Everson gets The Call--on live TV!

Mark Everson on the City of Pascagoula's handling of the July 29 traffic stop of former Moss Point PD Chief Art McClung:

"The council has a clear obligation to oversee operations of city government and that implicitly includes the Police Department,” Mark Everson said Tuesday. “I think it’s important that the council address this issue. Citizens need to be assured that the Police Department is exercising its duties in a fair and consistent manner. They need to be assured that police adhere to established procedures. You don’t get a better deal because you are a colleague.”

A Pascagoula resident is set to address the City Council on Tuesday night regarding their obligation as elected officials to look into the controversial traffic stop of former Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung.

"I do not want Clinton to be our next president. Like many Republicans I have struggled with the Trump nomination, pondering whether to get on board or at least look the other way. I can do neither."

Former presidential candidate Everson says no to Trump and Clinton

Time Magazine has more on Commissioner Everson's complaint with the FEC regarding the Fox News debate process.

After Mark Everson was left out of a Republican debate

"The FEC should either be abolished or entirely redone." - former GOP presidential candidate Mark Everson, a former commissioner of the IRS.

The Federal Election Commission took 10 months to deadlock on a complaint filed by Mark Everson against Fox News.

"Mark Everson, a former 2016 Republican presidential candidate, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding just how Fox News managed that Aug. 6 session, which was made famous by Donald Trump’s clash with Fox News host Megyn Kelly over his treatment of women. Remember the setup? Given the enormity of the Republican field, Fox News split the candidates into two tranches — a main card and a JV card. To make the lesser debate, Fox News initially set a bar ...of 1 percent of a certain polling average, though it later changed that threshold to allow “all declared candidates whose names are consistently being offered to respondents in major national polls, as recognized by Fox News.” The adjustment brought more candidates into the fold.

Everson didn’t make the cut. His Aug. 3 complaint claimed violation of two points in federal regulations (11 C.F.R. § 110.13) relating to the production of debates:

b. Debate structure. The structure of debates…is left to the discretion of the staging organizations(s), provided that…the staging organization(s) does not structure the debates to promote or advance one candidate over another.

c. Criteria for candidate selection. For all debates, staging organization(s) must use pre-established objective criteria to determine which candidates may participate in a debate.

Claiming that Fox News “plainly failed in its responsibilities to the candidates and ultimately the American public in the design and implementation of the August 6th debate,” Everson asked that the FEC intervene against Fox News and rule that he should be included in the debate."

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Public examination of the actions of broadcasters is plenty of accountability.

"This all started three days before the debate, when then-candidate Mark Everson submitted a formal complaint to the FEC claiming his exclusion from the event was a result of Fox's improper candidate promotion.

"It seems that politics, economics, and perhaps even their own cable news poll ratings have trumped best practices and common sense, not to mention FEC regulations," Everson wrote.

Everson claimed the move was to keep candidates Carly Fiorina, George Pataki and Senator Lindsey Graham involved despite low polling numbers and argued if Fox used an online RNC straw poll as criterion the field would have been expanded to 18 and he would have been included."

The FEC investigated the network after an uninvited candidate claimed it was improperly and illegally promoting some politicians.

"The vote concerned changes made to the criteria for the Fox News-hosted GOP primary debate on Aug. 6, 2015 in Cleveland. For that debate, Fox News decided to alter the format – hosting two debates instead of one and expanding the first debate for lower-polling candidates to include any candidate identified as such in national polls. Seven candidates ultimately participated in the first debate, and 10 participated in the prime-time event.

A complaint subsequently was filed with the FEC by candidate Mark Everson – who was not in the debate – claiming those changes were tantamount to an illegal corporate contribution to the candidates on stage."

Democratic members of the Federal Election Commission, in a decision made public on Thursday, voted last month to punish Fox News over criteria changes for the network’s first Republican presidential primary debate – but were blocked by Republican commissioners.

A former head of the IRS is calling on Donald Trump to release his tax returns, saying that there is no legitimate reason to withhold them.

"Trump either stands by his returns - which he previously promised to release - or he doesn't."|By NBC News
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Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson on Fox Business News last week.

Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson on the 2016 presidential candidates’ comments on the IRS and U.S. tax code.

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No, we're not talking about Jim Gilmore.|By Philip Bump

"And while Everson's campaign won't make it to the ballot box he managed to make it longer than the better-funded and better-known likes of Rick Perry and Scott Walker."

It was back in June when ex-IRS Chairman Mark Everson came to Dubuque to pitch his unlikely Republican bid for the presidency.

More news coverage of Mark pulling out of the race for President.

Former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Mark Everson ended his dark horse bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday.