèilidh going in years after

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Electrical generation is one of Montana’s greatest resources including the hydroelectric Hauser Dam shown here on the Missouri River. Coal, natural gas, wind and solar, have potential for growth as does Pump-store hydro such as the Gordon Butte project in Meager County. PS fishing below the dam for rainbow trout is going to light up in the next couple months.

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It’s not about a funding crisis — it’s about turning retirement savers into passive investors.

Democrat for House District 77

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Cuts to social service programs will have results like Peter’s in every community across the State. The burdens will be passed on to churches, local law enforcement, clinics and hospital emergency rooms. We as a society through our legislature can do better for those friends and family in our communities least able to care for themselves.

I received a phone call from my friend Peter (not his real name). He was calling to let me know that the mental health services he had been receiving over
Register before March 2nd to guarantee a shirt! Very Fast Course! Race runs regardless of weather conditions Walkers welcome & encouraged— only 3 mile walkers will receive times

This is a great response from my friend Mike O’Connor to an editorial from State Representative Tom Burnett (R-BZM) about the management of State pension funds. They are in good shape and will benefit over 60,000 public employees. If elected I will work hard with Mike and others to ensure these retirement systems remain viable and available to all State employees.

As an organization that represents public employee retirees, we find it necessary to respond to Representative Tom Burnett’s editorial about public pension issues that was in the Feb. 20 Independent

You have strength together in your strong Public Employee Unions, whether you are Anaconda Deer Lodge County Workers, police, firemen, road crew, shop, clerical workers, State prison employees , State Hospital employees or teachers. I will be there fighting for you in the State Capitol.

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Powerful people are actively trying to rig the system against unions and workers even more than it’s rigged now. Here’s how.

How profound of these great Warriors to take up such an important cause as suicide. Good luck at State Arlee Warriors!

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A-Town Warrior Basketball

As the Warriors prepare for their first battle of state tournament today they ask that you please watch and share this message with all those who are battling in life. Now more than ever, we need Warriors. #TogetherWeRise #WarriorMovement

Good to be on the campaign trail again today with Vern in Drummond. Home of “World Famous Bull Shippers” and the best highway billboard in the State. The northern part of HD-77 has both I-90 and the Montana Rail Link both a huge assets to both the district and Montana.

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This is exciting news for Butte and the upper Clark Fork River Basin. The clean up continues.

Montana Resources will begin treating water from the Berkeley Pit, perhaps as early as the end of this year — five years ahead of schedule, according to a Montana Resources official.

Montana Resources will begin treating water from the Berkeley Pit, perhaps as early as the end of this year — five years ahead of schedule, according to a Montana Resources

My last Coffee and Conversations this Spring will be Thursday 3/1/18 at 9:30 am at the Wagon Wheel Cafe in Drummond. This is the strong agricultural portion of House District 77, dominated by cattle ranches where their monicker is “World Famous Bull Shippers”. I was raised in ranch country, Miles City “Cow Capitol of the World”. I know the importance of the ranch industry to Montana from an economic and heritage prospective.

Not only is Drummond famous for cattle but also for a long string of State Championship Football teams and players who were both Bobcats and Griz. That winning tradition continued this year with the Flint Creek Valley Titans. Yes I believe we will get along just great. Jim Oberweiser, Jim Oly

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Mark Sweeney added 3 new photos — with Joe Connors.

Excellent Western
Masquerade fundraiser For the Anaconda Trails Association last night at the Montana Hotel in Anaconda. My high rolling gambling wife Sue Swe...eney and fellow gamblers cleared the table. Costumes were great and I was successful in bidding on hand tied fishing flies by David Mckernan ( who was Henry Plumber) Robin Rosenberger Mckernan. I think Joe Connors was dressed as Frank Little, Chris Marchion (Tommi Howell) was a logger and Lydia Bonanini Janosko reminded me of Ms. Kitty from Gun Smoke. Great to see everyone. Thanks for all you hard work Lydia, Jamie Janosko, Kristine Smith, Adam Vauthier Ciche Pitcher, Joe Strelnik, and everyone else.

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We need Community Health Centers fully funded in Montana to help those friends and neighbors that need this service. Government services are expensive but most are necessary. We need safe communities in order to prosper financially and socially. The republicans in the State legislature have forced these cuts because many do not believe in government services but they will see the direct affects of there decisions.

Comprehensive Community Mental Health Centers were created in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy when he signed into law the Community Mental Health Act. This law helped people with mental