CEO Chris Young discusses staying aggressive, paying attention to employees, and how cybersecurity is like Game of Thrones. More from Financial Times.

A new set of IoT vulnerabilities has emerged. Be sure to follow these tips to stay secure while using smart TVs.

As recent events like CES and MWC have proved, the popularity of connected devices is showing no signs of slowing. Everything has been transformed into smart: lightbulbs, ovens, sprinkler systems – with one of the first trailblazers being the smart TV. And now, it’s been discovered that smart TV...
Automatic Protection for your Smart Home and Connected Devices
What is VPN?
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Hacks and scams and malware, oh my! The Internet can seem like a scary place. Check out these 10 tips to reduce your exposure to online threats.

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With so many devices in the modern home connected to the internet, how do you make sure they're protected? With McAfee Secure Home Platform, security starts at the source.

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Unlocking your car door with a click of a button— convenient, or a security risk? Host Geoff Siskind and his crew of good guy hackers explore the answer on the latest episode of "Hackable?"

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With more connected devices than ever, we are now at an even greater risk for privacy and data loss. Gary Davis shares tips to safely navigate the connected world.

Not so long ago computers were our only connection to the internet, but these days we are almost constantly connected, through our phones, homes, autos, and even our children’s toys. In fact, research firm Gartner estimates that we now have over 8.4 billion connected “things” in use and that n...

Having a hard time making sure your kids are being safe online? Here are 6 tips ensure your children are protected while surfing the web.

Family life moves fast and it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel as if you've fallen behind as a parent. Here are six easy things you can do today catch up and help keep your kids safe online.

ICYMI: Secure Home Platform won "Best of MWC 2018" from PC Magazine. Here's why.

Of all the new devices and technologies introduced at Mobile World Congress this year, these are the ones that matter most.

There will be an estimated deficit of 2 million cybersecurity professionals by 2019. It’s more important than ever to encourage STEM education today to make fighting cybercrime tomorrow as easy as pie.

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Malware is constantly evolving and targeting our mobile and IoT devices. Insights in our 2018 Mobile Threat Report, available now.

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What exactly is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and how can it help protect your devices on the go? Watch to learn more.

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Medical imaging — those ultrasounds and MRIs — are typically only seen by your doctor. But poor security can expose your medical data to cybercriminals. Our McAfee Advance Threat Research team investigates.

The nonperishable nature of medical data makes an irresistible target for cybercriminals. The art of hacking requires significant time and effort, encouraging experienced cybercriminals to plot their attacks based on the return they will see from their investment. Those who have successfully gained ...

What exactly is Bitcoin mining? Gary Davis explores the process and details why it poses a security risk.

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144 trojanized Android apps continue to plague the Google Play store. The details on Grabos malware.

Cybercriminals have been practically relentless in their attacks against the Android OS, and McAfee’s own Mobile Research team has discovered yet another attempt at infecting Android devices. Named Grabos, the malware was first discovered by the team in the Android application “Aristotle Music a...

Your child’s digital footprint impacts everything from college applications to career opportunities. Here's how to protect it.

Chief Scientist @Raj_Samani discusses why keeping your family safe shouldn't be a challenge. Learn more.

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