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O'Malley's closing statement
Martin O'Malley
We need comprehensive immigration reform

I am committed to electing Democrats across the country. Since November, I've traveled across the country to campaign for 3 state legislature candidates. 2 have won and the third will be decided in a week. Join me in this critical fight.

Donald J. Trump's economic plan for working Americans is a lie. #Resist


BIG congratulations to Stephanie Hansen for winning the seat ensuring Democrats control the Delaware State Senate! #Resist #netDE #voteDE

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For all of Donald J. Trump's distractions of scapegoating minorities and retaliating against the press, that's not going to get wages to go up or build an economy that works for all of us. Our message must be about wages and jobs, the security of all of us together, and individual freedoms. That's what I'm focused on and why I've traveled to Delaware and Iowa to campaign for progressive Democrats who can get things done for our country.


I'm endorsing Mayor Pete Buttigieg for DNC Chair. He's balanced budgets. He served in Afghanistan. Howard Dean probably said it best: If we don't #PickPete for #DNC Chair, we're going to be regretting it for years to come.


Donald J. Trump says the media isn't allowed to use confidential sources. Without confidential sources, there is no freedom of press. #Resist

Governor Martin O'Malley joins MSNBC's Craig Melvin to explain how President Trump appealed to "militant White nationalism" during his CPAC speech, and specu...

Yesterday, the U.S. Army Corps closed the Dakota Access Pipeline (#DAPL) protest camp. For nearly over a year, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other native peoples peacefully protested against the construction of the DAPL. For centuries, our government has humiliated and ignored treaties we have signed with Native American tribes, violating land and water rights that belong to their people. Construction of the DAPL will bulldoze sacred Native sites, and once completed, will threaten their main access to clean water.

Protests in Standing Rock may no longer be allowed, but we can still take action. Divest your personal finances from a bank that is financing the construction of the DAPL. Follow the instructions here. #WaterIsLife #MniWiconi #NoDAPL #StandingRock Sacred Stone Camp

Tell your bank to #DeFundDAPL

Well-run administrations will have all of these characteristics: entrepreneurial, collaborative, performance-measured, interactive. Data-driven governance may even have the power to overcome significant ideological divisions within the U.S. There is far more that unites us than divides us. The innovation that’s emerging in cities is going to lead us into that new day.

Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland and former Democratic presidential candidate, shared his thoughts on modern urban leadership last Wednesday at a Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research event.

There is good reason why the vast majority of police chiefs and Sheriffs in the nation do not want their offices deputized into Donald J. Trump's new #Immigrant Internment Force: it undermines their public safety mission. Local police know they cannot make our neighborhoods safer if whole groups of people are afraid to call the police about true bad guys or to work with the police to solve crime.

Read this common sense editorial from an honest and plain-spoken Sheriff in Iowa. #not1more #NoBanNoWallNoRaids

The three ring circus of scapegoating continues, this time #transgender kids. The malice of Donald J. Trump's Administration is tempered only by their incompetence #ProtectTransKids

The move rescinds a federal directive requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.|By Moriah Balingit

“Sometimes, as Democrats, we kid ourselves into thinking the only office that matters is the presidency and the only legislature that matters is the United States Senate,” Mr. O’Malley said. “But you can’t be a national party if that’s the warped perspective you maintain.”

Mr. O’Malley called the investment in Delaware a sign that Democrats were “waking up to the reality that we’ve got to rebuild our party” at the state level. He said they had grown too complacent about state-level elections during Mr. Obama

“I think you’re going to see more young people running for office for the first time in these next elections"

“I think you’re going to see more young people running for office for the first time in these next elections than ran for the first time inspired by President Obama’s success. &#8…

"Suspected violations" is a thin ruse for mass deportations and mass internments #NoBanNoWallNoRaids #not1more

Homeland Security is expanding the number of deportation priorities.

Winning elections for Democrats - starting at the local level - is the next step of the resistance against Donald J. Trump. Since the Women's March, I'm proud to have traveled to Iowa and Delaware to campaign for local candidates. We need to retake city councils and state legislatures before we retake Congress and the White House. #Resist

Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland governor and Democratic presidential candidate, took an out-of-state trip this month to speak to volunteers working for a candidate in a special state Senate election.

Donald J. Trump nominated Scott Pruitt, who is unqualified, to be the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He has spent his career waging war against clean air, clean water, and climate change legislation. It's no surprise that fossil fuel companies have donated millions to his political causes.

Call your Senators to oppose his confirmation. The Senate votes today at 1pm EST.

He's called climate science a "religious belief" and sued the EPA more a dozen times. He even sued Maryland -- from his job in Oklahoma -- to try and stop us from restoring the health of our Chesapeake Bay. He along with nearly two dozen other state Attorney Generals didn't want to see us succeed in cleaning our Bay for fear they would be asked to clean their own bodies of water. We beat him then, and we can beat him again. #RejectPruitt #PollutingPruitt

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Call your Senators now and tell them to oppose Scott Pruitt for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Proud of my friends in Iowa and across the nation for organizing these massive marches protesting Donald J. Trump's deportations and immigrant-hating policies #DayWithoutImmigrants #DiaSinInmigrantes DREAM Iowa United We Dream Make the Road New York

Tommie Clark KCCI

RIGHT NOW: Thousands are at the steps of the Statehouse for "A Day Without Immigrants" march KCCI

#Puzder's withdrawal is a temporary victory for America's workers. Our next U.S. Department of Labor Secretary must champion fair wages and worker protections

The biggest stories of the day. That's all. #TheShortList
Father of four, husband, Former Governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore
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