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Wow, this song is awesome! Great lyrichs we can all relate to in our own way.

A song written to remind you to be who you are.

Here is the sign up for the truth about pet cancer.…

Ty Bollinger and Rodney Habib interview medical professionals and cancer scientists to find The Truth About PET Cancer.

Thank you for being you; for sharing your experiences with me and allowing me to be of service to you. May this holiday season find you and your loved ones (both near and far) close at heart.

Regina Byrnes, spirit Medium for people and pets will be offering gallery mini readings, Tuesday, May 12th @ 6:30pm at the Healing Zone. Regina is a gifted psychic and medium who has the unique ability to communicate with pets, both living and deceased. Please join us for an incredible evening. Cost of program is $15. RSVP at (386) 402-8997


If you’d like to learn how to communicate with animals, I invite you to join me for “Animal Communication Workshop 1.0”: a five week class that will change your life forever.
Every Wednesday we’ll get together as a community and I’ll offer real – time coaching and support on our calls. You will receive guidance, exercises and meditations. You will also receive MP3 recordings along with a written document to use throughout each week.

To sign up visit

Sign up by April 28th and pay a discounted rate of $97 for the course!

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In-person mini readings. tuesday, March 10th at 6:30pm. The Healing Zone, 525 Canal Stree, New Smyrna, Fl.

I am a medium. This means I communicate with the souls of your departed loved ones, both people and pets. I am also psychic and through use of clairvoyance I will accurately describe the past, present, and future, offering you answers and guidance on topics such as health, money, and love. My abilities also include communicating with animals. So if you have any questions about your pet, your career, relationships, your health, or would like to hear from your beloved departed, come get your mini reading. If you are willing to get the answers you've been looking for I'll see you there.

I am a medium. This means I communicate with the souls of your departed loved ones, both people and pets. I never know who is going to show up and what information they are going to have me deliver. In other words, it’s not something I can write out and practice before showing up to work. Will your aunt show up to say she use to call you “Bootsy”? Will your only child show up to say they are sorry for taking their life into their own hands? Maybe it’s your dad saying he ...died on the 2nd of March. Or your beloved pet sharing how he would swim in the lake in the back yard and track mud through the house. I don’t know. But what I do know is that every time I show up and allow the information through I think I’m more surprised then my client. Wether it’s on stage, the radio, one on one in-person, the phone or skype there has never been a time that my ego didn’t accompany me full on and then dissolve as soon as I began working. “Staying in the game” is how I show up for work every day. Not knowing who or what information will come through puts my ego in a whirlwind of fear and doubt but engaging in my work is where the clear connection exists.

How often do you stop yourself from engaging in life, ("staying in the game"), by allowing your fears and doubts be your guiding force? What would happen today if you engaged with love instead of fear? Are you ready to begin?

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When you perceive with love you have remembered the divine source is within everyone. Happy Valentine's Day.

Excited to be heading to Amelia Island tonight! Tomorrow I will be communicating with a horse at a rescue ranch to help the ranch owner help the horse. Ken and I will be cellebrating our 17th anniversary, which was last weekend, by riding a couple of those beautiful horses on the beach. It's going to be a great weekend!

Everything in life is neutral. Participating with your beliefs is how you create your story.

“Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” Bruce Lee

Sometimes creating something that you think is impossible can be very difficult. However, if you choose to act by taking one step or one action each day, you get ever closer to making your impossible a reality!

Today I did a reading for a woman who lost her 12 year old son from brain cancer. He came through loud and clear letting his mom know he is okay and who he is with now in spirit. He mentioned some of the new things she has recently done to her home. Showing her how he knows and is still with her. He talked about how he would intentionally throuw balls into the neighbor's yard and lose them. How he loved playing with their dog and how the only thing he ever use to get in ...trouble in school for was using his pencils as drum sticks. He had so many funny and amazing stories. His wonderful validations showed her his soul is still very much a part of her life.

I'm going to hug the shit out of my kids when they get home today. there's nothing like a job that reminds you how valuable everything and everyone in your life is. Let go of the petty things and love everyone and everything in your life. It's all a part of the amazing experiences you get to make and have every day. Use the time to it's fullest while you have it.

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Sometimes life's like riding a roller coaster through a dark tunnel. Your strapped in, moving, and yet unsure what's going to happen next. You twist, turn, and even go upside down. You fall, climb, and then sometimes it seems slow then others it feels fast. However, there are a few things that are certain. One, You don't know exactlly what's going to happen. Two, you made the decision to take the ride. And three, it was all about the journey not the destination. Isn't life exciting?!

I think I should have my own TV show. How awesome would that be! Having a TV show about a blind woman who is a wife, a mom, and a medium. Who not only talks with dead people but animals both living and departed? The show would not only be entertaining but educational as well. Anyone know of any producers to get in touch with to pitch my idea?

In life , you will put your heart and soul into something , and you may never see the results you want . But you do it anyways .
You live with passion . You love unconditionally . You fight with everything you have . You don't take no for an answer .
You never give up . And you smile no matter what you smile . Because life's greatest blessing, is life itself
- unknown