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Our country needs this debate and needs more politicians talking about a Service Year on the campaign trail. Beto O'Rourke: "No kid is going to be rich enough to buy their way out of it."

Democratic Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke hopes to introduce a bill to Congress this year that would require all young people to spend at least a year in service to this country.

Our country owes a great debt to the interpreters that have worked alongside American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Afghan and Iraqi translators struggled to make it to safety in America. Now they are struggling to make enough money to survive here.


Democrats can win elections and bring Americans together by preaching the ideals of our country.

Yes. Why? What do you think?

We can debate the merits of Chicano Studies. But Arizona officials had no business yanking the curriculum from schools.


A federal judge issued a permanent injunction against an Arizona law that banned Mexican-American studies in the Tucson Unified School District.

“Indeed, in a letter to James Madison in 1778, George Washington wrote: "The consciousness of having discharged that duty we owe to our country is superior to all other consideration."“

By Leon E. PanettaFormer Director CIA and Secretary of DefenseOur democracy was founded on the principle of national service. The patriots who stepped forward to fight in our war of independence and frames a new constitution made clear t


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — In a stunning victory aided by scandal, Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama's special Senate election on Tuesday, beating back history, an embattled Republican
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Brahm Resnik

AND THEY'RE OFF! Gov. Doug Ducey sets 78-day sprint to special primary 2/27 to replace Rep Trent Franks in #AZ08.
Special general elex is 8 weeks later 4/24.
Winner will face regular August primary & November general.
That's 4 elections in 9 months in 1 district, all per #AZ law

Thinking about a run for office?

Patch Local Innovators: This Boston nonprofit founder guided Rep. Seth Moulton's run, and has 2018 plans for more public service candidates.
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Join us as we salute the brave few who, for over 241 years, have stepped forward to defend this great nation. Happy Veterans Day!

“Death, in its finality, means correcting a wrongful sentence is not an option. Sentencing the innocent to die undermines the public’s confidence in the entire criminal justice system, and is reason alone to abandon the death penalty.”

Arizona does not have a good track record for getting it right. At least nine times our death penalty has swept up the innocent in its net.


This fun and lighthearted video looks at the energy and excitement on the Hilltop during the 1992 campaign and Bill Clinton’s presidency through the eyes of ...
Dan Rather

I am disgusted.

What is happening in Puerto Rico is a national disgrace.

We as Americans do not leave our fellow citizens behind. That has been our mantra sin...ce the beginning of our nation - even if the reality has never matched the rhetoric. But we can and should always strive to do better. And we are failing.

Millions of Americans are living under inhumane conditions, there is fear of disease outbreaks, and looming questions about how the rebuilding process will be handled. The powerful play their games, and pay no price. The masses are left to suffer and wonder if they have been forgotten.

Yes there is a lot going on. Yes there are many other news stories crowding out the headlines. But many of those are manufactured distractions. They are ephemeral and contrived. And meanwhile Puerto Rico hurts and our government is distracted, disengaged, or simply disinterested.

History will judge the actions of those who could have made a difference. But that is cold comfort for those living without food, water, or electricity in the present. Our fellow citizens.

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Tent City, Maricopa County's infamous outdoor jail, was closed with the remaining inmates were transported Saturday night to Durango Jail.