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Host aggregator? What's that?

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Now that the market instantly matches any request with an oncoming offer, customers find themselves overwhelmed by a plethora of choices…

It's all about patience. #Marketspace

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Sounds weird ...

Facebook is banning all advertisements for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and initial coin offerings (ICOs), as part of an “intentionally broad” policy against deceptive marketers.

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He's only 18 but has big plans to replace bitcoin with something better.

BI PRIME: Erik Finman bought his first bitcoin at age 13, when it was $12. But he's concluded that there's a need for a better cryptocurrency.

Lightning Network is becoming a reality.

A promising answer to Bitcoin's scaling challenge is seeing its first real-world use

No worries, please!
It's a normal movement.

Bitcoin fell below $10,000 for the first time since November.

Bitcoin fell below $10,000 for the first time since November, as a sell-off in cryptocurrencies continued for a second day Wednesday.

Vitalik Buterin suggested replacing current ICO

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The founder of the Ethereum Blockchain platform, Vitalik Buterin, pro...posed a new model for fund-raising for start-ups with the help of Blockchain technologies instead of the usual ICO. Buterin called the proposed DAICO mechanism, since it should combine the features of ICO and the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

The main the idea is that the development team which is looking for funding issues a DAICO contract. In the "donation mode", anyone can send to the ETH contract address and receive tokens in return. The deal can be in any way: it can be a sale with a cap, a Dutch auction, an interactive offer of coins, dynamic sales under the rules of KYC or any other mechanism. Once the term of contributions is completed, users can no longer contribute ETH. From this moment, the balance of the initial tokens is determined, after which they can be traded.

According to Buterin, such model protects the interests of project investors, allowing to reach a consensus within the community on the share that developers can deduce from borrowed funds for their needs. Also, according to Buterin, this will create a reliable defense against the attack of 51%, when most of the resources are in the same hands.

Earlier Buterin repeatedly criticized the current mechanism of ICO, as it is used primarily to attract as much money as possible, and not to create useful developments.

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