Michael Lee “Lumpy” Lemke
(8/17/1955 – 02/25/2018)

Obituary, Service & Gathering Information

Michael Lee Lemke, AKA Lumpy, passed away on Sunday, February 25, 2018 after a brief illness surrounded by his family in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He was born on August 17, 1955 to Leroy and Betty Lemke in Shawano, Wisconsin.
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Dawn Dennis Davis
· September 9, 2017
Wow I used to come to the races all the time in the past, and it was a blast the price was right and the stands were packed and let me say I went tonight and I couldn't believe what I was seeing,, I w...ent in the concession area a few times and they were running out of food, and to charge 2 bucks for a water is a little ridiculous also 1 buck would be plenty, and I still don't hear any advertisements on the big radio stations such as 95.5, 96.7, 104.1 or 104.5, that would help tremendously to get the crowd back, that used to be there years ago, and having special nights and advertise it with enthusiasm and letting folks know about the special nights and giveaways..... I do enjoy the racetrack, I just want it back to the way it needs to be with the place packed and food hot and ready for all and priced reasonable and beer cold...... and the features were really good tonight I may ad on a positive note See More
Courtney Wickersham
· June 10, 2017
This was our first time here tonight and it was great until the final race that never went on! The 100 lap race big one of the night! They had 2 generators and one wasn't working so after over a hour ...they told us we are sending someone to pick up a generator its Only 3 miles away, 45 more mins go by and they call the race off cuz its out of our control..but you can come back tomorrow at 12:30 for the race or keep ur wristband and come to any other race, now everyone is stuck traveling who knows how far away Again! Spending more money on drinks & food! You would think with all the $ they get from all the fans food beer drinks etc they would have a 3rd generator on hand all the Time! The same thing happened last sat night we heard from fans, thats crazy! We will never ever come back here again other then to watch this race tomorrow, and we now get to sit in 90 humid weather how fun! See More
Catalyna Wilson
· September 23, 2017
Eve of devastation was a fun night, and it moved along quite nicely. The worst part was that after we raced, we had to clean the track up from the races or we didn’t get pay out. But if you didn’t pla...ce in any of the races then you didn’t get any money back for participation. See More
David Hoeth
· June 26, 2017
Other than slow clean up on wrecks and taking care of water that was on the track, things moved along quickly. All tracks have their issues. Jefferson has only one way in or out for drivers so the t...ime between races and clean up is slow. The dells crew has no clue on how to put on a race. La crosse has management problems that keep sending drivers to other tracks. Golden Sands know what they are doing. Madison speedway not worth the money unless it's a touring series. See More
Jared Kolb
· October 21, 2017
It’s like watching NASCAR catering to Cheater Knaus and Janie Johnson, they cater to 7-11 car. Had great racing 15-20 years ago when it was competitive for everyone.