I sat down with Hochstein's Beth Bailey to talk about Ad Hoc's upcoming performance on WXXI:

Dear all,

Your enthusiasm and support over the past forty weeks for the Song of the Week project has been incredible, which makes this announcement all the harder to make:

Due to my growing responsibilities as a musician and teacher in Rochester, I am no longer able to commit the time to a weekly song. I thought I could balance it all, but if the past two weeks are any indication of what is to come, then maintaining a weekly song blog is just not possible.


This is great news for me as a musician - as I am able to do many wonderful things, but bad news for Song-of-the-Week lovers.


I will still continue to write, record, edit, and produce tunes. I had WAY too much fun coming up with songs, and will continue to do so on a somewhat irregular basis. I will continue to post my musical exploits here, and hope that you will continue to follow.

Sincerely all the best,

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Nope. Most likely Sunday. Definitely Monday. Week 41 also on Monday.

Still working on #40, hopefully done by Friday.

Eager song-fans: I'm probably going to have to change my weekly release'll still get a weekly song, but the release will be a bit of a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be working on WEEK FORTY this morning/early afternoon, but I don't anticipate it being ready until the end of the week. Stay "tune"d! #greatpuns

Oops...forgot to post this morning. Just remember when you listen I've been sick with wonderful upper respiratory wonderfulness all week. I've got a fun tune in the works for week 40 next week...

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Sorry for the delay...still not feeling 100% vocally, so turned Week 38's song into a trumpet thingy...which actually worked really well.

from the album The Song-of-the-Week Alblog (Album-Blog)

The song of the week will be slightly delayed this week due to illness. Oh well.

One for all the teachers.

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Watch yo selves - it's about to get mildly political up in here.

Acapella? Acapella.

from the album The Song-of-the-Week Alblog (Album-Blog)

A big departure from the norm this week...will return to your regularly scheduled programming next Sunday.

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I've again got something a bit different for you this week...

Gotta love me those pre-set loops:

from the album The Song-of-the-Week Alblog (Album-Blog)

All digital this week? We'll see.

from the album The Song-of-the-Week Alblog (Album-Blog)