Do you like fast downloads? Sure, everyone does! Our new in-browser downloader maxes out your bandwidth to make your downloads as fast as possible. Want to give it a try?

Just click the “Try our new downloader” button next to the main download button on any file download page.

Check out our latest blog post to learn more and give it a try!…/faster-downloads-mediafires-ne…/

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We've made it even easier to upload folders! Check out our latest blog post to see how you can now upload entire folders to MediaFire's website and keep the whole folder structure inside it.…/10/better-folder-uploads-chrome/

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We've heard your requests! MediaFire for Windows Phone (Windows 8 and Windows 10) is now available! Automatically backup all your photos and videos, sync your Windows Phone photos to your computer, and stream and play music and videos. It does a lot more, check it out!

MediaFire lets you easily upload all your files - like your photos, videos, music, and documents - and access them from anywhere with your Windows Phone, computer, or on the web.

We're excited to launch MediaFire for Apple TV today. Stream your videos, listen to your music, and enjoy your photos - all on the big screen! Download on the App Store on Apple TV.…/03/introducing-mediafire-apple…/

Today, Mediafire is proud to announce the launch of our new app for Apple TV. All your media, on the big screen. At MediaFire, our goal is for you to have the ability to access all of your media anytime and anywhere. We make it easy for you to upload, organize, and share all your… - "A reasonable price tag makes it worth a look if you want a simple but effective Cloud storage solution."

MediaFire review from BestBackups, looking at its security measures, customer service, features, usability and value for money.
Solid Explorer is a dual pane file manager featuring Material Design with rich customization options, such as themes, icon sets and color schemes. The app provides wide support for cloud storages including MediaFire, network clients supporting FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDav and ability to manage Zip, 7Zip,…
A couple of weeks ago we posted about MediaFire and their new BlackBerry 10 cloud storage app. The native BB10 app lets you easily upload all your files - like your photos, videos, music, and documents - and access them from anywhere with your BlackBerry device or on the web. Share files and images…
WinZip 20 Makes it Easy to Take Control of Your Digital Life With proven zipping power and exciting new file management and sharing features, WinZip 20 is the perfect complement to MediaFire. Finally, it’s easy to take control of your files and protect your digital life. Take advantage of a single…

We're excited to launch Pool - Your Photo Sharing Assistant today on Product Hunt! Sign in with Twitter to vote, check it out MediaFire's latest app and and join the conversation at

Pool - Personal Photo Sharing Assistant by MediaFire. Posted by Tom Langridge, on Product Hunt.

Our new app Pool, your personal photo sharing assistant, is now available worldwide!

You can jump in and get the app now at:
Android -…
iOS -

... See More
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At MediaFire we believe that being able to access your data anytime from anywhere is a big deal. Today we are excited to announce our official app for the Blackberry platform. This initial release has many of the features you’ve come to expect from a MediaFire such as file management, document previ…

Want to beta test MediaFire's new photo sharing app, Pool? You can now sign up at…/ We'd love to hear your feedback!

Psst.. You wanna see something new? We just opened a Pool beta program for anyone who want's to take Pool iOS for a spin right now. We're running the beta through Apple's TestFlight service so here's what you'll need to do to start using Pool today: Enter your email ad

Our new app Pool, your personal photo assistant, is now available in Canada! We can’t wait to hear what you think of it.
Jump in at

It’s been a long 2015, but as we enter the most photo-taking-est part of the year, we’re so happy to finally be announcing Pool is available in Canada.
CloudBeats is the perfect solution to access your entire music library without taking up any extra device space. Listen to your music, audiobooks and podcasts directly from the Mediafire cloud and have instant access to your files anywhere in the world. Save space on your device as you no longer nee…
At MediaFire we appreciate the diversity of our customers. From the Music Enthusiast to the Corporate Executive, no two users are the same. That is why we continue to engage the software community with out-stretched arms. Our Developer Showcase features dozens of great apps for every personality.…
The open-source client for Linux, BSD, and other POSIX systems was launched almost a year ago. Since then, the code has received many significant updates. Although, there’s still room for improvement, we believe the software performs well enough to suit the needs of most users. As a result, we are h…

TravelPulse - "I chose MediaFire’s 1TB backup and I couldn’t be happier with them..."

"You take a million photos, videos, save contacts, you name it and you have it all on one hard drive or SD Card. You think to yourself 'Ah, its FINE! It’ll be safe'... Some things you can’t be frugal with: for me, it’s my photos. Those are priceless."…/when-not-to-skimp.html

Some money-wasters are obvious when traveling, but there are some things that you should absolutely, positively NOT cheap out on.