“I want to continue to drive a high level of performance, and care the for patient who has to take the journey through breast cancer.” – Tari Stull, MD Watch the video below to meet Breast Surgeon Tari Stull, MD. In partnership with the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Dr. Stull and her team take great pride in providing exceptional care to patients with benign or malignant breast disease. To learn more about Dr. Stull or contact her office at the McLaren Bay Breast Surgery Center, click here: #YourBestChance
Free yourself from knee pain and join us for our upcoming Orthopedic Education Series! Watch the video below to meet Dr. Ramy Kurdi, orthopedic surgeon, and join him for a seminar on Thursday, August 31st to learn more about the partial and total knee replacement options offered by McLaren Bay Region's orthopedics team. Visit our event page for more details and RSVP or click “Interested” to receive more reminders as the seminar gets closer:
This week is US Antibiotic Awareness Week, and we can all do our part to prevent antibiotic resistance! Watch the video below for more information and remember, when it comes to antibiotics: - Antibiotics DO NOT work on viruses - If you are prescribed antibiotics, take them exactly as instructed by your care provider - DO NOT skip doses - DO NOT stop taking them early (even if you feel better!) - DO NOT save or share antibiotics For more information, please visit