Happy Holidays from the Maverick crew!
Tired of setting endless alarms when grilling? Steven Raichlen, host of Project Smoke, shows how the Maverick Grill Minder makes grilling easy:
Steven Raichlen Reviews the Maverick TM-10 Grill Minder

Warmer #weather will be here before you know it. Make sure you’re prepared for #outdoor #cooking season with our PT-55 #Waterproof #Thermometer:

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Looking to improve the lifespan of your #avocados? PopSugar may have the answer:

I did not realize it was possible to feel secondhand embarrassment for an inanimate object. Not until someone sent me an Avo Saver. What in god's name is this

Hey #MeatLovers, think you can stick to being strictly carnivorous for a whole week? Here is what may happen:

Bitcoin carnivores think this diet makes you healthier and smarter. They might be onto something.

The #future of #food is #farming. Forbes says the future of farming is #female. Learn more here:

Audrey Gaines Mulkern takes pictures of female farmers, not to glamorize farming but to raise public awareness of how important farms and farmers are to the future of food.

Get creative and pair your favorite Girl Scout #cookies with #beer:

To celebrate the Girl Scouts of the USA, here is a collection of editors' picks for cookie-and-beer pairings and suggestions we compiled from around the web.

Happy Presidents' Day!

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Looking to switch up your kids’ #lunches? Say goodbye to PB&J and hello to these #delicious #ideas from BuzzFeed:

Tired of making PB&J every day?

To celebrate President’s Day #weekend, test out some of our former presidents’ favorite dishes according to @Food52:

The presidents gave you a long weekend. Cook up their most beloved meals in their honor.

Fearlessly grill in all #weather conditions with our PT-55 #waterproof #thermometer.

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Entertaining and not sure what to serve? Here are crowd pleasing #appetizer #recipes from Cooking Channel.

For your next get-together, mix and match mingle-friendly small bites to please a crowd.

In honor of Trader Joe's turning #50 this year, here are their 50 best #products according to their employees:

In celebration of Trader Joe's 50th anniversary, here are its 50 best products.

Learn the secrets to a perfect grilled cheese and creamy mashed potatoes with BuzzFeed’s #cooking tips:

Learn the secrets to a perfect grilled cheese and super creamy mashed potatoes.

We have the #Valentines #gift for the outdoorsman in your life, the Pocket #Knife #Thermometer.

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Trying to squeeze more #protein in your diet? Here is what 30 grams looks like in your #breakfast:

Mornings can be hectic and grabbing a bagel or granola bar for breakfast can be an all-too-common occurrence. But eating high-carb, low-protein foods can result in a blood sugar spike followed by a mid-morning energy crash nobody wants.

New to making #chili? Here is a simple guide from The New York Times to help you create the hearty dish:

Every practiced American cook’s recipe for chili is definitive and the best. A classic chili, the Texas bowl of red, is simply beef and hot peppers, simmered to perfection. But there’s no one recipe for the dish and no incorrect one – at least if we’re being honest with ourselves. You can ma...