Which med should you take for a migraine? For a pulled muscle? Here's how to choose the right OTC pain reliever.

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This year's round of flu shots is available. Do you know what to look for when choosing a vaccine?

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From take-back programs to flushing, do you know the safest way to dispose of your medicines?

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Need another reason to drink #coffee? A new study shows #caffeine may prevent ringing ears.

Coffee drinkers have another reason to reason and drink up. A new study found that coffee may be good for your ears.

Are you guilty of writing your #medications on a sticky note? There's an easier way to get organized with MedSimple.

Signup for FREE today: PLEASE NOTE: This video contains health information only, not medical...

Read about how a #cancer survivor is improving #chemo treatments for young patients.

An 11-year-old cancer survivor has used her own experience to invent a device that she hopes will make chemo treatments a little easier for other...

Meet #Jardiance, the new drug just approved by the FDA to help treat type 2 #diabetes.

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New evidence shows taking #cholesterol-lowering drugs can raise your risk for type 2 #diabetes

Statin use boosts diabetes mellitus risk

New study shows taking #aspirin daily can help prevent stomach, colon, and esophageal cancers.

Taking low-dose pill each day fights numerous malignancies, and benefits outweigh any risk

Questions about #vaccines? Read up on how they're developed and why there's hope for an #Ebola one.

In the four decades since the Ebola virus was first identified in Africa, treatment hasn't changed much. There are no licensed drugs or vaccines...

Should companies be forced to include "added #sugar" to a #nutrition label? Washington is currently debating.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - In Washington, a pivotal battle over sugar is heating up. One small corner of the wider culture war over public health and...

Eight may not be the magic number anymore. Read why researchers think seven hours of #sleep may be healthier:

Several studies have found that seven hours a night is the best amount of sleep in order to function the next day—not eight, as was long believed.

In an effort to combat #obesity, 63 percent of Americans say they are now actively avoiding #soda.

In news that is sure to burst the soda industry’s bubble, a new Gallup poll shows that 63% of Americans now “actively avoid” the fizzy drinks....

Do you REALLY need SPF 75? has info on what kind of #sunscreen is best for you:

PreventionSun ProtectionPrevention GuidelinesChildrenFor Your EyesClothingShadeSunscreenSunburnSeal of RecommendationAre You at Risk?UVA & UVBSkin...

#WestNile and #Chikungunya viruses are on the rise. Do you understand the different kinds of #mosquito repellent?

Repellents, clothing, netting and other personal protection measures can help prevent mosquito bites and the diseases they carry.

#Running just 5 MINUTES per day can add years to your life. Need help getting started? Try this beginning plan:

The training plan that follows is designed to get you to the point where you can run 30 minutes (about 2 miles) at a slow, relaxed pace. It's a...

AstraZeneca has teamed up with Roche and Qiagen to help fight #lung #cancer.

LONDON (Reuters) - AstraZeneca has signed up Roche and Qiagen to develop two separate diagnostic tests, both using simple blood samples, to...