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Dave Hluchy
· February 13, 2018
Was very good but in recent months have been reducing the formulary and some providers are ending participation.
Gemini Watts
· March 27, 2018
they don't have transportation like other in insurance companies. And my Dr. will not work with me to change my anxiety meds.
Jessica Degroft
· September 19, 2017
They are excellent way better than Kaiser and priority partners. They are very quick to get cards out to you. If u complain more than once the put a rush on the cards. Never had an issue with them. Th...anks mpc for insuring me n my daughter See More
Jan Vert
· February 10, 2016
Thank You, Maryland Physicians Care for providing great service! You have gone above and beyond to make sure that my health needs have been taking care of. It is so hard for many people to deal with i...nsurance companies. However your empathy and dedication you have towards your clients is so appreciated. See More
Scott Stallings
· February 24, 2015
WORST COMPANY EVER, you have refused to pay for my child's needed autism medication for 2 years now or allow him to see his Doctor at Kennedy Kregier (Hopkins because in your word "he can get the care... cheaper else-wear"). your quack doctor over there think he needs unnecessary blood work to approve the meds. when we get the blood work, then you want him to redo it a day later. you have cost me thousands of dollars over two-years paying for his medication. Who TF do you think you are, when your Doctor has never seen my child nor do you even know his case. The need for the medication far out-ways the risk. your a bunch of lowlife scum. My other sons insurance Blue cross and Blue shield pays for the same Meds with out any problem or blood work, or dietitians. See More
Laurel Watson
· January 29, 2018
Love their doc app MyVirtualMPC. Highly recommend.
Micha Michlewicz
· April 7, 2017
Literally worthless unless you're healthy and don't really have any need for them. However, I'm not and that's the whole reason why I use them through the state for disabilities.

A. Almost no one acc...epts them.
B. Anyone who does is miles upon many miles away.
C. Anyone who does is very unreliable, ime.
D. They offer hardly any services, let alone speciality ones which the disabled usually need, or else they would just get better, now wouldn't they?
E. They cover VERY few medications.
F. They make it difficult to get benefits, like their stipulation that you have to get prescriptions for over the counter meds in order to get them covered.
G. They have no clue what you're talking about when you can to inquire something THEY ADVERTISE ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE.
H. You often get wrong information.
I. Doctors have to fight tooth and nail to get paid by them.

That's quite a dysfunctional list of problems. They might be helpful if you get a simple cold. But I doubt it.
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Alicia Hoffman
· August 7, 2017
Love this insurance other than glasses. seem to be having a hard time getting into a provider. Lots of community involvement.
Kenneth Gilroy
· May 3, 2016
they advertise a good game, but the service sucks!!!!! be prepared to get denied most of the time, even with approved have to beg and plead...even doctors dont like dealing with them
Brenda Sanson-Gibson
· September 28, 2015
My husband needs a cat scan for surgery and you will not pay for it. So now I don't know if he is evan going to have the surgery because of you. He has 4 disk pushing on his Spinal cord and you don't ...want to do anything for him. See More
Khurum Keen
· October 7, 2014
Horrible insurance company, they have a huge list of prescriptions that they will not pay for. I had a prescription for acid reflux medicine that worked well for me at the ER but they won't fill it an...d suggested that the doctor should prescribe some other meds. I don't think the insurance companies should decide what medicine you can take, it should be up to the doctor who actually sees the patient See More
AJ Campbell
· October 24, 2016
I have been with MPC for a while now. Dealing with them is always humiliating and frustrating. The member services line is always awful. They give different answers when you call.
Joyce Green
· January 13, 2017
I asked about diabetic supplies and was told they covered ALL diabetic supplies. My doctor called in what I needed. I was told by the Pharmacy MPC doesn't cover what I needed. Calling them was a waste... of time. I was told to go back to my doctor. I called the State on them and only then did they make an attempt to help me. The State needs to replace them with people who have enough decency to provide the help they should. See More
Stephanie Bunny Bailey
· February 24, 2017
Making me drive all the way to Baltimore just to see a gynecologist that is desperately needed NOW. this is the worst fucking insurance I've ever had.
Sandy Cedrone
· May 20, 2017
Great coverage for my son!!! No problems or issues of any kind. Thanks MPC.
Jeannie Petty
· July 27, 2015
I really like maryland physician care, when I need treatment for my hep.c they paid for it. I recommend them
Shelah Garcia-Vasquez
· April 4, 2017
I WOULD NOT recommend this company to my worse enemy. They are the opposite of customer service and I absolutely hate them
BettyJo Cousins Warnick
· February 23, 2017
My mother was diagnosed with stage IV gastric cancer. She was denied fluorouracil for chemo because some higher up deemed medically unnecessary!
Kaitlyn Renee
· November 10, 2015
Best insurance company I never go without! Better than company's you pay for!
Abdul Lawal
· August 10, 2015
Better than most in same categorical comparison. ..
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