Posts It's been a great year of releasing music and not touring! Thanks for everything, peeps!

6 track album

Looks like we have a hit! Download it while supplies last on our Soundcloud!

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Posts The new EP is now available to stream on Soundcloud!

You can buy it for $3 here It's a weird thing and its not for everyone. If you know me personally and do not wish to pay for it but would like to support us half-assedly,

Matador Red presents...the Matador Red EP! Awash in heavy electric guitars and lo-fi production, this EP has everything! The fast and heavy song! The anthem! The tender acoustic number! The churning psychedelic song! And it can all be yours for the low price of $3 via Bandcamp!

6 track album

This is it! I'm pleased to announce that Matador Red's self-titled EP will be released in the next week, featuring cover art courtesy of Caleb Jack! The six songs will be available to download for $3 on Bandcamp.

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Matador Red updated their cover photo.
July 5, 2014
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"Things take time sometimes" ~ Matador Red

Matador Red is with Price Nagler and Jordan Gibbs.

Very close. Get hyped.

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QB's workin on the lead for "Matador Red" the song, our statement of purpose and motto, our pledge and our reason for being. Stay tuned.

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Cut a new song today. Matador Red gonna have a new EP in the next couple days/weeks. Be on the look out. Also if you play bass and want to play for us, message someone associated with us. Cool, that'd be great.

Just got back from The Jam Factory. Things are sounding pretty much like Matador Red.

Guess what band's gonna make a little music this summer? Get hyped

Matador Red Nothing to Give, released 07 April 2013

"How would I describe Matador Red? Well.....Matador Red is a bowl of instant noodles with a beautiful rib-eye steak in it. Matador Red is a gold plated urinal in an old gas station in Lubbock. Matador Red is a cymbal cracked completely in half. Matador Red is the sun during a lunar eclipse. Matador Red is hotel room number 113. Matador Red is a scooter with a V8 engine. All of this and more is Matador Red." ~ Price "The Dictator" August

"Well, when writing the record, I realized that people don't actually have souls or bodies, or even minds. We are all one with the sound waves, and sound waves are just figments of the imagination, created by giant, scary, and odorous politicians. This new viewpoint has allowed me to fortify my vibrations into a wall, one that keeps those other parties out. Its a wild ride." ~ Price "Matador Redditor" August #matadorred

the throngs around the world. the scorch of the summer sun. the grounds and beans. the sound of sunrise in a red challenger. hold your breath. exhale. sigh. breathe. Matador Red has begun recording an album. Let it flow through you. DIDDLE DIDDLE DIDDLE DIDDLE DIDDLE DIDDLE DIDDLE DIDDLE

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Matador Red added 6 new photos to the album: Live (acoustic) at CD Warehouse in Arlington — at CD Warehouse Shop Show: HAPPY ALRIGHT, FEELING FRIDAY, MATADOR RED.
July 1, 2013

A raucious live performance! Photos courtesey of