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Quiz Time!

Is your sense of style more sitcom or sci-fi? Find out now!

Did you know who voiced these iconic commercial mascots?

Which Little Rascal transformed into a tuna mermaid?

Can you name the top movies of 1978 by the poster alone?

Popcorn may not last 40 years, but are these films still fresh in your memories?

Can you find the TV show that doesn't belong?

Comedy, drama, Western or sci-fi: Find out if your TV knowledge defies genres.
A brief history, from Black Vulcan and Microwoman to M.A.N.T.I.S. and Moleculad.

Do you know the Brady kids? Take this quiz and see how well you know them!

It's a very Brady mystery adventure!

Quiz time! Can you name the characters from these TV flashbacks? #TBT #MeTV #PortlandMaine #OurMaineTV

It was always fun when TV flashbacks showed an iconic character as a little kid.

Here are some classic TV stars who earned Grammy awards and nominations! #OurMaineTV #Grammys #ClassicTV

Kirk, Spock, Andy, Mork and Kookie have all been recognized by the Grammys.

If do remember these, which was your favorite? #MeTV #PortlandMaine #OurMaineTV

These skydivers, cowboy detectives and deep sea divers didn't need a major network.

If you could time travel back to 1968, what would you be watching? #MeTV #ClassicTV #PortlandMaine

Are you Team Spock or Team Gomer?

Dream sequences were used all the time in classic television. Can you name the sitcom from the dream sequence?

Try not to lose any sleep over your answers.
Joel and the Bots watch a Japanese rip-off of Planet of the Apes, stage their own version of "Inherit the Wind", and Crow shows off the latest in ape fashion.
This cult 1974–75 show featured awesome creatures.

Western or Twilight Zone....can you tell the difference? #TVWestern #TwilightZone #METV #PortlandMaine

Wanted: TV fans who call it a draw when they have to choose between suspense and westerns.
Golly! There really was a famous man named Gomer Cool.

Can you name the guest stars? #WhatchuTalkingBout

Try to I.D. these famous faces from the White House, the world of sports and beyond.